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Default Re: How many people use balloons during sex with a partner,and how where they used.
I usually sit up, my partner is next to me kneading and groping and so on while I inflate a 17" tuftex. Really just kind of depends on where my happy spots are after that, seem to move around w/ no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I'll just get off with the loon pressed into my torso, other times I'll hump it. My nipples quite like balloons, at times.

We're both rather large individuals and so any sort of riding, body weight on the balloon isn't going to work. And while I'm reasonably physically flexible, he's not so much. Plus, though we've been together for over a decade we've only started doing balloons within the last few years (though he knew about it from the beginning, and I played on my own). There's a lot we just haven't done yet...multiple loons, for one. We've done a little with yoga balls and beach balls, but the balloons are conveniently sized for the stuff we do. Usually once or twice on weekends, since we're busy other times.

We sometimes are open to playing with friends and though it's usually me that plays (hello high sex drive), it's rare anyway. I did get that opportunity a few weeks ago and said friend had a vibrator wand. I was 'wanded' (vibrator held against my frenulum) while I squeezed a balloon. It was quite intense and while I could tell right away I was going to be able to orgasm this way the great thing about the wand is how long it holds you on the edge of orgasm before you finally blow (heh).
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