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Default Re: Harder to tell a partner about the phobia or the fetish?
It seems to be hard to tell... I'm 48 and married twice. I am a surgeon- we all need to make decisions in a second. Our life is "speedy and short" by the definition. There is no problem with telling anything if you are the real partners. Sooner or later you will have to do it, unless you want to live in the cellar or simply be an unhappy person. I tried to think when to tell her in my previous life. The end was that I lost my daughters, home and all the past life. Nowadays I feel free to tell everything and I am still open to hear anything. And it just works. No matter- phobia or fetish, it's the same as one of us said. You must be open for your Partner to be happy, but everything depends on a timing- sometimes slow, sometimes fast- you need to feel it. Just need to feel the moment. I do it just the way described and it works well. Try to feel her mood, be patient and stay queiet until the moment comes. And it works, believe me. The one and only one condition is learn to hear from your partner
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