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Default A dream made me curious
Another post reminded me of this dream I had a few weeks ago.

I was in the woods blowing a balloon. I was trying to b2p it, but it wasnít getting bigger. (I realised I was dreaming at this point and became lucid) I heard something behind me and turned to see a guy watching. He asked if I needed help popping the balloon.
While guys and balloons donít do it for me, I really wanted to see this balloon go bang so I handed it over. He said he loved b2ps and started blowing it bigger and bigger.
Even though I knew it wasnít real, I instinctively covered my ears. The balloon burst, but it was just a soft poof sound.
I asked if he had any more. He took a balloon out his pocket and asked me to come closer.

I was a bit uncomfortable about him being a guy, but didnít know when Iíd wake up. I wouldíve tried summoning a girl, but he was standing with the balloon right there so I just went with it.

He put the balloon in my shirt and started blowing. It got big and tight way faster than it should have and I... popped... I panicked and asked him to stop but he just kept blowing until it burst (again not very loud) I woke soon after.

After having that dream, I kinda want to do it in real life. Iím not sure if Iíd actually like it or not because Iím not into guys, but Iím kinda curious now. It was the balloon that had made me orgasm, not the guy, but the fact someone else was doing it, made it really exciting.

Some day Iíll have to find someone to experiment with and see if it makes me feel anything. Iím interested if any other straight guys on here have tried balloon play with another guy. How did it feel?
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Default Re: A dream made me curious
I can totally relate to this. I'm straight, always been into women and my fetish has always been the same.

But something changed as I got older, a curiosity about balloon play with another guy, I've thought about it a lot, even fantasised about it, but I've never gone through with it, so still don't know what it would be like for real. I'm also not attracted to men, at all, so this is purely to do with balloons.
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