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Default Unique balloon blowing style
Guys, in india I have often seen people blowing balloons sideways as follows:

Or like in this video:

Some folks in South East Asia also blow like this.

Have you guys tried out this style ? If not try it out and share your thoughts here.

I believe in this style, the blowing is more comfortable as mouth of the balloon is stretched out and can easily cover the lips and hence more air can comfortably enter.
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Old 04-07-2018, 02:36 PM
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Default Re: Unique balloon blowing style
I find this a nonsense and have no trouble inflating the normal way.
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Old 05-07-2018, 04:59 AM
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Default Re: Unique balloon blowing style
Hi there,

I also ‘just’ blow up balloons the ordinary way. Actually it is quite important to me to be as close as normal as at all possible when it comes to balloons. I have the idea this has to do with my childhood phobia of them. Back then I so wished I could be like ‘everybody else’ as far as balloons were concerned and not be so terribly scared of them.
After years of practising I can blow up practically any balloon until it pops as if I was completely fearless. Inside I am still nervous though - only I feel it more like a (huge) thrill and turn-on now. The sexual aspect was a highly unexpected sideeffect that lead to becoming almost addicted to blowing up balloons.
However my initial wish to ‘become normal’ never left me completely, even though I am happy with just being able to act normal and keep my little secret a secret so to speak.

I have no idea what benefits could come from blowing up the balloons this ‘sideways style’; maybe it is just the way these particular women learned to blow up balloons when they were little? Could be, because it seems to be a little tricky for some people to blow up a balloon. The way these women do it looks a little cumbersome to me, but it might be what works best for them.

BTW - my avatar shows quite well the way I hold the balloon all the way through blowing it up. I have idea this is close to ‘normal’, maybe apart from how far the balloon is blown up. As you can imagine I sometimes need to hold it with one hand only though ......

Thank you for reading my posting.


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Default Re: Unique balloon blowing style
I've tried blowing up a few balloons like that in the past and the only effect I can think of is that the neck inflates a little easier, as you'll inflate it slightly in the first few breaths, at least with smaller balloons. I usually blow them up the "normal" way though, just because it's a lot more convenient.
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Default Re: Unique balloon blowing style
If you're seeing this style on television shows, it's possible that they may be doing it for the camera angle. Although, I'm honestly just completely guessing here.

But I completely relate to you SusieDK. I "trained" myself to be "comfortable" around balloons when I was young because I was tired of being ridiculed for being scared by friends and family. So one day I bought a pack of balloons and proceeded to pop them with my ears plugged until I was like "oh, that was it? that wasn't scary after all." Like you SusieDK, I didn't know what had awakened inside of me, because after that I became like "addicted" to popping balloons. I became so addicted and I started to love the sound more and more, although I was still very scared of it. To this day, I still don't feel "normal" or unfazed by balloons like everyone else, and I usually just "act" as normal as possible and silently enjoy the secret excitement/thrill I get on the inside in public. I usually could only tolerate balloons being around myself alone, or when I was with a few certain friends. Those friends and I formed a balloon popping "club" at school with this boy and girl, and all we would do is try to pop as many as we could during school hours and see who popped the most by the end of the day. During recess outdoors (free play time) was pop we'd share a few backs of balloons and pop them with each other.

Fast forward to now, and I'm completely hooked. I literally pop over 1000 balloons a year, (I'd pop 2000 back when I was in my old house-- I'll explain why later). I love the look of them, the way they grow, the smell and feel. But most importantly the pop and watching the pieces fly in the air after the explosion. (Getting excited just thinking about it, gotta calm down lol) Like you, SusieDK, I still definitely feel fear when popping, but it's mixed with thrill and anticipation, and the whole experience is super sexually charged. I actually don't feel the true happiness and "release" feeling that I'm hooked on with balloons until it actually goes BANG to be honest. I can feel happiness and comfort interacting, feeling, hugging, and smelling an unpopped balloon, but I'm always overcome by the urge to take the excitement up by another notch by making it go BOOM!

Unlike you however SusieDK, I'm not comfortable popping by mouth anything over TT17 by mouth, but I'm working on bigger sizes everyday. By inflator, I'll pop any size though. And that's exactly what I've been doing lately. In my old house, we had the space for an empty room that I converted into a balloon room/home office where I could leave 150-200 loons inflated for as long as I want. I'd just "pop" into the room whenever I felt and have a looner session, and then just fill the room up from whatever I popped. Nowadays in our new house I have less space and moved my balloon room to a giant 3 car garage that we own. I don't have those days-long looner sessions anymore, but I have an inflator in there and all I do now is BTP and use the inflator to pop balloons (if I lay a tarp down, I can keep balloons inflated without them spontaneously popping).

It's been a good 2 weeks for me and balloon popping, probably sitting, squeezing, but mostly over-inflating and BTP'ing about 150 loons from 9"-24". Either way, when I'm blowing or BTPing it's always using the "standard" way. The other way looks just plain inefficient. But that's just my own simple opinion.
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