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Default Re: Your First Big Balloon
Buster Bill I thought that Pioneer Balloon Co bought the BlueBird Brand as well as National Latex.
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Default Re: Your First Big Balloon
My First Big Balloon was bought at our local Woolworth. Qualatex use to make a variety pack of various sized Qualatex Balloons, all different shapes and sizes. One of which was the Qualatex 40" Paddle. Wow did I buy ... my mother bought ....a lot of Qualatex Variety Packs, all for that one 40 P. Being a non-Popper, my collection of balloons grew at a rapid pace.

Another Big Balloon experiences were the frequent visits to the NYC Worlds Fair, most of the time 3 times each week from 1964 - 1966. At the exit, there was always a balloon vendor trying to entice children and mothers to buy huge 2 foot helium balloons to take home. OK, we went sometimes three times a week that three balloon a week. Well, I soon figured out ... since we are there why not pick up 2 - 2 foot balloons then it turned into 4 - two foot balloon. Mom said we could not buy any more then 4 Helium Balloons each trip, my mother was very cool about me and my big balloons .... I was happy.

I am a 63 yr. old married man from CT. I am a Non-Popper Helium Balloon Inflationist. My Fav's are large round 24" to 40" Helium Balloons, I can never get enough of them.

My love for balloons began around the age of 8 yrs old after seeing my favorite film, "The Red Balloon", as previously mentioned. From that moment on I thought about balloons all the time. I wanted to be lifted up in to the sky by big helium balloons just like Pascal, the boy in the film. I wanted balloons around me all the time. I even dreamt of about balloons. Pretty much everyday, after school my mother would go shopping at our local F.W. Woolworth's and I would ask my mom to buy me a big bag of assorted balloons which include flat round 40" balloons and so my collection started. As soon as I got home I would go up to my room and get out the Electrolux vacuum and inflate the entire bag. My bedroom was always filled with balloons. Then one day while at Woolworth's I heard the now familiar sound coming from the toy department. The sound of helium filling big Blue Bird 24" paddle balloons !!!!! Our local Woolworth's standard balloon with the 24" Smiley Face Balloons. I was mesmerize watching them being inflated, I could watch them for hours. Going forward, besides my daily big bag of assorted balloons, my mother would buy me two to four of these outstanding Helium Balloons. So one day my mother had to run a couple of additional errands at some store not far from Woolworth's and ask the girls in the toy department if they would not mind keeping an eye on me while she ran her errands. The girls did not mind at all since I was always hang around watching them inflate these wondrous Helium Balloons. Well my mother was taking a little longer then expected to come and get me so I got the bright idea to ask the balloon girls to inflate some balloons for me. I told them she would pay for them when she came to get me. When asked how many balloons I wanted inflated, I said I would the girls when to stop !!! Woolworth had a inflation machine which would dial in a certain amount air with the helium, well that was not what I wanted at all. Since they thought I was so cute and well behaved I convince them to turn off the air and give me all helium. And also to inflate them as big as they could make them. I was so excited. Well by the time, my mother arrived to get me I was holding two dozen - 24" huge round helium balloons, I was in heaven !!!! My mother was not very happy with my allotment of all the balloons, but being a good mother she bought them. I thanked my balloon girls and said I would see them again soon So my mother proceed to make 4 round trips from Woolworth's and home to get all the balloons home. My parents were pretty cool about me and my balloons and saw how happy they made me, even though they didn't quite understand why I liked balloon so much. From that point forward, the decided it would be easier to rent a helium tank instead of making endless trip to Woolworth's. For the next several year, I always had a tank or two of helium around and I still do.

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Default Re: Your First Big Balloon
My first big balloon was the multicolored unique 36inch balloons from party city. And they blew up absolutely huge.. probably cause they were a little old. But I had tons of fun with them though.
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