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Default Re: Question
Originally Posted by OverTheTop View Post
Just to play devil's advocate, you can't disprove something with only anecdotal evidence. If you want to make a claim (in either way, for or against the argument) you need to back it up with reputable, quantifiable evidence.

That's not to say you're necessarily wrong - there's been no evidence for either side of the argument yet.
True, but I think the issue is that you can't (generally) quantiy human sexuality, period. Some people like women, some like men, some will like both, and some will like neither, and then there's everything that's inbetween - that doesn't conform to the usual female/male gender description.

All I can say, is that - for the most part - I don't believe anyone can say that "plenty of guys that say they are straight will go with a guy on the right situation", which has no scientific basis on which it can start from. However, I can state that - for the most part - that statement is unlikely to be true, though quantifying it would be hard to do, I admit.
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Default Re: Question
I only made this comment because I know of guys who identify as straight but have gone with with a guy. This is not from personal experience but other gay guys. Perhaps some feel they canít come out as gay or bi because of friends and family. Sometimes when alcohol is around people relax and do things that wouldnít with a clear mind I donít know.

I am not sure why this has become a debate just a comment from what I know. I identify as gay but never fully rule out that I may also be attracted to a woman.
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Default Re: Question
I am not sure if this helps blowitbig but if you think about regular porn then alot of straight guys like to watch a guy and a girl. I know girl on girl is popular but guy on a girl is the classic. And in this scenario no one would say, well if you want to see a guy and a girl and not just two girls you must be either gay or Bi. If it was just porn of two guys then yes you could say that.
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