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Default I love that new powdery pvc feel.
Where I live in Australia, we've been lucky enough the last few weeks to have some relatively cool to mild weather with very low humidity. I pulled out one of my virgin 36 inch black inflatable balls I bought from a few years ago and inflated it pretty stiff. As with many new inflatables, it has that powdery substance. Sometimes it's just yucky, this time it was just right. with the cooler drier air, the powder further increases the silky smooth (static electricity) feel when gently moving the ball between my legs. It's the same when sitting on my sofa, hugging and wrapping my arm around it wile bare chested. It was one of those experiences where all the ducks were aligned (good weather, right powder formulation, and PVC plastic feel). These last few weeks have been bliss for a pvc looner. When it becomes humid, the powder turns to muck and just feels awful. This is mainly from the air having so much moisture that ones sweat doesn't get a chance to evapourate.
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