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Default Re: Helium
Originally Posted by lilolover82 View Post
Helium balloons were always enjoyable as a child, but as they slowly went flat and came to the ground my siblings or parents would always puncture them and deflate them and throw them out . As I got a bit older if the leaks were small I'd try to save them in a stash as they could be reinflated even for a short deflate again.

I got really good at untying balloon knots as a child. Which is why I started getting balloons less and less. My parents kinda figured something was up. Of course, now I can buy my own 24 inch balloons!
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Default Re: Helium
Bump! (sorry ) I like helium better than air...& you kinda need air to live Of all the elements that make up this world helium is truly my favorite stuff! If my lungs were balloons I'd inhale the stuff & float away from this world
& who doesn't love that hiss that grows deeper & deeper & the balloon blows up bigger & bigger...long live helium balloons
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Default Re: Helium
So Helium is my fav. LOVE having huge bouquets of Q24s around, but sad to hear they are no longer making them. Mylars are ok too, but prefer the latex. Nothing is more sexy than a girl with helium balloons.
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helium, helium tank

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