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Default Medium sized balloon most silent pop?
Just a Thing that got me thinking.

Being a semi popper, with occasional balloon popping Iīve noticed a Thing.

If I inflate a ballon quite tall (still not the rated size) and sit on it, it often Pops before some weight is added... the Pop then is rather silent compared to a more under inflated Pop where I can sit down and the neck gets really tight.

As this Scenario happened a few times during my Pop sessions... Iīm just curious if the Inflation Level of the balloon relates to itīs Pop noise if itīs being popped.

Sure a fully or even sligthly over inflated balloon with tight rubber might give a lound bang when it goes ... I canīt say I havenīt really tried These yet.

Just my thoughts what do you think about this? Letīs say if a balloon is inflated like maybe 2/3 of itīs rated size with the rubber already being a bit strong but not to strong. For me I think itīs then the most silent Pop because it Pops easier (and less violent) than if itīs under inflated even more and thereīs much force on the neck.
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