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Talking Inflatable Clip Reviews

My biggest pet peeve about clips4sale is that while the clip producer can sometimes provide a tantalizing description of what the clip features, often you pay for it and you find yourself disappointed because the description was more exciting than the clip itself. Sucks.

Anyhow, I was wondering if some of you inflatable fanatics wouldn’t mind reviewing some clips that you’ve found enjoyable and worth the price tag? I’ll start with one of my favorites.

Katerina’s Klips is a one-woman show who produces fetish clips across multiple fetishes. She’s a cute, curvy MILF, and while she doesn’t do a ton of inflatables clips, she did produce one of my favorites: “Getting Ready by Blowing Inflatables Up.” Pretty simple, the title says what you need to know about the content, and she delivers. My fetish is watching women blow up inflatables by mouth- the bigger the better and the more effort/stamina the better.

Katrina mouth inflates in order and without taking a filming break: a banana, a ride-on penguin, a ride-on orca, a chair, and what appears to be about a 30” beach ball. Each of the inflatables is of moderate size for my preference, but she proceeds to put maximum effort in blowing each up and only takes enough time in between to unbox and stretch open the next inflatable. She blows hard and gets so into it that she needs to take a moment here and there to pant for breath. But she persists! She gets them all up, nice and tight, all by mouth!

The quality of the video itself is fair. It’s a cell phone cam, but a nice closeup view of this lovely lady and clear, loud, long blowing sounds. It is all inflation, about 25 minutes for $24.99 American. For those who don’t want to invest that kind of money into a clip, she does split it up into 4 separate segments as well.

For you popping fans, she also features a follow-up entitled, “Angry Mom Pops Big Inflatables.” I tell you this woman is a genius and other clip producers could learn a lot from her about titling their clips. Anyway I’ll link the clips4sale for the clip reviewed below. Cheers!
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