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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
For me, my first balloon awakening was when I was about 8 and it was just before returning to school in January. My nextdoor neighbour friend (also 8) asked if I wanted to go round to his house and help his dad to take down the Christmas decoration. We then spent the morning taking down all the decorations and there were loads of balloons bunched into 6's or 8'. The dad told us to pack all the decorations away and to put all the balloons into the back room. I asked my friend what would happen to all the balloons and he said that after lunch we can go into the room and pop them.

They invited me to stay for lunch and afterwards I recall that the mum and sister went out shopping, leaving just dad and us two boys. Dad then said that we can help him clear all the balloons away and I asked him how they would be cleared. I was scared of balloons popping at this time and would often try to rescue balloons in danger of being popped. The dad said that he was going to bring a wooden chair into the room and we could watch him sitting on the balloons to burst them, and also bust them in other ways. My friend was delighted and asked his dad if he could also burst them. My heart was thumping, I wanted to leave but didn't want them to think I was afraid of what was about to happen to all those poor lovely balloons.

We then went into the room and dad took a wooden chair with him. The room was very hot as a coal fire was burning and the smell of the balloons was amazing. The heat had made them get very tight and shiny. Dad made himself comfortable on the chair and our job was to bring to him a bunch of balloons at a time. He took them and I had to watch him placing the poor balloons onto the chair and then see him slowly sitting on them, hearing them squeal and seeing their necks distort as they tried to survive, with no reprieve. But, to be honest, once I got used to the 'pops' I started to enjoy it and we raced to get another bunch of balloons ready for dad to burst.

There were also some long airship balloons and my friend started to thread them into a metal fireguard which stood in the corner. Soon, there were about 12 or 15 coloured long balloons all side-by-side, threaded onto this fireguard. He then said to his dad that they were ready and to my amazement, dad placed the fireguard in front of the coal fire and we all watched as the heat made the balloons expand and squeal against each other, becoming amazingly tight; then as the metal heated it was too much for the straining balloons and they randomly started to burst, as we cheered.

Dad then gave each of us a long knitting needle and we were allowed to select a bunch and use the needle on the balloons as dad watched. To this day, I truly believe he was turned on by the entire session and I know I went home, as a young BALLOON FETISHIST. I often wonder today if my friend still likes bursting balloons and does it with his kids now.

Thanks for reading my introduction to Balloons.
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
I was about 12. There was a party store near the shopping mall we visited. It was a couple weeks before Christmas and we were out Christmas shopping. When I was sure that I lost my parents I snuck into this party store. There was a white 4 foot Tilco/Prestige on the floor blown up with air. When nobody was looking I "groped" it. The latex felt heavenly under my fingers and the balloon made a loud squeal protesting the rough way that I handled it.
The older lady that ran the store came out of nowhere and asked "can I help you?"
I replied "do you have any of these balloons in stock?"
"Certainly" she said.
She showed me an aisle where a bunch of these 4 foot balloons were packaged and hung up on shelves of all colors.
I selected a white, a yellow and an orange.
I paid about $3.00 plus sales tax for each of them, thanked the lady and departed.
That night, when I was sure my parents were fast asleep (my dad snored like a bear. I could hear it through his bedroom door) I took the yellow 4 footer and blew it up with my own air. It easily reached 4 feet but still had a lot of give. It was soft and squishy and had that aroma that Tilco/Prestige balloons had that no other balloon company was quite able to replicate. I was wearing nothing but my underwear and gave this balloon a big, long bear hug and involuntarily I felt a stirring between my legs and a sensation took over my entire body that I had never felt before. I let the balloon go and as it deflated I realized that I was having my first ever orgasm.....with a balloon! It was pure ecstasy. I felt like I was falling forever through a sea of pure pleasure.
At first I was embarrassed at what I had done. Then, night after night, I repeated the experience with each balloon. The balloons lasted a long time.
The following autumn I finally threw them away as they were so wrinkled and crusted up that I was worried that they could pop any time on me and I was and am phobic of popping.
I'll never forget those 3 balloons. Specifically that yellow one. In the following years throughout my teens I met girls and had sex with them and it was amazing. I've since gotten married, had kids and have an amazing sex life with my wife.
However, nothing will ever compare to that night in my parents basement at about 1 AM with the big yellow balloon and the summer that followed.
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Old 03-12-2019, 10:24 PM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
When I was about 12 me and my friends found a huge bag of promotional balloons in the dumpster of a recently closed store. My friends started blowing them up and as I timid popper I was super nervous. My friends started popping and after we had bust about 10 I started to get brave and joined in. We bust loads. I really wanted to keep some and was worried my friends would bust the lot. Someone came and told us off for making a mess and noise and with that my friends lost interest. later that afternoon I ditched my friends and came back and salvaged what loons that were left.
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
I have so many "key memories". Depending on how old I was and the stage of changing from phobic to popper affected the experience. Of course now as a popper, I look back on all those memories as good.

In 2nd grade, we had an assembly with a clown performance. During the clown show, he took a large balloon out of his pocket and started inflating it by mouth. He would stop as ask the audience if he should keep blowing it bigger. Of course, all the kids would yell "MORE!" and he would keep blowing. This went on and on build tension in the audience as the balloon got bigger and bigger. It was probably a 24" balloon. Some kids started to plug their ears but most just laughed, smiled and yelled for him to keep blowing. Seemed to me like everyone wanted it to get giant and explode! I was scared of how loud it was going to be and didn't want to show my fear. The balloon stopped growing and just got tighter and tighter...then BOOM! Hugh explosion of shredded latex and booming echo throughout the auditorium. Kids loved it and I wanted to be fearless like my classmates.

Also in 2nd grade at the Fall festival, every classroom had an activity/game and one room passed out these large 16" orange balloons on balloon sticks. (BTW, we had a Fall festival in grammar school every year) It never failed boys would get balloons, pop them, then run around popping other friends balloons with their stick. "Boys being boys" I was always "on guard" for a balloons popping and scaring me. I was self-conscious about showing my fear to others. I worked up my courage and went and asked for a balloon. Walked away timidly holding it carefully hoping it would not pop unexpectedly. Unknotted it and stuffed it in my pocket. At home, I decided I wanted to work on "getting over my fear", so I would blow up the orange balloon as big as I dared, then let the air out. I'd get very nervous once it was big and tight. This went on for several days. Each time the balloon would get a little thinner and grow a little bigger. Then, one day I blew it up super large and tight...then BOOM! It popped and surprised me but I was happy/excited and proud of myself. From that day on, I started testing balloon limits and popping them more and more...I really wanted to get over my fear of the bang. Looking back, I really enjoyed the process and excitement of getting over my fear of popping balloons.

In 6th grade, we had a Valentines Day party with a lot of balloons hung for decorations. During the party, I was a bit timid about flinching in front of classmates if a balloon pops. But, I was hoping to see some popping. And sure enough at the end of the party, the girls all start popping the balloons and laughing. I was memorized! I loved it!

I have a fault full of balloon memories (and firework/firecracker memories)...I might post more later.

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