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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi Everyone,

Iíve just joined and this is my first post.

Iím a 28 year old from the UK, with a preference for inflatables over balloons. Especially large inflatables. I would probably describe myself as a non-popper, only because Iíve never lived alone and I'm concerned about making too much noise. If I had greater freedom I would like to try popping large balloons.

Iíve decided to join this forum because a) everyone seems really friendly, b) there are people here from around the world, which is exciting and c) thereís quite a lot of younger looners on here.

Iíve had this fetish since I was 13 or so, but Iíve never told anyone about it before. Iím a bit anxious about taking this step, but Iíve enjoyed reading through the forum and decided to give it a go.

Iím keen on chatting with people around my age, either male or female, just to make some new friends and share stories with.

If anyone wants to chat PM me.
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