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Old 05-06-2018, 12:09 AM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
These are some awesome stories folks, a lot of them I can relate to, especially because like some of you, my very first time cumming was involving a balloon. I was about 12 at the time, I had a bunch of blue 12"ers from a school project I decided to stuff into bed while watching TV. Don't know why but the urge came over me to put one under me and bounce on it. I bounced and bounced and bounced until BANG. I was very afraid of loud noises at this time, especially balloon noises but coudn't figure out why this was so satisfying. I did that a couple more times, till I got really hard. I ran out of energy, and just decided to lay on one of the loons while watching TV. Next thing you know this crazy "pain" but awesome feeling rushed through my lower half, and I felt like I lost control. By the time I looked down, I realized I cummed for the first time. I would try to do this more and more as time went on. Fortunately the party store open at the time sold 16"ers, so I would get more creative. Blow them up nice and big and get into bed with them, this time I'd either rub the loon or myself down with lotion first though, so I could squeeze AND slide on the loons. I can rememeber fucking these loons with all of my might until they'd pop and they'd be so resistant. I'd be so out of breath by the time I was done with 4 or 5.

When I was older though, maybe 15 or 16, still living at home. I decided to throw myself my first "big" balloon birthday party with multiple loons when my parents weren't home. It was probably only like 25-30 and I dont' remember the size but I know they were all yellow smiley faces. I honestly thinking I blacked out from so much excitement because I know the session was so intense. All I know was that there was a lot of squeezing, STPing and riding. I was still into the lubing up loons with vaseline or lotion and going to town on them. OMG it was so awesome! I know I also I did my first BTP that day too. The only thing I fully remember from that session was being totally out of breath by the end of it, laying on my back jerking off and blowing this loon to it's max, it exploding, the pieces raining down on me and then I said to myself, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" Suddenly, I came. Oh was a day.

In my adult life hands down the most intense looning experience was with my crazy ex. We were having sex in a fully inflated balloon room of about 100-125. I remember doing a bunch of BTPs while she was going down on me. While I was on top she would grab near by balloons and nailpop them across my back as I stroked away at her. She'd ride me with loons between us which was fun. But the hottest part was doing her from behind and nailpopping a bunch while she BTP'd this white 12"er. BA-BOOM, with this huge shower of white shards flying outwards as half of her was dangling off the side of the bed with exhaustion. Then she let out this huge moan which I can remember to this day. I can't remeber how that session ended to be honest, but OMG that was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen.
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Old 07-06-2018, 02:28 PM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
It’s hard to pick just one experience as there have been so many when trying new things but it would probably have to be the first joint experience with my now wife.
We had been dating for a few months and she seemed very open minded an fun loving so one evening whilst out having a few drinks she asked me outright what my ideal fantasy would be? Having had a few vodka’s I just came out with it. I told her that I had always wanted to make love in a room filled with loads of balloons with another woman. She asked me why and I told her I used to have a fear as a kid but had since developed an enjoyment. She asked me if I liked to pop them and I said yes, with an odd expression not quite getting the attraction she just looked at me, smiled and shrugged her shoulders and we carried on just chatting and messing about.
Anyway a few weeks had passed and we’d not had any further conversations about anything like that so I didn’t think anything of it and was a little bit glad she’d not mentioned it in case she had found it a bit weird.
I went over to her house and she caught me completely off guard. I walked in and she was wearing some sexy black lingerie and high heels and took me by the hand and led me off to the bedroom where she laid me down, tied my hands and blindfolded me. I was feeling quite vulnerable and excited and all of a sudden she left the room.
For what felt like an eternity but in reality was only a minute or so she came back and I could hear a rustling sound. All of a sudden I felt an inflated balloon land on my naked skin, the sound of the bounce and the smell of the latex as it came to settle on my now rather hard shaft was amazing. I didn’t know what to say or do as she caught me completely by surprise and I had no idea she had been planning to do this.
She continued to empty a couple of large sacks that she’d filled with all the balloons she had blown up on top of me and before I could say anything BANG she burst a balloon on my chest. I was by now extremely turned on, she burst another and another and BANG, BANG, BANG......she was getting really into it and ripped off the blind fold. There were balloons everywhere about 40-50 not massive ones probably 8 or 10 inch but they were pretty loud and I was just amazed that this was actually happening.
She burst a few more with her nails and then she stood up and burst a few with her heels before walking back to me and bursting a purple balloon up against my shaft. I honestly thought I was going to explode there and then in that moment. She reached under the pillow and pulled out a few un inflated balloons and some party poppers. She pointed one of the party poppers at my chest and pulled the string, BANG... it stung but not as much as the balloon had, she then pulled another whilst aiming it at my already stinging shaft BANG! She started giggling and said how she never knew a private party for two could be so much fun. She sat on me and started to ride harder and harder and started to blow up a balloon, as she took another breath and blew hard into the balloon she started riding harder and faster and BANG! She had shards of balloon on her breasts and grabbed another balloon without even saying a word or slowing down, she began to climax and just as I did she burst the balloon with her nails on her chest and screamed with pleasure and a little pain.

To describe this as an intense experience would be an understatement. It was the first time we had played out any kind of fantasy and I had no idea it was even going to happen or that she took me seriously when I had told her. Best of all she was a natural and had no fear of popping. Needless to say we have had many more intense sessions over the years but this one will always be the most intense session I’ve ever had.
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Old 10-06-2018, 07:02 PM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
My best experience with a balloon was when I took a purple 12" in the shower with me. The balloon heated up under the hot water and felt really good pressed against my body. I took shampoo and lathered it on the balloon and that felt amazing to hug. I rode it for a while with it covered in shampoo. I would totally recommend this to other looners.
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Old 25-06-2018, 03:36 AM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
Alrighty then it's time to post my own story. And it's my 100th forum post as well!

And this may change in the future, as I don't often have alone time to have an experience at all. Here it goes:

It was back in December of 2014, during my first year of high school (for us American folk). I was a lot younger at the time, so I didn't have a car, post office box, or means of making online purchases. As soon as I was 16, I got all those things for myself so buying stuff like balloons wouldn't be such a hassle!

I had my first "real" looner experience a few months prior with a BTP using some 12" orange Chinese balloon I stole from church. I didn't believe in that stuff, plus stealing, means that if there actually is a hell, I'm in double trouble! Prior to then, it was just watching videos on YouTube and porn websites and downloading them to a secret vault iPhone app.

After that, I wanted to get a few balloons to have some more fun with. One thing that sucks about living in the suburbs is that you need a car to go to any stores. Since I couldn't just ask someone to take me to the store, I thought that the internet was the next best option. Since I didn't have a bank account yet, I went to websites that shipped free samples for advertising stuff with logos on it. A few had balloons, and I think I requested like 3 total, all being those yellow 16" punching balloons that I always mention in posts.

Then, I found the website of a small advertising company that sold Tuf-Tex balloons exclusively. Fantastic! I had heard of the legendary TT17 [that's the "t17" in my username] and wanted in on the fun! I sent the owner an email, claiming to be a small business in need of supplies for a grand opening, and that I would like to get a few samples to check the color. Said I wanted green and yellow. An hour later, she sent me an email asking for my delivery address, saying she would send me one of each. I thanked her and gave over the information. DON'T send balloons to your address if you can't ensure upmost security! I was 14, so it was all but impossible not to.

Fast forward to delivery day! It was a Friday, and I had been at school. I came home to see a thick envelope on the counter, and a family that was wondering what was inside. I claimed to not know, saying (in advance too) that I just signed up to get free stuff, maybe pens or keychains. I opened it away from prying eyes, claimed it was junk that I threw away. and put the balloons in my handgun safe for later use. She sent me 2 of each color instead of 1, so I actually got 4!

The next day, the family went out somewhere and I got left at home for what was expected to be about two hours. After about 15 minutes, I got the balloons out and looked over them. The yellow and green colors were astonishing, and I had recently learned what a "flute mold" was in the balloon manufacturing industry, so they were a joy to look at! I cleared some space in my room, and put in some earplugs for safety. Looking back on it, I also used those big earmuffs and friggin old sunglasses to protect against the small pieces. Safety first, but might be a bit too much!

For the first one, I simply inflated it to a bit less than its rated size, but got scared of going further and popped it with a scissors.

The fourth one was on another day and wasn't too eventful, so I'll cover the second and third ones.

For the second, it started out the same way. Tension grew with each breath, both within the balloon and myself. After inflating it to its correct size, I went just a bit further, then completely deflated it. I made note of its now thinner and larger shape. I then re-inflated it again to a slightly larger size than before, and tied the neck of the balloon in preparation for a sit-pop atop of a large leather chair.

I was wearing blue jeans that day, as I usually do. After setting the balloon on the chair with the neck facing away from me, I climbed on top and slowly lowered my weight onto it. The neck expanded like 7 inches away from the rest of the balloon, after which I let off of it a little. I then began bouncing up and down on it in a repetitive fashion with increasing force. The sensation of the soft latex against tight denim was like no other, and the eventual destruction of the balloon completed it all. I took care of what needed doing, then got back to it about 20 minutes later.

Finally, the third one! I picked up the last of the green ones, then pre-stretched it a few times for good measure. Inflated it to well beyond its rated size, probably about 19-20". I let it deflate, then did it again! This time, it got even bigger, i'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 21-23 inches. The rest of the balloon quickly got very tight as the neck extended.

Around this point, I had no choice to undo the pants zipper and go to town. I stopped working on the balloon for a second to get some spit for lubrication, then kept inflating it with just one hand as the other did its magic. Just after "finishing," it reached absolute max capacity and exploded with a loud bang. I was not even scared, rather in a moment of absolute ecstasy after the dozens of pieces of green latex scattered around the room. I still found pieces a month later! It's a wonder nobody found out.

I would say that that day was perhaps the most intense experience, although I have certainly done much more "involved" things in recent years. It was a day of many firsts, and certainly an experience that I will cherish forever!
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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
That was an awesome story, t17forlife!
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
Originally Posted by Bubble Boy :-P View Post
That was an awesome story, t17forlife!
Thanks! As I usually do, I spend way too much time on the context leading up to an event and save like one paragraph for the good stuff!
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Old 25-06-2018, 09:24 PM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
I’ve recently found some 36” balloons from Walmart that are incredible and get huge! I even blew one to pop by accident a couple weeks ago��
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Old 01-09-2018, 11:39 PM
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
Easily my first orgasm. I had two Walmart brand 12-inchers, that had been stretched to a nice, big and soft size. I placed one between my legs, one against my chest, and started thrusting into the former balloon while hugging and making out with the latter. I knew I had an attraction to balloons, but it was only when I got the idea to get into this position that I really felt the arousal building up, more than I ever knew it could, until I eventually came. It was the most wonderful, floaty, angelic feeling in the world, and I knew I had to do it many times from there on out.
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
My most intense experience has to be about 3 year sago. Since my age hit double digets it became harder to find an excuse to get a balloon. Eventually they were banned in my house until I outed my fetish.

Back to the point...the most intense experience was when I had my first ballooon in years. I inflated a small neon balloon that was as weak as anything but did the job. I quickly stripped off and rapidly fucked it until a damn volcano went off in my pants. Like 5 year she of pent up excitement released in no joke 2 minutes. Damn balloon burst and sent cum all over the room with bits of latex stuck everywhere. Haven’t had as intense an orgasm since.
What will pop first, me or the balloon? Best go find out.
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Default Re: Most intense experience with balloons
I think I was 21..... I had never had a balloon larger than 15" and had no way of ordering any without a good chance of my "mail" being inspected and questioned. But I had watched videos and seen a lot of pictures of larger balloons. Once earlier I was even at the mall before a balloon drop and there were 36" and bigger balloons all over the center of the mall, separated only by a wall of plexiglass. It was absolute torture to be able to smell the oxidizing balloons and not be able to interact with them or take one home.

Finally one day I discovered the hobby store had large balloons, I believe these were tuftex 36"... and got the courage to buy a red one. I also bought party supplies and other stuff to distract away from the main purchase. I was shaking the entire way home.

Everyone was out of the house. My timing was good. I ripped open the packaging and stared at it for a second almost forgetting what to do with it .. the neck was so much bigger than any previous balloon I had ever blown up. I started blowing and remember it felt like it was taking an eternity. I think the balloon only got to about 20" before I exploded inside my clothes. Seems like the rest of my "stash" went untouched for weeks.

It was inflated many more times after that I also remember when I was done with it, I put it on the vacuum cleaner in the basement and left it running with the video camera on (an old camera that actually used tapes lol) ... it got humongous, like 5 or 6 feet and then exploded into shards everywhere. It never even necked.

I also remember returning to the same hobby store and buying more of these... I think I accidentally left a pink one sitting out and I am pretty sure my mom found it. I never saw it again. Oops.

Not long after, I moved out, and could order anything I wanted. But I was always phobic until the last few years and started baking my balloons and overinflating them. I started wearing ear muffs but I am kind of over popping (except B2Ps). Back then I wasted many balloons because I was afraid of accidentally popping them by inflating them too large, probably wasted 20 or 30 Q24s, and several other balloons you can't even order anymore. Now I would make sure they get blown to their limits
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