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Old 29-03-2019, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
One good experiences was a night out with friends. We went to a club and at the end of the night there was a balloon drop with prizes in the loons. it was ladies only so I got to watch a friend of mine who I had a real crush on bust away.
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Old 26-01-2020, 03:50 PM
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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
In my early 20s, a student friend I had a crush was not a looner but loved to blow to pop and would tease. Once at a party she blew up a happy birthday banner balloon. When it was fully blown up and asked if she should carry on blowing, she carried on anyway despite protests until it was way taller than her then let it go. She loved blowing up balloons as big as possible to make people nervous and she often did that at parties.

We used to hand out together a lot as as students, at my house, I left some ballons out to see what would happen. She blew up a couple of balloons with Disney characters printed them, they got quite big with good necks. She blew up a yellow one quite quickly until it necked and then tied it off. The second one was a red one she blew up very slowly teasing me with it all the time, it was so big it was transparent. She eventually decided it was big enough when the neck as longer that the main balloon, tied it up. The red balloon popped a few mins later so must have been blown up to the max. The next time she visited, she ask if I had any more balloons, I gave the the last orange Disney one and started blowing it saying this time she will and not going to stop until it pops. It got way bigger than I expected and bigger than the red one, I was soo scared (being a non popper myself) I needed to leave the room but she followed me, pinned me down on the sofa and sat on me blowing the balloon up even more I was trying to wriggle out and get away.
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Old 21-02-2020, 04:29 PM
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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
not popping, but i have seen a few of my hot friends blowing up balloons, including my best friend who i am basially completely in love with. yes, i know, that's a terrible idea, he's straight and doesn't know i'm not, blah blah blah...but i can't help it, he's gawgeous :P

mostly they're just blowing them up for a party, but i did once get that best friend to randomly blow up a balloon. i think he might be a little bit phobic, but i convinced him to put another couple of breaths into it. he screwed up his eyes, bless him, but to his credit they were full breaths, he really emptied his lungs, haha!

i am yet to see a friend inflate balloons shirtless, but this is like some great ambition for me
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Old 23-02-2020, 02:32 PM
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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
Yeah, there were some experiences.
At first, you have to know that I'm bi.
When it came/comes to balloons it was mostly the guys I have to thank for some nice experiences.

Back in school, I was about 15, I waited for the bus to get home.
Near our school was a McDonalds. As school ended earlier this one day, two cute girls of my class went there for a milkshake. As they came back to the bus stop, each girl brought a ballon. As the bus arrived, they decided to pop the balloons. Each girl put her foot on the balloon, screaming whilst applying more and more force and in the end giggling after the balloons popped.

About the same time there was a classmate I had a bit of a crush on. A blonde, slim boy, a few months older than me and he seemed to like balloons. I don't think he has/had this fetish and he doesn't/didn't know about my fetish.
I used every opportunity to get him in situations with balloons. Best one was when I was at his house after school. Maybe I started talking about balloons or asked if he he had some, I don't know anymore, and he grabbed two balloons. One crystal purple McDonalds balloon that was obviously inflated some times before and another promotional ballon that was also purple but not crystal and wasn't inflated before.
He blew up the crystal purple one until the neck started to come out then he tied it. Of course the balloons was bigger than usual because he he had blown it up some times before.
You have to know that I was very phobic at that time and blowing a balloon until it started to neck out was absolutely impossible for me. So this was very exiting for me.
He threw the balloon into the air and kept it up by kicking it with his feet. BTW he wore nice light grey socks, I already also had a fetish for feet, socks and shoes back then.
After that he opened his window and let the balloon fall down on the rosebush below where the balloon popped loudly and the bang echoed through neighborhood.
Next he blew up the second balloon. I admired him doing that because he didn't stop blowing until the purple ballon had a small neck. After tying it, he sat down on a chair, took a marker, put the balloon on his thigh and started to draw a face on the balloon. As he just finished it he took a look at his drawing which he seemed to dislike and popped the balloon by piercing it with the marker.

Much, much later I could watch a girl blow up a balloon. Most guys wouldn't describe her "sexy" but in my eyes she was just cute and I liked her.
She had a quite small balloon, about 8", and slowly started to blow it up. Unfortunately she stopped before there was any neck. Anyway, a nice scene to look at.

The is more to come, more exiting, but I will start a new reply for that...

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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
My best friend in my teens was a balloon buster. He would burst them any chance he got. I had a massive crush on him (he was my first bisexual experience). The one that really sticks in my mind was after a party at his house. It was just the 2 of us left after and there were loads of balloons everywhere. He wasted no time jumping on them and hug bursting them. He added me to help and we burst them between out bodies. That night we kissed for the first time, surrounded by bits of burst balloon
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Old 25-02-2020, 07:07 AM
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Default Re: Ever seen a girl/boy you like pop balloons?
A little background:
There was this girl that I had a crush from another school. We were all 17. We would only meet for after school extra-curricular activities or youth groups. At that stage, I had just accepted my sexuality around balloons and was trying to experiment more with it around my own personal play time rather than be ashamed of it.

There was one particular day where we had this big get together party after school. My crush was there too and of cause they needed to play this balloon game. I dreaded attending parties back then due to this exact fear of not being too sure on how to respond if we were to play any balloons games. We were each given a 14 inch balloon and ask to blow them up. I am a non-popper so you can imagine my fear when you have testosterone laden boys around you trying to see whos balloon can get bigger. I manage to blow my balloon up while keeping an eye on my crush with her sweet red balloon. Every little blow and puff of air was seared into my memory. With our balloons blow, we were then asked to find a partner to pair up. At that stage, I was not too sure if she knew I had a crush on her and I pretended to clumsly look around for a partner, but before you know it, there was a tap on my shoulder and it was her. She gave me a big smile and ask if I needed a partner. I kept it calm and said "sure", we were friends after all. She took the inflated balloon and gently "boink" it over my private parts. Until this day, I was uncertain if it was an accident or if it meant something else. We were then split into 2 teams and were ask to play the burst-your-balloon-on-your-partner-game. I was freaking out at this stage but she did not appear to mind it at all. She cooly turned around and ask me if I am ready to win it. When the whistle went off, she ran towards me and took me from behind and started jamming her red balloon behind my back..... one time.... two time..... three time.... I was anticipating the pop as my brain had an internal melt down....I was shaking as well..... "Come on, pop!", she said. The balloon eventually popped after her 5th try. She ran back to the starting line and I raced after her with my balloon. I pressed it against her back as I begin to hump her. "Come on harder!", she yelled among the other screaming voices. I was afraid but I also wanted this to last. It is not everyday you get to hump your crush in public with a balloon. I suddenly felt her finger on the balloon. She gave me a wicked smile and pointed her finger up her pursed lips. POP! She had helped nail popped the balloon. I felt her hand on my crotch as our bodies closed together. My private parts were throbbing and I think she sensed something. We obviously did not win but she did not mind.

Later during the party and as the numbers dwindle, I was caught off guard by her approaching me to talk. She whispered in a soft voice that she had accidentally took two red balloons just now and did not know what to do with it. I jokingly said, "Why don't you just blow it up, I am sure people do not mind". She took the balloon straight to her lips and started to blow it up in front of me. My brain had a second meltdown. She blew it gently locking her gaze at me. She would ask me if it was big enough, almost teasing me. I encouraged her to get it bigger even though I was petrified by her. She was a sweet girl but can be unpredictable at times. As the balloon got bigger with a small neck just about formed, I told her to stop. She grinned and came closer to me and said "Lets see how big we can get this hey?" I stood there frozen as she slowly puff more and more air into the already oversize crystal red balloon. I kinda discouraged her from making a scene but she would only shrug. Her eyes kept contact with me. Out of desperation, I attempted to "playfully" grab her hand but fail miserably as she turned around and giggled at my fail attempts. She knew I was very afraid. I can't remember what I said but she offered to blow on more breathe and if it did not pop, she would tie it. I remembered the longest few seconds of my life, as time slowed down as she blew the longest breathe of air into the balloon with me beside her. There was no pop but the balloon had a really long neck. My crush was disappointed but agreed to tie the balloon up. She struggled with the knot a little but when it was tied, she gave it to me as a souvenir and walked away giggling.

I quickly brought the balloon into my car, for safe keeping. I was tempted to drive home straight away so that I could release my tension and play with this beautiful balloon and my memories of it but I also wanted to stay back to see if my crush would play with any more balloons. I stayed for a little and went back home that night with a pulsating private part. When I was in my room that night, it did not take long for me to release the sexual tension.
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