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Default We Were Not Meant Such Power...
I'm sure most of you know this is a thing, but my point remains.

Who knows the Zuru Bunch o Balloons? You know, water balloons that all get filled and tied at once?

Well, those maniacs decided to make party balloons

So yeah, who wants to fill, tie, and string 40 balloons in as many seconds?

They even have an adaptor for helium...

I saw one of the pumps at Walmart a few days ago, like 17 dollars for it, don't remember the cost for the balloons though.

I won't lie, more than a little tempted, but I couldn't find just pink pack, it was pink and blue.

But yeah, this is a thing for anyone intrested.
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Default Re: We Were Not Meant Such Power...
Walmart has another cool gizmo for inflating quickly. Itís called The Balloon Buddy, and itís a surprisingly powerful little air pump. It only does one balloon at a time, but itís not limited to party sizes. Weíve used adaptors from an air mattress pump for some of the really big balloons, but itís surprisingly handy without them, too.
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