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I like to stop by here once every few months and see whats new. I love the site and reading what is posted. I get to share things on here too which is great. My thing is vinyl inflatables, mainly beach balls between 16" and 30", secondly swim rings, and sometimes air floats like those you lay on in the pool.

A message to the girls that are new to the site, consider selling your used vinyl inflatables on eBay or online somewhere. Put your mouth on the valve and inflate them, play with them. Sell them used, in any condition from good holding air to leaky or completely blown. You will be surprised at what people will pay for them.

If you make video clips then don't just sell the clips but sell the inflatables too. Especially sell the ones you pop.

Thanks for the web site, thanks for the stories, and thanks for the pictures. I will be back again.
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