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Old 04-04-2018, 01:51 AM
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Default Question for those that have done a public b2p?
Today after running 5 miles along the ocean, I took out the 3 16" qualatex helium balloons leftover from Saturday and sat down on a rock. My plan was to suck the helium out, send my gf really stupid sounding voice messages, and then b2p them all. Now there were 2 sets of cars that pulled up while I was sucking the helium out.
So when I went over a couple hundred feet away to b2p them near a noisy pump station, I was aware they were there, but for the first time ever, was secretly hoping they were watching.
The balloons were 3 days old, and while they all got huge, the bang was muffled a bit and they didn't really shred too much. I did get snapped once in the nose but it was fun.
So here is the Point of this post:
I did the b2ps as a combination of loving it so much, but also to make my lungs work after running 5 miles.
But here's my idea. Even in a really busy public walkway, like the Stanley Park seawall, what is to stop me from running a long way, and as soon as I'm done, pull out a bigger balloon and do a b2p. If anyone asks, I could very easily convince them it's for my lungs to make them work when they are tired. If I only didn't once, I highly doubt anyone could have a serious problem with it. It's not technically an illegal act if done during the day.

What allows you to just keep going when in public?
Do you use 16" or bigger balloons, and do they draw attention?
Do people ever get mad?
Do you think this is a good idea, since I'd be alone?
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Old 06-04-2018, 12:02 PM
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Default Re: Question for those that have done a public b2p?
Unlikely anyone would stop you, people are generally non confrontational. They might think its weird or ask why your doing it. If anyone does ask you to stop just go elsewhere.
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Old 06-04-2018, 08:20 PM
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Default Re: Question for those that have done a public b2p?
yeah i doubt people would be mad. if it were me i wuld be curious and i would ask u for one to pop alongside you lol. I might even ask if we could go do some more fun balloon stuff lool jk.
lover your loons forever
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Old 12-04-2018, 04:11 AM
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Default Re: Question for those that have done a public b2p?
I haven't done a public B2P in a while but nobody stopped me when I did it. The last time I did public B2Ps was with that crazy ex I always talk about. Actually, I haven’t done a story in a while so I’ll post one about a public B2P spree that we went on in the near future. I still want to do a public B2P these days but honestly I still get self conscious-- you know, like I'd be afraid of people saying "what's that grown man doing playing with balloons?" I definitely don’t think it’s a double standard, and I don’t wanna invoke gender bias in all of this, but I have to be honest, I think it’s more acceptable for women (and of course children) to play with balloons in public compared to a man. So it always makes me self conscious.

IMHO however, we really should just say "fuck em"! It's your business, and who are they to judge how you have fun? My motto when it comes to sex is: as long as it's consensual, nobody is being hurt, and no children or animals are involved, then do what makes you happy! When it comes to enjoying balloons in public; regardless of what you’re doing. I always go back to what I always say when talking to somebody about having a balloon fetish:

Balloons are harmless. They were specifically designed to bring joy and for people to have fun with. So there's honestly nothing inherently "wrong" with having fun with them. Everyone has an inherent right to happiness and to have fun. Fuck anyone who is trying to get in your way of having it or shaming you for being happy. Yeah, I know it's "weird" for grown people to like a "child's toy", and maybe even weirder for someone to get sexual pleasure from it. But what the hell... out of all the fetishes out there, balloons are a pretty tame fetish to be into. I use quotes when describing this stuff because there’s of course no absolute authority or absolute “good” or “bad” when it comes to this stuff. But there’s WAY WAY WAY “worse” or “grosser” or “weirder” fetishes out there that sometimes those even involve the harm of other people without their consent— which is where I always draw the line.

I can see with public BTPs where it can get dicey though. Sometimes people get very uncomfortable around balloons, especially when they're gonna be popped. I'm a very sensitive person to how other people feel, so that’s another reason I don’t always wanna do a public B2P b/c I don’t wanna upset someone. I think back to before I had the fetish, and I know a lot of people talk about experiencing this before they develop a balloon affinity, a balloon exploded in my face on my birthday and it completely changed the way that I felt and interacted with balloons for the rest of my life. After that incident, when I was young, I was completely mortified of balloons popping or just balloons just existing in public spaces. In the back of my mind I always was on alert, because there’s always that “one person” who in public, can't help themselves and it's like something comes over them and they just want to pop whatever balloon they see it no matter the circumstances. It was deeply upsetting to me. To be honest, it's still a little alarming for me in public for me despite my absolute love for popping balloons, but it is also kinda a turn-on seeing that ravenous look in a random female's eyes when they encounter a balloon in public and just have to pop it or pop them. Anyways, I have a considerable amount of empathy for other people going through the same thing.

When I play with balloons outdoors or do a semi-public B2P (like I’m hidden away but could very well be discovered), I always do it in private, like in to woods along a trail or something. There’s always the danger of being discovered but I actually kinda get a rush outa that notion and it increases my excitement. Just on top of the echoing ring and awesome acoustics an outdoor balloon pop can create, I kinda like the mischievous feeling of having all these balloons go off and nobody knowing where the sound is coming from. But like I said… I also don’t wanna upset people. Ultimately, it’s really a conflicting experience for me playing with balloons in public.
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Old 20-04-2018, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Question for those that have done a public b2p?
Hi Black Bear,

I think you found yourself a good excuse to b2p large balloons. You could imagine you received a training scheme from your coach were he told you told run for x minutes, walk for 4 minutes, run again etc. To train your lungs, you need something that gives some resistance. You inflate the balloon to have more resistance. A balloon has the highest resistance just before it pops, so that's why you have to keep going until it pops.
You could even write down and print out a training scheme like this, to show others what you are doing and why you do this.

What you and Loudpopper describe sounds a bit like wanting to do a blow to pop outdoors, but being scared to be discovered. So an outdoor pop, but preferably private. It is perfectly fine if you have a suitable location where there is no chance that you get caught. When you disturb nobody, there is no problem.

If you can't find such a location, or want to do a b2p in a more public place, you have the chance to disturb people. Now it becomes more of an ethical discussion. What makes that you may do something that is pleasant for you, but bothers others?

There are some possible scenario's now.
1. You do it semi-hidden in a forest or something and someone sees or hears you
2. You do it in a very public, crowded area. People notices that you are inflating a balloon and after a while realize you will pop it.
(I don't consider the previous case when nobody hears or seas you.)

What are the possible reactions?
1: people don't expect a loud explosion in the woods when they are walking there with their dogs. They may get angry and ask why you are doing this? A negative reaction is very well possible.
2: people notice what is going to happen. They might ask you to stop, but it is more likely that people who don't like the popping sound, walk away! People who don't matter or who enjoy the excitement can watch you. The chance on a negative reaction is very low in this case.

You can think of intermediate situations, but in general, don't scare people with unexpected balloon popping. If they know a pop is coming, they won't mind that much.

Good luck with real public popping.
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Old 30-04-2018, 01:13 AM
Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Question for those that have done a public b2p?
You know....i was at my local McDonalds the other day with two of my friends. It was around 8:30pm....we were waiting for my cousin who works there; i was his ride for when he got off....

They place was poppin! 'scuse the pun!

I parked right in front of the drive through....right where people stop to order their stuff! pockets are ALWAYS stuffed with balloons because you never know when a situation will arise! I could already smell the opportunity

I pulled out a crystal red tuff-tex 24 & started blowing it up! My female friend in the passenger seat squeaked, smiled & clapped her hands like a little kid & asked for one... i gave her a purple Q-16 & she started blowing away along side me,lol
By now my buddy in the back seat was feeling left out & without even saying anything, he just reaches into my pocket & pulls out a white Q-16 for himself; to which he proceeded to blow up.

I had the biggest balloon & by now my balloon was getting BIIIIIGGGGG! If anyone has had experience with TT-24s they'll know what phenomenal balloons they are & how they go well past their rated camaro isn't known for its roominess & even though i was reclined the balloon was pushing into the roof of the car, the driver's side window & the steering wheel; causing the horn to go off a couple of times,lol ( the balloon was also pushing into my crotch, hee,hee!) I kept blowing....thinking my hard on was going to pop the balloon
My two friends were giggling, blowing up their balloons & bopping each other with them. My balloon was so big & tight i could see right through it & by now people stopping in the drive through were pointing & laughing at us & one passing car even took a pic! My friend in the back seat released his balloon out the window & it proceeded to zip over the drive through to the amusement of the other drivers
He lit a cigarette, leaned forward & popped my other friend's balloon with the cherry which sacred the shit out of both of us. balloon was so big it was starting to push into the passenger side into my friend....i was close to jizzing because the situation was crazy hot, but i didnt wanna mess myself, so i let go of the nozzle & let the air out of the balloon
But we had a good laugh....& a few minutes later my cuz came out....wondering why my car was full of purple balloon shards
Then he smiled because he knew!

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