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Default Re: Looning in decades gone by
Originally Posted by Bubblyzzz View Post
What is the premise of this movie? I don't speak Italian, so I don't know.
Marcello Mastroianni plays a man who works at a toy manufacturers, who is obsessed with trying to work out how much air a balloon can be inflated by, unti it pops.

The obsession controls his life, to the detriment of his relationships at work, at home, and everything else. That's the basic gist. The film follows his trials and tribulations, as he tries to deal with his balloon obsession.
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Default Re: Looning in decades gone by
I think that would be disturbing! Thank you for your explanation!!
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Default Re: Looning in decades gone by
Originally Posted by craggy2012 View Post
there was a mail correspondence group from the seventies if you were in the US which is still going today known as Balloonbuddies but other than that unless you knew another looner in person it was pretty much a solo endeavour.
Yes, it's a "dot com" and there are two sub-sites within balloonbuddies, the "straight" side and the "gay" side. It's not uncommon for members to be in both groups, because different posts about balloons are made in the two groups (and, sometimes, the same).

You're right, it was tremendously a solo pursuit. I never encountered "balloon-fetish ANYTHING" in the wild until the early soon as I learned how to turn on a computer I found a site called balloonfetish(dot)ws, but it unceremoniously disappeared in 2004 without warning. THIS SITE is the first website I've seen since that website was lost, which is similarly set up in organized Forums (vBulletin software). There are probably others involving women-and-balloons which I didn't explore, being "Kinsey 6" gay, but no I never knew about Balloonbuddies until I found it on the internet. I wonder how different my fetish would have been, had I found the site in 1972 which I believe was their start.

Until 2003, I thought I was entirely alone. I think that was extremely common in pre-internet days, AND for some people like me whose pre-internet days were "artificially" later because I didn't feel tech-comfortable with computers for a long time before I finally tried.

I only remember very inferior balloons in my youth. I'm talking about 1960 and onward into the 1970s. Maybe I just didn't know HOW to find good balloons, but I always thought that if I actually rode a balloon AT ALL and it didn't pop right away, it was A REALLY BIG DEAL. I finally started finding nice balloons around 1980 or so. I never paid much attention to brands, because I never really bought enough to notice any pattern - and I always thought that "balloons were balloons"...that ALL balloons of a given size were equivalent. It was in the 80s and late 70s that I started finding out otherwise. Now it's not a big deal to find a balloon that I can ride as rough as I want, and bouncing up and down INTENSELY. In the past few years I'm finding some of the best balloons I've ever found. (Inflatables and pool toys are generally much better than the old days, too - I remember that beach balls would often fail with full weight on them.)

And, as for those awful punchballs which were very heavy rubber and the valve had no lip...and, yes, I mean awful...I could only use them three or seven times at the most and they would eventually just POP, even before being close to fully inflated. They did feel very nice, I liked how the rubber feel on my hands which wasn't like anything I can think of now. It was frustrating that they didn't last long, though. That may be due to not knowing that balloons should always be washed off after use, to get rid of the body oils that infiltrate the latex and destroy it.

But, yeah, this is a good time to be a looner...

Originally Posted by BusterBill View Post
Yes, I saw the movie when it was in the foreign art film theater in NYC back in the late 60's.

The full film is available in reasonably watchable quality for free on YouTube at this link:
I sampled it all the way through, and it looks VERY interesting - though mostly not useful because I don't speak Italian. I'd enjoy seeing it with English subtitles. Balloons or not, I enjoy those types of movies, though so often they're so hopelessly obscure that I don't know about them. My awareness of these types of movies has happened only in recent years, as I've also been introduced to Luis Bunuel, etc.

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