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Default Older Bestway Whale or Older Intex Happy Shark
The title says it all. I want to buy/trade an older Bestway Whale or an older Intex Happy Shark. I won't go over $60 USD for one, I'll even trade 2 new unopened Bestway whales (the new ones are good, nice soft vinyl, large size, cute print).

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Old 17-12-2017, 10:58 AM
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Default Re: Older Bestway Whale or Older Intex Happy Shark
Some of those old school Bestway's Orca's are a lovely soft gloss vinyl if your lucky with your find. I think it's a generic design though- quite a few manufacturers make them which Bestway then buy up and repackage in their own packaging.

I managed to buy four gloss one's whilst on a family holiday back in the mid 90's and ive still got one thsts still going strong for nearly 25 years old!
I keep buying the odd one from Amazon every so often in the hope of being sent another older gloss model- but so far they've all been matte or that embossed matte material..... oh and quite a few of those new 2016 one's with the creepy emerald green eyes (not a fan of these).

My favourites now though are the IW 3metre gloss black Orca's. Right size for two, and theyre wonderfullu soft squeaky vinyl

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