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Default Finally some glossy stuff
Here in Australia, all the summer inflatables are now just starting to hit the shelves, and at k-mart a few weeks ago, I saw an inflatable fighting stick set, with two huge cylindrical shapes included as part of the set, they looked like the right size for some grinding in bed. So just before paying for them, I decided to open the packaging and make sure they were made of the right PVC, and much to my HUGE disappointment, it was that matte canvas rubbish again, back on the shelf they went, and life went on.

Yesterday while grocery shopping, I saw there was a sporting goods store next door, and remembered buying some inflatables there a few years ago, so thought of going inside for having a look. Within moments I saw another type of inflatable fighting stick set.

So first thing, time to rip open the packaging to see what kind of PVC was used, and WOW, it was that glossy; I had a boner in my down unders pretty quickly, but the price of AU$40 was a bit of a damper, so went out, and checked out a few other places within the shopping centre. Unfortunately this was the only shop that sold these blow up sticks made of this particular PVC, so I came back, bit the bullet and bought a set. I admit if they were only $10, I would have instantly cleared out the entire shelf.

So blew one up last night, very very very firm, took it to bed, and that new shiny PVC up against a naked body was heaven. Just enjoyed rolling the pole over my skin for a wile. It was soon time to grind, and within moments, I had never had such intense anticipation and such a strong libido for years, and the best part, without too much effort, it all ended with a lovely HUGE H bomb going off underneath. Today while typing this, I'm still in a sense of very strong well being, that's why I would have love to have bought more of these, don't know how long these will be available for.

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