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Default Moments like this?
Outside a swimming pool, I change out of my bathing suit.

When I walked out of the changing room.

I saw a slim girl holding a fully inflated colorful swim ring in front of her head.

The lower part of her face was covered by the lower part of the swim ring, her face is calm, it seems she was finishing her job by forcing the last bit of her air into that swim ring.

Our eyes meet, through the hollow part of the fully blown colorful swim, she seems kept on blowing, with such elegant gestures and peaceful look. I can imagine how beautiful she is by holding the value with her lips. But I couldn't see it.

Within a few intoxicating second, we have passed by, one of my shoulder touched the edge of the fully inflated swim ring. Then I heard a very slight hissing noise, I looked back, saw her using her long delicate fingers to push the cap down into the value to stop the warm moist air leaking out of the fully blown swim ring. Then, holding her ring with one side of her arm and her slim and trim body with a slinky silver dress and her strait long hair...

Since this moment, my heart is completely infected by such girls blowing swim ring, even after more than ten year, I can feel my heart beat when passing over that swim pool....
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Default Re: Moments like this?
Haha, sounds to me like love at first sight, my friend
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