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Smile 200cm x 90cm Inflatable Blimp Body Pillow
I was just wondering if anyone has a 200cm x 90cm Inflatable Blimp Body Pillow (from Akaneneon or Horseplay Toys). Here is a link to give a better idea of what I am referring to;

I am inquiring because I would like to ask if someone with this inflatable could make an inflation video that would be great. I would request that the inflatable be inflated by an electric pump, and the video only be of the inflatable being inflated. If the person with this inflatable is ok with it, inflate the inflatable until most of the wrinkles are gone (however, fully inflated will work as well). Sound or no sound in the video is fine with me. Just looking for a real time inflation video of this blimp body pillow (the print does not have to be the same as the one shown in the link above) from 0% to 100% (or overinflated until most of the seam wrinkles are gone).

Thanks for reading this post. You may Private message me via this forum if you have this inflatable, are willing to record an inflation video meeting the above criteria and have any further questions.

Take care and Happy Looning.

Very Respectfully,

JR Looner

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