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Smile USA Tour - Sessions
Hi I'm Layla. I'm a 6'1 curvy fetish model and real looner. I am happy to announce that I am going on tour soon and I will be offering balloon sessions to anyone who is interested in exploring their balloon fetish with another person. I am a popper, so I'd prefer to only session with other poppers.

If you are interested in sessions, custom videos, skype shows, buying my balloon shards, etc, please e-mail me at

Travel Schedule:
Cleveland, OH - March 15th - 17th
Philly, PA - March 19th - 22nd
NYC, NY- March 25th - 28th
Boston, MA - March 29th - 31st
Baltimore, MD - April 1st - 4th
Pittsburgh, PA - April 5th & 6th
Columbus, OH - April 7th
Indianapolis, IN - April 8th & 9th
St Louis, MO - April 10th - 12th
Kansas City, MO - April 14th & 15th
Tulsa, OK - April 17th & 18th
Dallas, TX - April 20th - 23rd
Austin, TX - April 24th - May 3rd
San Antonio, TX - May 4th & 5th
Albuquerque, NM- May 8th & 9th
Flagstaff, AZ- May 10th & 11th
Las Vegas, NV- May 12th-16th
Los Angeles, CA- May 17th-24th
San Jose, CA - May 26th & 27th
San Fransisco, CA - May 28th - June 1st
Sacramento, CA - June 2nd & 3rd
Reno, NV- June 4th - 6th
Salt Lake City, UT- June 8th - 10th
Denver, CO - June 12th-15th
Omaha, NE - June 17th
Des Moines, IA- June 19th - 21st
Chicago, IL- June 22nd & 23rd
Detroit, MI - June 24th
St Petersburg, FL - FETCON - August 13 - 16
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Wink Re: USA Tour - Sessions
hey Mayla I know this like 3 years too late but are u going on tour, it would be nice if u could come to Houston.
lover your loons forever
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