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Default Re: Favorite Baloon and Activity
Originally Posted by npratt View Post
If you have Dollar General stores near you, they have knobby balloons that can get fairly long and fat, about 4" by 36" or more, second inflation is always better.
Thanks npratt. Great suggestion but those I can get up here as well readily enough. And I love them! Getting all the lobes to inflate without popping is a rush! But I am still looking for those ordinary airship balloons that I remember being commonplace 30 years ago.... and now apparently no longer exist.
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Default Re: Favorite Baloon and Activity
I dont know what it is, but Ive been on a binge with buying and popping clear balloons. Whether its 9, 12, 17, 24, or 36, Ive just loved clear balloons lately!! Anyone else feel the same way??
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