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Default Re: Does anyone else do this?
Originally Posted by IILoonerII View Post
The Left politicians here thought it was funny to defund the police.
what left? you dont have anything resembling left in the US. what you call left is on the actual political spectrum still right of center...

the problem is to many guns and not not enough police.
Finland has roughly HALF the amount of police officers per 100k citizen that the US has. Still Finnland is a very safe Country compared to the US.

ok lets look at someone who has more cops
Argentina has three times as many cops per citizen as the Us yet..
crime index is roughly 150% of the US...

so just putting more feet on the street DOES NOT WORK.

ok maybe compare if people have roughly the same amount of feet on the ground... lets see. Japan has roughly the same amount of police men as the Us per 100k citizens and....

Japan is actually in the top 10 safest places in the world. So no the approach that your politicians do for decades, be it browish-red, green or blue, is simply wrong and does not yield any meaningful results compared to the costs.

So change, ANY change can only bring improvement since the current approach does not work. And it is not working for decades.
I really like to "cite" Winston Churchill
"the americans always do the right thing... after trying everything else".
(I know it is not documented that he actually said these words but his biographer acknowledged that this was the quintessence of C. opinion).

Anyway I dont have to live in that country and every country gets the leaders it deserves as german I can definitely say we have suffered in that regard and we deserved it... dont repeat our mistakes. so stay healthy and please avoid places with gunshots, and be careful with those 72" I almost fell off one... I was lucky the ground stopped my fall ^^
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Default Re: Does anyone else do this?
Our politicians on the left are very much indeed are left. In fact, they are so far left that. Their voters are leaving their party. Defunding the police and other radicle things they do.. Wouldn't be no where near in the “center” its too extreme.

I think to help with crime is more police funding and working with the communities where the crime comes out of like funding for jobs etc. will help a bit more.
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