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Default Lucky Find
So I got to work on Sunday and just up the street in front of the rubbish bin was one of those disposal helium tanks in a box. I figured being there it was empty and continued on my way.
After my shift it was still there and on Monday when I arrived the box had been taken and the cylinder was still there.
After my shift I went out and it was still sitting there, no one was around so I pushed the nozzle down. To my great surprise there was a strong gush of helium.
I grabbed the tank and took it to my car.
No idea how much is left, it wasnt very heavy... but it did give out a big gush so I guess time will tell once I have a chance to play! Fingers crosses I get a few balloons full out of it
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Default Re: Lucky Find
I hope you have fun, but to be fair, those tiny canisters don't hold much gas, period. They're a real pain, and will barely inflate a dozen 11" or 12" balloons to normal size, if you're lucky. They're costly for what you get, and I'm not even sure how "pure" the helium is in them.
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