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Default Noise dampening
Hey everyone!

I'm sure at least some of you will have thought about this issue before. I've searched for threads about this issue but I was surprised I couldn't find one about this, so here goes:

You're a popper, but you live in an apartment building with neighbours around. I'll move to a new place soon, I've lived in a house with two more flats underneath mine so far. I also had access to the attic so that's where I went for popping sessions. In the new place there's no attic and there's flats on the same floor. So the queston is obvious: how can I pop balloons without the neighbours complaining? I don't yet know how good the sound insulation between flats is in the building, but it's not the worst afaik

One very effective way of quieting is popping under a bedsheet. The disadvantage of that is of course the very limited room there is under a sheet :P Does anyone have more ideas or have you tried anything before? Curtains, cloth, whatever. Maybe I could build something like a tent out of bedsheets? Any advice is appreciated.
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Old 09-09-2019, 11:17 AM
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Default Re: Noise dampening
Originally Posted by ShredFox View Post
So the queston is obvious: how can I pop balloons without the neighbours complaining?

The simple, and genuinely non-facetious answer, is that you can't. Any balloon might pop and be unexpectedly loud. Without knowing how thick/thin your walls are, the layout of yours (and everyone else's) flats; the insulation, the building in relation to other buildings, whether windows/doors are open, etc, etc, there's no simple answer. And a tent made out of bedsheets, won't make any difference. You need thick objects to block sound, e.g. duvets, thick walls, insulation, etc, etc.

You could pop an 11" balloon, and someone may hear it and complain. You may pop a 36" balloon, and no one may notice it, or complain. There's just too many variables to take into account.

One popping balloon might also be ignored. Multiple (loud) pops, might not. Again, it just depends.

Obviously, if most of the other people in your building/floor are working during the day, and you can do the popping then, that will help, but if you (and they) are only home at weekends and evenings, then the risk of someone hearing the pops increases hugely. That said, they may be listening to TV/radio, and traffic and other noise may lessen any impact to your neighbours, but ultimately, there's no sure way to stop a bang from permeating through your flat and through the walls into other buildings.

If you can soundproof your room, then that will help, but ultimately, all you can do is try and not do too much popping, until you are more certain of how badly sound travels.
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Default Re: Noise dampening
I usually wait till the neighbors are out. I have popped while they’ve been home before and no ones mentioned it. The walls aren’t that thin but you can hear someone sneezing next door. I just close the window and do it in a room with lots of blankets and duvets. I don’t b2p fresh balloons either because that can be very loud. I’ll stretch them a bit first.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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