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Default Proposing a inflatable helmet pre order idea.
Hi folks from down under. Just made contact with alvimar international, wanting to get some blank black and white inflatable helmets made, they are going to be exactly the same size and colour scheme as the below ones used for the 1996 super bowl, and the one in my avatar. They are going to be roughly about 20 inches wide and 24 inches from front to back inflated.

I've just spoken to one of there agents, and they're quoting me a price of around US$17 per unit. I wanted to get 100 made, but minimal order is going to be 250.

So if anyone is interested to go in with me, please let me know. My ebay ID is mcb1969, if anyone wishes to check my past feedback, where I've been trading since 1998. If we go ahead, moneys will be paid direct to alvimar, so noone has to worry about any money going astray.

Once I get a more solid quote, I may even see if inflatable world would be interested, and get half the order shipped direct to them so looners in Europe can get a reasonable price without the ridiculous shipping prices from Australia.

I'm wanting 100 units. so there is another 150 for offer, if the other 150 can be allocated and paid for, order could be executed, and completed around March 2020.

Company website for reference:

Front side

Right side

Left side

Under side

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