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Default Re: Bursting an innertube
still he or she should be careful
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Default Re: Bursting an innertube
Safety is always a good idea, a lot of damage to your body is permanent or at least does not heal back to 100%.
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Default Re: Bursting an innertube
Originally Posted by Whale Rider View Post
just a word for the wise, popping a tractor tire in an enclosed room CAN kill you. While I dont like popping I dont want anyone getting hurt so please be careful, a truck tube @ 8 barg (that is common pressure) bursting will hurt you severely if you stand directly besides it. min safe distance would be more than 5m! (I assumed a pressurized volume 0,0358m, energy content if it bursts @ 8 bar is roughly equal to 10g of TNT)

Further reading for those people who are interested in weird numbers and fomulars:
ASME PCC2 section 501 III.

So just be careful...
Sure - bursting tires, especially from trucks, construction and agricultural equipment is indeed very dangerous. Inner tubes are relatively safe, since when overinflated they will not go anywhere near 8bar. Still, basic safety precautions like earplugs and safety glasses should be used. To reach such a high pressure tubes need tires to hold them together, otherwise they'll inflate like balloon at much smaller pressure.
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