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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 17

I went up to my room and deflated the big balloon and quickly popped the rest of the balloons, which actually was very weird to me as i never did this in my own house or room because of the noise it made. Wasnt the smartest thing to do as there were scraps of latex all over my floor of my room.

I took my time and cleaned it up properly still feeling quite silly and shocked about the whole endeavor i just went through. It gave me a warm and good feeling that at least my parents knew now for some reason, but it was also a bit scary on the other side my secret was now officially exposed and in the open. So now my parents actually knew about it and although it was good they offered me the support that they did and showed me loved regardless it was kind of a breaking point in my life when it comes to balloons, my fetish and my exposure because of it to the world.

Somehow it also made me feel weird again and put the whole situation surrounding my fetish in whole different light and mindset. I also didnt know yet if i could do what i wanted to do in my room with my parents knowing or even being at home. This was all material i was contemplating while i was cleaning up.

I stashed away the big balloon and the balloons my mother gave me neatly in my metal box and moved my furniture back into my room. After i disposed of the balloon scraps in my garbage i went to wash up my hands and put some perfume on as i felt i still smelt like balloons.

Eventually i made my way downstairs and had some small talk with my mother, my father was outside puffing on his cigarette and i saw big clouds of smoke in the window. I went to him and he handed me a cigarette, "I know you smoke so you might as well have one now son" "Dont think for a moment i never noticed the missing cigarettes over the years" and he grabbed my cheek.

He went to the garage and he told me to follow him, so i did and he put on the radio and glared at me and started with

He: "Son i dont want to sound condescending or anything but seriously balloons ?" "I mean how did this came to be, what are we exactly talking about here?" (with a very serious look)
Me: "I sighed deeply and said "Yes dad for a long time already, it has become a part of my life and also my desires"
He "I dont understand it though has it something to do with not getting enough pleasures from sexual intercourse?"
"Because you and Irene, i mean she is a beautiful girl and you should have intercourse regularly by now am i right?"
Me: Yes ofcourse nothing to complain there at all thats all fantastic divine even, it has nothing to do with that dad" "This is a complete seperate thing that turns me on down there and also something that i very much enjoy as explained i really love balloons and yes i see them as a sexual object. Aside from all that it makes me happy and takes away my worries somehow"
He: "I hope that doesnt mean you are going to replace normal sex for balloons is it? That is not the way of life son"
Me: "I know that"
He: "Does Irene also know about this?
Me: "No she doesnt i think, although lets say that there might have been some events over the last years and since we were young that might have made her suspicious i dont know dad. Not like we ever talked about"
He: "If i was you son i honestly would think twice about telling anyone outside of this house, i know you two lovebirds are so serious it could last an eternity but how do you think she will react if she found about this? I dont think it will be pretty sadly to say son"
Me: "I dont know dad, wouldnt a person that loved me truly accept this. I know it isnt exactly a normal thing but it is also not disastrous i feel"
He: "I cant say son, i never dealt with this such a thing and i dont know how the world out there reacts to this type of thing, your a teenager that plays with balloons basically like a child no offense"
Me: "I think i know what you mean with that, i can only try to be careful as it is a part of who i am and perhaps now someone knows about it my wild adventures will also calm down"
He: "It should, do what you have to do son if that is what makes you happy, we cant stop you anyways soon you will be old enough to make your own decisions in life and we wont be there to tell you no"
He: "I guess we can only try to understand and accept it a bit, even though that is nearly impossible for us as you might understand"
He: "Do inside of this house as you wish, however i dont want to see you doing it so i will make a lock on your door to support you a bit. But that's it honestly rest is up to you"
He: "Anyways enough said about the subject for now, go on to your party and stay out of trouble ok?"
Me: "Ok dad, thanks, cya"

I got out of the garage and headed back to Irene's, where people now slowly started to show up to the party. I walked by the balloons on my way in and it didnt really do anything for me. I dont know if i was just drained from what i did to myself that day or the exposure of my secret.
I just couldnt think about it like that on that moment for some reason and i went to find Irene.
I took her seperate for a little bit, caressed her, kissed her and told her how much i loved her.
She questioned me a bit where i was the whole time and i told her that i got held up at home when my parents came home and apologized.
I went outside to meet up with my friends and people i knew from school

To be continued

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
I just want to use this space here in between to thank Vicci and the rest of the team and members for the support and help i received. As well as the kind messages. I appreciate that.

The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 17

When i arrived at the party i glanced at the balloons, but it did absolutely nothing to me at that particular point in time. All of the things that just took place somehow messed me up properly. I honestly did not care one about the balloons.
I met up with Irene had a private discussion with her, we caressed each other a bit and i went outside to my friends and people from school.
It was starting to get dark a bit as well outside, all the "cool" kids from my school were hanging out at the back of the house drinking beers they brought in a plastic bag and smoking cigarettes. Making a lot of fuss and commenting on nearly everyone.
A few older dudes were rolling a joint in the garden and a few others were already smoking one passing it around in the crowd. Most of the kids that took it were coughing at some that were stoned looked absolutely weird to me, but it seemed they were enjoying themselves so ignored the situation and joined the crowd.

I was immediately noticed by the people and handed a beer, pure "peer pressure" at work. I didn't even think it through and gladly accepted it and started drinking with the people outside, i smoked a few cigarettes as well. However when someone handed me the weed thing i declined instantly. Some tried to convince me to still do it as it was "harmless" I shrugged hard and push a dude away and went inside. I was fed up with that pressure and people wanting me to do things I didn't want to do at all.

I went inside had some food and joined Irene and her girlfriends. We danced for a while in the living room with plenty of people staring at us, it felt divine almost untouchable. What we had together was special and it grew on us over the years. I never understood why anyone would doubt that or be jealous about us being together. It was a fact this was a thing and several (older) girls from school tried to seperate us which never worked and always backfired in us growing together making our relation even stronger than it already was. True teenage love...

The party itself definitely wasn't your "Project X" type of scenario, it was adequate, decent, very social and relatively calm in respect to alcohol and drugs. Lots of people were drinking mostly older people and the younger generation tried to fit in also drinking the same stuff. The weed i disapproved but it was a thing back then, which no one could deny was a fun and social aspect to connect with other people and leave the world as we know it a bit behind.

Over the course of this night I had quite some alcohol and I was tipsy near the end to say the least about it and as i remember it. Everything was spinning a tad when the party ended somewhere between midnight and 00:30 AM. Most of the younger people left between 22:00 and 23:30. Irene ultimately ended the party when most people already left and ensured that the rest also did as she wanted to be alone with me and spend the rest of the night.
The DJ and connected people packed up everything in a van and left within 30-45 mins. The caterers cleaned up the food, house and garden. Only thing that remained were the balloons hanging around.

During the night some of the balloons were played with laying around dirty on the floor and quite a bunch were popped by the boys for "fun". However plenty of balloons remained hanging around, the arch, pillars and the bouquets some of which we crafted ourselves. The balloons on the floor and laying around loose were popped by the caterers when they were cleaning up the house properly. Irene instructed the rest of the balloons to be taken inside of the house, so some people and Irene/myself took down the left over balloons. I had zero feelings about this at this point honestly and truthfully, i stopped caring somehow.

The pillars were dropped inside of the living room, the arch Irene dragged into her bedroom and tied it above her bed. The rest was thrown on the floor as a big stack with strings. Not exaggerating there must have been at least 150-175 balloons standard size. And standing pillars with some balloons popped and others that werent even touched with a giant balloon on top.

It took quite a while before everyone was out of the door and the caterers left in their vans. It must have been at least 1:30 AM or close to this point. I was sitting outside on the porch puffing on a cigarette and drinking my last beer. Irene eventually joined me we talked about the party certain people and events in particular that happened socially and also relationship wise. You get the idea of how these things go when you are young.
We sat for quite a while enjoying ourselves, Irene had some wine but didnt smoke with me. Eventually we decided to go inside, both of us stood in the living room and looked at the balloons. I kicked a bunch to the side joyfully, seeing them bounce in the air and on the floor.

Irene looked at me with a smirk and started dragging balloons to her bedroom, I shrugged "What are you doing?" She looked at me funny and kind of forced me to help her to bring the balloons to her room. I wanted to reject it and actually at first wanted to decline it brought up feelings of sadness and not of happines and sexual drive as it did before.
She played with them joyfully, squeezing them and punching them. We went into her room and she tied them to the bedpost, wall, table, curtains etc. When only the pillars were left we took all of the balloons off and threw them in the bedroom. There were big piles around the bed shining in the light and the giant balloons laying between them almost staring at me to do something with them.

Irene jumped into the piles making them fly up around the room, I joined her and we had quite a bit of fun rolling around in them, playing and being romantic with each other, something inside of me snapped to realization of what actually was happening and I popped an enermous boner in my pants. Irene noticed this immediately and undressed me rather quickly and desirably of making love with each other. I was naked laying the balloons shortly after with my boner sitting between them and i was "slapping" them around with it almost letting myself go wild without thinking about it. Irene didnt even seem to react suprised but rather joined into the action, while undressing herself.

Playfully and romantically we moved onto the bed together. I was ready to do the deed with her so to speak, i was super excited down below and it was clearly visible to her. She sat on my belly looking at me straight, and my erection was poking against her buttcheeks. I was tipsy and wanted to get a move on, however she pulled the brake on it and let herself fall beside me hugging me and caressing my body. She kept looking at me and I stared around quite a few times at the balloons, but didnt even notice she was watching me. Eventually she said "Sweety..what is it with you and balloons?" I looked at her scared and my boner started to go down from the fright she gave me at that moment.

I didnt respond to the question at all, but as i remember it just blushing trying to make sense of everything inside of my mind and what was happening. She looked at me straight "Common you can tell me I know something is up you have been behaving weird for years around them and i noticed it clearly over the last year or so" She stepped off the bed took a 10-12 balloons on a string sat right next to me and pushed it onto my balls and penis, which flew to attention and tied it around my waist.
I didnt know what to do about it, i started leaking pre-cum quite quickly and she rubbed the balloons around my penis putting the pre-cum onto the balloons.

She enjoyed herself and had a smile on her face, while doing this. I didnt say a single word and started to moan from the excitement uncontrollably as a natural instinct and sexual desire. She kept on bringing more and more balloons on to the bed and tieing to my body, legs, arms and genitalia. Eventually taking the clip off a giant balloon and taking the nozzle in her hand and shoving it over my penis. Pulling the nozzle down to my ballsack, which was properly swollen by now to ejaculate hard and massively.

"Since you dont want to tell me and are just seemingly enjoying yourself...I know about your little secret <name> as i had some suspisions i did some research myself" "I am just very disappointed you didn't tell me and allowed me to share this with you, but it is ok I have a few secrets of myself which i enjoy" I responded "Sorry darling, it is very difficult and humiliating as you might be able to understand but Uhmmm what are you secrets then?" "It's ok i know now for sure and i will accept it, as for my secrets you will find out soon enough and smiled at me" "Now it is time to get this show on the road hmm stud? You going to do what i think you are going to do?" She pointed at my huge pulsating member with pre-cum inside of the balloon and started to tap it every so slowly. She got up stood on the bed and with her hand she smacked the giant balloon on my cock up and down, with the nozzle pulling my skin up and down very rapidly at some point. I moaned hard with exciment while blushing profoundly with massive embarresment, I didn't cum quick though while i maybe should have.

She pulled me up, while holding the giant balloon on my cock and instructed me to go lie on the giant balloon while sitting behind me laughing hard. Apparently i wasnt the only one enjoying this whole escapade taking the place.
I layed down over it somewhat with the rest of the balloons pressing onto it or going to the side, so they were between my body and the giant balloon. It made a hard squeeking noise, she pushed me into the balloons and my cock into the giant balloon while bouncing back hard everytime and get slammed back into it. This didnt take 60 seconds and i blew my load into the giant balloon very hard and moaned loudly, while seeing my cum spray against the inside wall of the balloon.
I leaned backward and she got up and sat infront of me inspecting what happened. She just laughed/smiled at me uncontrolably and eventually went to sit on the giant balloon while it was still on my cock going soft and i was still covered in balloons.
"I think that was very nice for you wasn't it"she said teasingly and kissed me afterwards for quite sometime.

She got rid of the balloons that were stringed to my body and pulled off the giant balloon, tied it and kicked it into the room. She pushed my face into her crotch, forcing me to lick her vagina long and hard untill she rather quickly became wet and came.
"Now let the fun begin!" She nearly shouted as seemingly excited she was and pulled out a pink bag from the closet. "My big handsome stud boy enjoys balloons, I also enjoy something so let us share our inner passions for certain things"
I looked at her funny and asked her sorry what do you mean and before i knew she pulled out a pink diaper with a teddy bear on it, lifted up my ass and shoved it under me.

"Balloons are for babies, so are diapers but it will be our little secret honey I like to put you into one it turns me on." And so it was done within a few minutes of pulling out the bag I was the 16 year old "popular" "cool" "handsome" teenager with a pink diaper on with a teddy bear on the front of it and little pink lace to the side, it fitted me perfectly almost as he had it made especially for this occasion. I received a pacifier in my mouth which got tied behind my head. I obviously started to refuse this thing now and wanted to pull of my diaper, however that was quickly resolved by her sitting on top of me and putting pink baby gloves on my hands with strings. "You look really cute!!!" With a great smile on her face and now laughing at me extremely hard" She pulled out a pink dress with lace and everything, and instructed me to get into it. Which i did with somewhat reluctance, it had a pink mini skirt thing and was short enough to see my shining diaper underneath it.
It had strings on the back and looked to be home-made, she tied me into it put onto pink socks with hearts onto it.

After this she gave me a big bunch of balloons in one hand and tied it and tied a giant balloon to the other, I was going through the ground of pure emberassment of this whole situation and never expected something like this to happen, immediately my penis responded and poked against the soft cloth of the diaper forming a nice bulge. "Hahaha really??"She came up to me and pinched the front of my diaper. My face was hot and pure red from blushing and embaressment.
"Well let's do something about that just now" She took out a pocket camera and took a few photo's of me while standing there, I never understood the meaning of this. I was trying to object but my speech as muffled because of the pacifier.
For the record those photo's never were created/printed as a week later i destroyed that camera intentionally.

She removed the balloons from my hands and instructed me lay on the bed on my back, which i did and she unwrapped the diaper revealing my boner to her. She excitedly jumped on top of it and fucked me like there was no tomorrow, all i could do really was just lay there and get nailed by her. I ejaculated and only came a little bit into her vagina, but she came suprisingly hard like i never seen her do before.
Afterwards she collapsed on the pillow next to me and when to sleep, I fell asleep also almost immediately from pure endurment of that night and being completely wrecked mentally & psychically.

In the morning I woke up with a bit of a hang-over and a sore penis/balls. She woke me up by removing all that clothes/diaper and putting everything back into the pink bag kicking it in the closet. She crawled next to me and we talked for a few hours about balloons what i liked, how it grew, what i did with them and how big of an influence it was in my life. She understood it quite well and respected me, she also apologized to me for doing what she did. She explained that makes her clock tick is to embaress a boy/man and have him in her complete control.
I also had to listen for a long time to her before i could understand that, I eventually said I respected it and we made a "pact" or sort of agreement we would both keep our secrets to us at all times and never let anyone find out outside of the bedroom.
She has always honored that agreement to me and i have done the same always. We haven't seen each other in 10+ years now at least.

To me this is still very difficult to share although both our identities are consealed so to speak, i don't like to talk about this particular evening and or events that all happened shortly after this. It was a private experience where we both went with our secret sexual desires, this was never done in public and no one else knows about this. I am sharing this in my life story because it is remarkable how people in relationships young and old can feel each other, respect each other and love each other even though we have certain "quircks" Which some people will have never have or aknowledge to do something with.

It might be awhile before i continue my lifestory as i only have so much spare "private" time and i pre-write a lot of my life story and go back a lot to change, rephrase etc. Because i want it to be as accurate and expressed as clearly as possible from memory. I have held back for a longtime to share this part as it is very intimate, personal and private to me. However i decided after all this time to publish it now, as it does no harm to either one of us anymore and is a piece of ancient history.

So my coming out with balloons basically happened in one day to my parents and my girlfriend that already knew from simple tell signs, behaviour and ackwardness on my side around this particular subject at the time. However this definitely wasn't the last time a lot more has happened in the years to follow.

As it might take a while to publish again i will however answer one question: "Did the balloon fetish/play and her male control desire continue?" Yes it did i will tell more about it the next time and how it progressed eventually to her dropping her desire as she grew up and how i never dropped mine but it only got bigger more intense and more realistic into adult life.

For now happy looning, enjoy your weekend. I am going to continue to stuff myself with balloons in my looning weekend alone. I have about 200 balloons now 20" and above and i have 8 giant balloons 1.20m all assorted colours a beautiful sight people!

Kind Regards,


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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 18

Allright, so quite a few of the readers will wonder what happened next. Did my life dramatically change after the events of this, i can be short and swift no it did not. Irene and my quickly popped and disposed of the balloons after the party.
By the time her grandparents came to visit i was already out of the house and home. We continued highschool and kept a strong relationship, but it was not like we talked about balloons every day not at all.
Our sexual desires towards each other increased so we did the "deed" more often, at my house or her house. Most of the time balloons weren't even mentioned or the events that took place that evening.

At home my situation did change a tad after my parents found out, I basically had a "free pass" to do as i wish with my balloons, but honestly this also took the edge off for me in a way. A piece of the thrill vanished for me the secretive part and the adrenaline part of my balloon fetish. I did sleep with a balloon in my pyjama's or underwear every night though, when i was in my teens things happened down there that i cannot explain to a living soul. I usually put it in before i went to sleep not even getting myself off, but i would wake up in the morning with my balloon fully creamed having a wet dream of some sort. I enjoyed that very much, the balloons still gave me a feeling of comfort, safety and happiness that i cannot explain.

However my little secret was later in life passed on to my brothers and sisters, something that i still cannot understand till this day. But i guess it was out of support for me with this extraordinary fetish or love for an object.
and obviously i got into a whole lot of troubles in my adulthood. Not something i am particularly proud of, but i also searched the challenge and the edge of what was possible in my desires and pushed the limits something i still get to live with till this day.

If i can give anyone a piece of advice in regards to this, be who you want to be, love what you want to love, just be yourself. No matter what anyone thinks of it, judges you or tries to take you down. You are who you are, we are humans we are not perfect we all have our imperfections.

Yes my balloon fetish dreams came true and i had a girlfriend who knew and respected it and even encouraged it sometimes. However she also put the works to me by teasing me with it sometimes when we were together. I liked that though and i accepted that happily from her. It made our sex more intense as she now knew how to push me up, and yes she fulfilled my dream by stuffing me completely until i couldn't move anymore in a 14XL suit that we acquired through a tailor. She left me in it for over 24 hours and i creamed myself over and over. As far as her "fetish" goes after her birthday i only remember once it happened again when she was drunk, she dressed me the same way and inflated a balloon in the diaper and went to sleep.
Still very much embarassing to me though I didnt mind in the comfort of our bedroom, after that evening it was never repeated again. She got over that, she did like to tie me to the bed and tease me but it didnt go further than that later in life.

Only noteworthy between my 16th and 18th is probably my relationship with Adam and the development of the internet as far as balloon fetish goes. When we had internet access at home i did get into Yahoo groups, Balloon Buddies and all that sort of stuff. I still remember the first paid balloon fetish sites airing and the release of "Chipple" which was a great contributor to the development of balloon fetish, stories, images, websites and so forth in the early days of the web.

I personally had some meet-ups through the web, MSN Chat at the time with boys older than me or the same age as me. It was always exciting who you would meet and how it would go. I was very strict with myself and met no one older than 2 years of my age with a very good reason. Honestly between my 16th and 18th it haven't been more than 10. I used public transport to get to them or them to me. I met quite a few interesting people in these days non-poppers and poppers both.
They would always tell me their wishes and dreams and i always would tell mine to them and we made it work. One meeting didnt feel right and immediately left i was 17 at the time and the guy was 19. He didnt seem genuine to me and i didnt trust the meeting.

I loved the non-poppers especially one lad was into exhibitionism he enjoyed going to forests / desert places and inflate balloons. We met in the summer would go to a lake together and stuff our pants / shorts with balloons. He always brought nice and wide shorts for himself and me as well. I think i saw that boy twice a year, downright one of the most friendly and respectful people i ever met, he was very intelligent as well. We used to swim together with balloons in our pants and under our shirts, that was something that he got him off massively. He enjoyed the company nothing more, i would stuff or inflate him and the other way around. Nothing gay just two boys enjoying balloon fetish, the most extreme this got was probably humping each other a bit with balloons in our pants. The last time i saw him i was 21 and he as well, we rented a cabin for the weekend and had a balloon room together, after that he got a steady girlfriend and never heard from him again.

The most extreme case i ever met was into inflating in jeans, sportpants etc in public, I was close to being 18 when i met this particular lad. He told me infront of the meeting to wear wide pants and no underwear. I agreed after talking to him for weeks and went there. We went to McDonalds and he grabbed some balloons over a meal sat next to me and stuffed one in my pants while in the restaurant with other people. He rubbed it and I came rather quick from embarassment and exposure. He took it out afterwards and popped it. Also went into a balloon / party supply store with him both with balloons in our pants to buy balloons, the owner knew what was going on served us and kicked us out. He still sold us the balloons though. Never saw him again afterwards.

The rest is not noteworthy to mention really those are the two I enjoyed the most and still remember very well till this day.

My relationship with Adam was a lot more interesting we really bonded after our meet-up at Irene's Birthday, we would call and meet each other regularly. My interest was obviously spiked by the fact he worked as a balloon decorator and i wondered if we shared the same interest as a fetish. In the beginning of that friendship it was very simple, watch soccer, watch a movie or go somewhere. The topic of balloons was never really discussed in that time, i never dared to touch upon that with him.
It became ackward when he would come to my soccer matches to watch me at home and away, I knew something was off when that started to happen.
Adam was nerdy hipster sort of guy but very outgoing, spontanous and in your face type of lad. It turned out later he was gay and had developed a thing for me almost an obsession.
This came out when he was drunk one night when we went clubbing late 17s/18

He did however sort a job for me in their store selling balloons and a few decorating jobs, nothing much though. My parents were less than pleased with this, I enjoyed it though and they taught me the ropes.
As far as selling balloons in the store and inflating them for customers, i did recognize a few "looners" who i am quite certain off had the fetish for balloons. The most obvious one a lad of 18/19 who had it bulging out so much it could not be missed.
As far as my own fetish goes, i expected a lot more to happen in that job and meet looners the truth however wasnt like that. The most exciting it got was rubbing myself with inflated latex balloons in the backroom and shooting a load in pants, on the decorating jobs I did get a boner all of the time but there was nothing i could do about it other than jerk off in the toilet really.

Adam sort of had a balloon fetish but didn't really commit to it or wanted to admit it to himself, he caught me out one day with loads of balloons in his apartment and we playfully wrestled and messed around with them, after he pushed me onto a giant round balloon I popped a massive boner and he knew after that. He smiled stripped me and rubbed balloons against it until I had an orgasm which he seemed to enjoy and I understand now after this all has happened.
Aside from that he inflated balloons in my pants quite a few times, also in the backroom in the store. I think this was to hopefully start a gay relationship with me, he would sit on it or hump them until i came.
This all ended quite rapidly when it got rather obvious he was into me and wanted my friendship for something else. We never spoke again after that hectic break of friendship. Sad it was a good guy.

To be continued

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 19

Another few things to mention in all of this that from all the people i spoke to online the vast majority were poppers, From my ratio and experience on the subject it must be at least 9-10 poppers against one non-popper. This was an intrigueing thing for me as I never totally understood that part of balloon fetish until I actually decided to go and meet one of them, we were both 18 at the time of this meeting and he received me at his house. He lived with his parents who weren't there that weekend.
This boy was incredibly shy and socially ackward almost, although in my opinion he had very good looks for a boy/man although I am not one to judge on this topic really.

He inflated a good 50-60 balloons all shapes and sizes, all he really wanted was to see me pop and observe me doing that with my feet stomping on them, with my hands squeezing them until they burst, sitting on them until the popped under my weight and inflate till it popped the last thing really gave me the creeps at first. Sure it happened sometime to me as well and I would have a lil freight of it, i found it sad rather than exciting.
However I gladly did it for him, he just sat down on the bed and eventually filled his pants watching me do this while he didnt even touch himself once. I knew then it was special and i had to respect that part of the fetish as well although i had no interest in it myself.

This most be one of the times that I myself didn't get off at all, he wasn't into my type of balloon play and didn't really go with it although he said at first he didn't mind. But he was so shy he never even took off his clothes or anything and neither did I.
I walked out after a few hours playing with him, he seemed really pleased his dream for him came through and i still left happy with a good feeling. It was an experience to put into the books, something you definitely need to experience if you never had and have an interest for balloons like i do.

And until this very day I only met one boy who was heavily into inflatable pool toys and the likes, he contacted me through a balloon forum online. Which i already found strange, but then again inflatables and balloons go into the same category sort of i guess (no offense). This one i actually hesitated a long long time months even, because i had no affinity in my mind with this. After a while and speaking to each other every few days or so I agreed from my side and he agreed to organize giant balloons tons of them for me to play with along side his inflatable pool toys.
This guy was pretty wealthy and lived in a hillside house villa almost in my perception, which was free-standing with no nearby houses. He picked me up from the train station in his BMW whereafter we first went for diner as I wanted to first get acquinted with him properly before going to his house. I wasnt always comfortable in these type of situations and I always used my common sense. I could pick up pretty quick if a person was genuine and honest or was just looking for something more dark.

Yes you can never know for a full 100%, however i always left the address and contact details of the person i was visiting on my desk at my house. I did not tell my parents what exactly I was going to do because that was still private in my eyes. I would however tell them I was going to visit a friend I met online and hang out/sleep at his house. My parents were always very disagreeful of this, but I was mature enough to deal with this myself and make my own decisions by this time.
Luckily nothing bad ever happened and all but one person had the right intentions with me and were absolutely genuine. The bad one I just took off and ran when I met him at a location in a town, he tried to chase me but almost no one could keep up with me. I was an excellent athlete and runner despite my lack of commitment sometimes the drinking and smoking that did not happen daily but mostly in weekends.

Anyways this is also still interesting to tell in my life story i guess, I know i am deviating from my normal writing but this whole block of time had so many small events as well as some larger experiences that i feel would be to long and detailed even to put into this. I have some drafts on this, but i feel it is better to the online community and people actually interested in reading this story to pick-out a few things and talk about that rather.
Will this ever be published into a book? At this point of time I don't really know I spoken to a few interested parties to help me out with that hide my identity and put it into a paperback, but is it the right thing to do and would my lifestory be interesting enough to actually make the printrun and expected sales. Those are all the tiny little things that come with it, so I might just finance it myself print it and only sell it to people that are genuinely interested rather than to open it up to the public.

Back to the story....I want for diner with this guy at a nice proper italian restaurant where he was well recognized by the staff and local people he wore a suit and tie, I was heavily underdressed for this with my polo and jeans. He had black hair, deep brown eyes, stainless white teeth and a certian charasmatic feel to him. A friend to everyone, but also a bit of a "hot shot". To me it felt like he wanted to show off although if I spoke to him it totally wasn't the chase. There was something about the way he spoke very clear and very accurate in the way he used his words to express himself. He spoke like a proper gentlemen while we were both young, it made a lasting impression on me that night.

After the diner we headed out to his house, we never spoke about inflatables, balloons or none of that more conversations about life, business, soccer and other sports that interested me. We shared a bottle of wine at diner and I had a few beers, we must have sat there at least for 2 hours. He wasn't in any type of rush to go and down something with me.
He did race to his house though showing off the speed of his car, speeding and rushing through tight corners on the hillside. We both laughed and enjoyed it like proper boys would, i guess a true manly to do and share.

He parked his car in the garage and we got out. He showed me around the house, living room, outside area and such as I needed to spend the night. There was no way I could get home from there. It did give me a few second thoughts when this popped into my head when we were at his house, however i let it go and accepted the fact it was what the situation was. Before we did anything we sat down listened to classic 80's music we both enjoyed and had some drinks.
Eventually he landed on the subject of our fetishes and we discussed it openly and truthfully about the subject and how it came to be that way.

After that conversation one thing was clear to me, it all comes naturally to us it definitely is not something we create inside our heads. It is a natural thing and it is very different for everyone. It is a gut feeling and something that comes from your inner self, it is not something you can learn or teach yourself you can't grow into it if you have no such interest or feeling. At least that is my opinion no offense to anyone that thinks differently about this.

We headed to the room he prepared for that evening and I was truly absolutely amazed by what this guy had prepared. There were giant beachballs in sizes I had never seen before not even online when browsing that sort of stuff they were enermous, larger than the both of us. White with rainbow colours striped down, and another one was clear see through. He also had a bunch of inflatable boats / long shaped kayak things laying around. Inflatable ducks, sharks, alligators, bright coloured inflatable sun beds with those "holes" in them and he prepared ten giant balloons for me they were all 100cms and all different very bright colours, they had sort of a neck to them which i never saw before.
The latex was very durable and thick when i felt them, but they still were extremely soft when touched. They had a particular smell to them, not really the standard latex smell more an industrial type of smell.

He asked how i felt about it and reacted this is gorgeous with a big smile. He immediately dove into action by undressing me completely naked and putting a giant balloon behind me to sit on, which i happily did and bounced up and down on it.
He stood there for a few minutes glancing at me and my now rising penis and commented that i was a very attractive young man. I saw him bulging in his suit pants in this moment, I thanked him for his comment and said he looked good himself..I had no clue what to say and just went a long with it.

He undressed and threw his clothes to the side, He stood infront of me and I saw his giant penis pointing up infront of me, he was definitely larger shaped than i was down there. He smiled when I noticed happily and jumped on to the giant beach ball hugging it and riding it. He didn't manage to stay on long and fall of and landed on his back on an inflatable bed thing, he asked me to help him and i happily did.
We pushed him on top of the biggest beach ball he had and with my help holding it, he was able to sit on it straight up. Under his weight it pushed him down though so his penis was against the outside wall/bulge of the beach ball.
He truly enjoyed himself and bounced on it for a bit, when he asked me to play with the other giant beach ball.

To me this was a strange thing because i never really did, it was humongous I placed it against the corners of the wall and jumped on it. Laying on top of it pleasuring myself by riding it and sliding my penis up and down on the ball.
It was very nice but i felt it was very different from a balloon, the feeling was much harder/tougher so to speak. The upside of it I felt was you could do anything with this thing and it would never pop or explode. So i let myself go wild on it pushing my full weight up and down it.

When I looked at him he was just observing me and stroking himself now laughing at me a tad, I playfully continued and started leaking heavy on it no paying much attention to him. He jumped off his giant beachball and came to me and pulled me off it.
He took a big inflatable yellow duck with one of those rings/leg hole where you got through and instructed me to stand in it. He pulled it up to my penis level and told me to hold it, he took a giant balloon and his pump and put it in between my penis and the inflatable duck on the other end. He started inflating it and it slowly began to form between my body and the inflatable duck, growing slowly to push up against me and my cock/balls. He kept on inflating it to full size and it sort of trapped me in that duck. The ring was against up butt cheeks and the giant balloon between myself and the front/head/neck of the duck itself. Pushing below it against my legs and it necked up to chest height.

He stopped and tied it and saw how much i was enjoying myself when he was doing that. I had a huge sexual drive somehow for being trapped with balloons / inflatables and this was exactly spot on. He knew that as i told him that.
I could hardly move around so he helped me lay on my back with a giant balloon under me to support my weight and the ring of the inflatable duck against the floor. I was rather comfortable and ready to ejaculate, he noticed precisely how turned on I became from this and moved infront of me and pushed his penis into the head/neck of the inflatable duck with the weight also pushing the giant balloon harder against me. He leaned forward onto me crushing the two objects between us and slowly but surely began riding the whole contraption he created ever so slowly pushing it onto me and releasing it. I went into absolutely extasy but he actually shot his load on the duck rather quickly but continued the riding regardless.

I saw the look on his face when he fully released his load and creamed it, which made me more excited. Few minutes after I did the same and released with a massive orgasm and moaned deeply. I was completely out of breath even from it. It felt extremely good. We both remained hard and excited he helped me up and untied the giant balloon. It blew the air upwards in the face and the inflatable duck fell on the floor. He took the balloon and threw it in the bin and took a wet wipe to clean me up a bit down there. I was reluctant a bit but let him do his thing, i laid down on an inflatable matress after this still erect. He wiped down the inflatable duck and threw everything in the bin.

He joined me and we both layed next to each other, he didn't touch me or anything he just giggled and told me he could see that was also very enjoyable. I responded damn right it was. He asked me very respectfully if we could do one more thing together. He wanted to me sit on a shark and hump it with him under it. After a few minutes we did that he took an inflatable matress and positioned the shark on top of him and told me to sit on it and ride it.
I glared at him a bit unknowlingly, but did as he requested. I just hoped inside of my head it was to his desires and I didnt hurt him or would be to rough.

I sat down on it and my penis nice fell into a sort of bulge it created because of my weight, it was a bit hard on the feeling. But as soon as i moved a bit up and down my penis slid into it being wrapped by the bulge. A bit of pre-cum leaking helped the movement to be more enjoyable. He was below me and I could see in his face, this was what he really wanted to do and he blushed even in a sort of embarassment of what we were doing.
He told me to push harder and really hump it with all my weight and i did just that. It must have taken at least 7-10 mins doing this and my legs became to cramp when he orgasmed underneath and let out an incredibly sigh of relief moaning for a while afterwards.

I did not cum from that experience and got up, freeing him. I turned the shark over and it was covered in his semen, his penis was like dark red and covered by it. I guess from the hard pressure on it.
He got up and took two giant balloons he made me sit on one and pulled the other of my penis as he knew i liked that. He untied it and pulled it over my penis, however the nozzle was quite small for this size of balloon and it took him a few tries and some lubricant to get it right. I like(d) the way a giant balloon goes over my penis and the nozzle works as an contraption that pulls my foreskin up and down, if you bounce it quite hard it really moves it incredibly rapid creating an incredible feeling.
He stood over me and tapped it with a flat hand up and down quicker and quicker until I got off and shot a load into. While he was admiring me doing this getting half a boner in the process.

After this he pulled it off my cock / deflated it and binned it. We handed me wipes to clean myself up and went on to the shower. He told me to wait a bit so I could shower as well and get dressed. I cleaned myself up properly and sat in the room admiring all the inflatables. Walking around and playing a bit with them, punching them in the air and bouncing off the floor with the giant beachball.
He came to get me after quite a while it felt like an eternity, I headed into the shower and washed myself up and down and put on some pyjama's

We went down talked for a while under the enjoyment of a few drinks and a smoke, and that was it basically. He escorted me to a room that had a bed for me in it a double bed kingsize, there were about 20ish balloons on the floor.
He pulled off my pyjama's so i was naked again infront of him and i went to lie down he tucked me in and shoved the balloons under the blanket everywhere. Gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned off the lights and shut the door.
I fell asleep rather quickly hugging a few balloons in my arms and slept like a baby. I woke up like a dream and played a bit with them in the bed, i did not cum or anything though i just enjoyed it playfully.

He called me, I had another shower got dressed and we had an extensive breakfast he cooked for me and everything. Afterwards he dropped me off at the train station and i went home.
He still messages me from time to time even now after all those years. Very friendly guy. Asked him permission to write about this and he agreed.

To be continued soon!

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Intermission

It has been a while since my last piece I wrote on here, So i wanted to do a brief update and intermission piece to my story before I continue with it. First of all thank you for the kind messages, I read them all I did not respond yet but I will when I can.
At the moment I am really struggling with my balloon fetish, I have a serious GF who knows and understands but is not that into it. So I have been trying to supress those feelings and thoughts for a while thinking it would fade away.

Truth is it doesn't fade away it is a part of who I am. Lately I have been thinking that it would go away completely if I didnt give in to it, I am at the age now it becomes more and more complicated to live with it and certainly if you have a very serious partner who you love and adore. I understand from her why it is so incredibly difficult to digest and live with. Which counteracts the way I am and feel, so I thought it was right to make sacrifices and try to get over it.
I have found personally the more you suppress it or try to tuck it away in the corner of your brain the more it keeps following you.

After about 8 weeks of no looning and not giving in to fetish for balloons it reached a stage it wouldnt go away at all and the desire multiplied ten fold. So about two weeks ago I was walking in a city and saw some balloons on a billboard outside and immediately my penis shot to attention without even thinking to much about it. This worried me as normally i am generally able to control myself pretty well, as I have my own thing going at home which satisfies my needs for that.

I decided after this it was time to do something about it again and just be the person that I am. So this weekend I am away to have a balloon weekend and enjoy myself once again, hence I am also writing this now from my laptop.
I drove for about 2 hours yesterday to get where I am now, completely isolated from the outside world in a forest cabin with good amenities such as this Wi-Fi which btw is re-routed...

The problems already started when I left and was driving, there was nothing else I could think about but balloons and the things I was going to do this weekend to ensure ultimate pleasure. As I was driving I was horny to extent it was almost unbearable anymore, and constantly I was putting my mind at ease to come down of that.
About an hour or so in my journey I visited a party supply store which I googled before-hand so I knew that they had everything I wanted to have in terms of balloons in stock and I wouldnt run into any suprises.
The problem is always with these stores that they have giant balloons in stock, which sadly is not always the case. You need stores that also do decorations and have a wide variety to pick up straight from the shelves without ordering.

Anyways the store I visited was quite large and also had various other products such as costumes, banners and misc other party supplies. I parked my car and got extremely nervous again, something I havent experienced in a while.
I was embaressed and stressed to pull this off and shaking a tad. I sorted out my parking first, calmed myself down to the point it was ok again in my mind stepped out of the car and went in.
I had the mindset that I was just the average shopper of that store and just needed some balloons no harm done, no explanation needed.

It was luckily quite busy so they didnt really pay attention to me or noticed me. I just went straight to the balloons and picked through everything, collecting the giant balloons first. I only took out 6 of them that are about 100 cms in diameter and from Qualatex in different colours, aside from that I took an assortment of balloons in all shapes and sizes and even found some medium giant ones that are about 50 cms I took quite a lot of those.
However as I was doing this my mind went beserk and I popped an enermous boner in my mind and felt myself blush. I continued my picking through and felt an ejaculation in my pants, thats how turned on I was the moment.
I completely soaked my underpants and my boner kept on twitching, I even walked away from the balloons to browse other stuff and waited until it settled a bit down there.

I felt like I was going through the ground at that moment and panicked a bit. Not knowing what to do or how to handle this, after a few minutes I decided to settle with what I had in my hands and get out of the store.
I went to cash register and a lad that was much younger than me glanced at me and started to ring up what I had. He looked a few times at me and the last time he had the weirdest smile on his face looking at me. I pretended like I didnt see it and felt like he knew but he couldnt know. My face was red though from the experience. He told me the amount I quickly paid in cash and he packed it for me. After he was done he handed me the bag and wished me good luck with it and a good weekend.
I will never forget how he looked at me yesterday when he handed me the bag, I am quite sure he was either a looner or saw the embarassment in my face and knew something was up.

I left the store with a soaked underpants and a bag stuffed with balloons that was the important part, It also gave me the relief I needed and continued my trip for the next hour. My mind was less busy with it after that.
It only started again when I settled in in my cabin where I am now, I closed the cabin, all curtains and blinds. Basically within an hour or so I had inflated everything I just bought. I brought my electric inflation device from home and used it to inflate everything quite rapidly in one of the three rooms. I took out the beds and only left the matresses / pillows on the floor. This way it creates plenty of free space to do what I want.

After that I stripped down and put on one of my large suits that I have. This is a pin stripe dark blue and white pyjamas 9XL that I only wore once, but has an incredible amount of space, the pants have an elastic band that is quite snappy otherwise the whole thing would fall down if I wore it. I have stuffed myself extensively with about 14 balloons in the pants, front and back and under my balls. The shirt I have filled with one giant balloon that I overinflated to the absolute maximum. I am currently out of it as it is incredibly difficult the move when stuffed. It is almost impossible to get up and stand with all of that in it.

Anyways yesterday around 19:30 everything was complete for me, I have all the balloons inflated and around me and have stuffed myself to the mere excitement of myself and my penis which was just acking for this moment. I have humped the balloons and played for several hours, coming to peace again with myself and my fetish. I have completely soaked my pants up and down an amount of times that shouldnt even be possible, it just kept on coming everytime. I wore myself out completely and woke up this morning happy, pleased and satisfied. It is incredibly ackward sleeping like that though to have your head on balloon and sleep stuffed. When I woke up this morning I couldnt believe the messed I made of myself in my pants.
It gave me pleasant dreams sleeping like that and I think I soiled myself again sleeping of which I am not too sure.

Right now everything is still laying there, but I cant really bring up to do it again as I am completely drained or something. I think the build up and everything was so intense that when it actually did happen yesterday and last night that I overdid it completely and basically got out everything in one evening and night.

One of the pro's of being a writer and telling my story is that it actually rapidly brings back the excitement, so I am going to give it a try just now and have fun. I just need to let go and go again.

Anyways I just wanted to update you guys It has been too long, however I hope you understand I am really struggling and battling with it at the some point and it is bothering me at this age. I also think it has to do with GF, but yeah we have to accept the cards we are dealt.
Another I need to mention because I hear it quite often in my messages as well and am being asked it quite a lot not only here but other sources as well.

Am I bisexual ? Yes I am, I wasnt when I was younger to be absoletely honest with you otherwise perhaps the thing with Adam also would have turned out different. Somehow I grew out if after I was 23-27 and just accepted people and myself for what it is. Around my 26th-28 I had a relationship with a lad that was 4 years younger then me, He was an incredibly attractive lad that was very sportive and we basically had a friendship for weeks would hang out together, have fun and really talk.
I never really noticed or thought he was gay, I just really liked him as he was intelligent, bright and had a certain feel to him I cannot explain in words.

I loved hanging out with him, we met randomly through our work and thats how it started. It was only for 2 weeks and he made it so it lasted 2 months and I stuck around there. When I think back about it he gave me a lot of unneeded attention and frequently tricked me into staying after work to discuss work, projects and so forth. Which was actually completely unnecessary but we both enjoyed it, I never really sought behind it as it was very friendly and interesting.

This all rapidly changed when he suddenly kissed me full on out of the blue when I was not expecting it, I just gave in to him and let him do his thing. It felt extremely ackward but I did not resist it at all when it happened. This was the kick-off to relationship that lasted for about 1,5 years or so. We didnt see each other every week, we would talk a lot though and when it was possible visit each other. It became ackward for me about 7 months or so in, when we had to meet his parents and things took an unexpected turn somehow I grew a consience and knew inside he was expecting too much of what we had. Although I enjoyed it very much.

In terms of balloon fetish, we never shared that at all. I did not want him to know, I had a gut feeling about it. Several times I wanted to come clean but never did. I just enjoyed it peacefully and quitely by myself. After a holiday for several weeks together it came to a close, he was expecting too much too quickly and forced it on me which I wasnt ready for at all. Eventually we talked after that and parted ways, he held a grudge for a while but also got over it.

That is the only serious relationship I had with a male partner, aside from my looner meetings. Those never did involve sex in any form other than with balloons though, just to be clear about it.

That is it for now, will update you soon.


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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
Part 21
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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
Part 22- Updated with Intermission piece
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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
This is so wholesome thank you for sharing your life story.
Hell you remind me of myself a little.
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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
I just took the time to sit down and read the first (forum) page of this and... wow, this is a much longer and more intricate piece than I expected. It's inspiring (insomuch as looner stories can be :P) and a really fascinating story. I look forward to reading the rest when I have more time!
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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
I am impressed how good you were able to remember the things from the past.
Regarding what you wrote. I had gotten a little sad reading this because I never was really the person to be either super good with school marks or in sports. Vice versa I was not really popular and reading how it is if one is that popular kinda... I guess you know how that probably feels.

Your story has been written really well. You have a great writing style and all things are written clear.

What happened with the Ballons is a thing you were ... and are really sensitive to these and your body just reacts. The sessions you had sound awesome. Anyhow I wanted to have a short read... and your story was so interesting I somehow spent 2 hours reading. Great. Awesome stuff.
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