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Old 11-09-2018, 03:50 PM
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Default What´s the appeal of popping?
As a non popper myself, I alsways wondered why people want to pop balloons. I´ve had some huge (72") pop on accident, which was kinda hot, but it also made me feel anxious when playing with new balloons.

Why do you pop?
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Old 11-09-2018, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
So.... your a popper (Just you don't yet know it)

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Old 11-09-2018, 09:47 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
Originally Posted by craggy2012 View Post
So.... your a popped (Just you don't yet know it)
It’s possible...I’ve thought that about myself sometimes...
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Old 12-09-2018, 04:18 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
The anticipation, the sound, thr shards, if it's against you the sting, the smell of the tight latex straining against itself.

Makes for easier clean up, and I mean it's just a part of balloon life really.

I mean, I'm a semi-popper, I can pop or I can keep, but those are some of the reasons behind my liking popping.
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Old 12-09-2018, 06:44 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
The tension and excitement that builds as your session goes on. Balloons are somewhat unpredictable but it's nice if you can actually cum as it bursts beneath you... or the both whatever.
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Old 13-09-2018, 09:11 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
I pop them because in my childhood it was forbidden (that time balloons were fairly expensive) and now I can do so. On the other hand I injoy the tension, the anticipation and the sudden relief at the end. I prefer the B2P with smaller - softer balloons. In addition, I like to feel the last point before the last breath :-)

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Old 14-09-2018, 03:08 AM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?

To me it is also very much about the anticipation. When you blow up a balloon - and keep blowing until it pops - you never know exactly when the balloon explodes. However you do know that it is going to happen at some point, and you also know that with each and every breath this moment is getting closer. Actually it might even be getting closer without you blowing into the balloon, because after getting really tight the balloon might explode any moment all by itself. This causes a huge anticipation build up (to me) - it is such a rush

Another thing that greatly appeal to me is the challenge. My ‘thing’ with balloons started as a phobia that at some point got mixed up with fascination and a deep wish to overcome my fear. I got the idea that if could manage to blow up balloons until they pop - which was the scariest I could imagine doing with a balloon - I would no longer be scared of them and I would be cured from my phobia and be like anybody else what balloons are concerned. I did succeed in overcoming my fear and also overcome my phobia, however a certain sexual sideeffect meant, that I definitely didn’t end up like anybody else when it comes to balloons. You might say that I am somewhat extraordinarily fond of them - to put it mildly

My phobic background means that each and every balloon is achallenge to me, however it is now a challenge I very much enjoy, both in a completely plain way and in this special sexual way. As time has gone by I have managed to control the sexual reaction, so that it doesn’t overtake me the way it did earlier. I have also come to very much enjoy plain fun with balloons.

There is more to the appeal of popping: The loudness of the bang, the shredding of the balloon, the tightness and the beauty of a fully inflated balloon, how amazingly big ballons can really get etc. etc. but this all simply add to the anticipation and the challenge, so I think these two issues are the main appeal of balloon popping to me.

Thank you for reading my posting.

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Old 15-09-2018, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
I recently had a conversation over on VK with a non-popper about this exact topic. When explaining why I like to pop balloons, I offered up an analogy that likened popping balloons to riding a rollercoaster. The whole experience right before a balloon pops is like going up that first big hill of a roller coster. As you slowly go up, up, up the hill, you hear that clicking sound of the track taking the car up the hill. Each click is like taking a breath if BTP’ing, bouncing harder and harder if sitting, squeezing that balloon tight against your body, or slowly digging you nails or foot into the balloon. There's only so many clicks until you reach the top of the hill; the whole time inside of you that fear is building up higher and higher. Eventually you must reach the top of the hill. The clicking stops, and then you kinda… pause. You’re in a “zone” where no more expansion for the latex can occur, and its those scary moments right before the descent that makes the whole experience so significant.

It's the point of no return. No more air can be blown into the balloon, the latex can only stretch so far as you bounce harder. Your nails, a pin, your foot can only go in so deep until… KABOOM! Eventually, you must go over the hill (in other words the balloon must break) and all of the sudden, while still scary as hell, that fear dissipates and it slowly turns into thrill as the roller coaster goes down that first big drop. After that big drop, you're flying around the track going through smaller hills, loops, turns and so on. Next thing you know, instead of being scared, you start realizing that you're having fun and feeling the "rush”. When you’re getting off the ride, all you can think is “OMG that was intense!" You're a little disoriented and lightheaded, and you’re kinda in shock, but you’re too busy feeling that “high”.

That’s what happens when the balloon finally explodes. All that tension that was building up just suddenly rapidly disperses. When the balloon pops, this beautiful round and shiny object all of the sudden turns into these gorgeous colorful ribbons and shards flying through the air. Seeing those shards suddenly spray into the air is an extraordinarily beautiful thing. Watching the shards fly and then suddenly float back down is like watching shooting stars. Then I hear that delicious, wonderful, echoing, gloriously loud… BLAM! And like the rollercoaster, the sound is a bit disorienting, definitely scary, and very surprising… but it's mixed up with that head spinning "high”.

To be honest, as much as I absolutely LOVE popping balloons, it's truthfully a really nerve racking experience. I guess the big difference between me and non-poppers who like to push balloons to the limit without breaking them, is what we do with that fear when we encounter it. If you push a balloon to its limits, we all know what comes next. The difference is that despite the anxiety and fear that I feel, I have a huge need to see what comes what next.

Like a lot of poppers, my love of popping was originally born out of an intense fear and phobia of balloons and loud noises in general. Like SusieDK, I taught myself when I was young to get past my fear of balloons pop. I used to inflate balloons in private, and try to pop them while plugging my ears. I then tried to move on to not covering my ears, then trying more tightly filled, or bigger and louder balloons. As time went on, I grew more and more confident in my ability to pop balloons, and eventually the activity became more and more fun (and it eventually became a full-blown hobby in my teens).

However, all of this was happening around the time I was entering puberty. As I was “practicing” popping, I started noticing that I was also getting erections. The phenomenon is called “imprinting”. It’s the process where sexual preferences are acquired through significant experiences during a sensitive periods in early life. Sometimes these preferences can be “mapped” onto an object, making you attracted to it, if that significant experience involved that object (balloons). Note that other loud noises still scare me, and I go out of my way to avoid fireworks and guns and such. But when I pop a balloon, aside from the sexual excitement, I also feel this sense of power and control because I was the one who attempted this scary thing. But the difference is it was ME who overcame the scary thing and I feel proud of myself. And the larger and louder the balloon, the more powerful, proud, and sexually excited I feel. That’s why I love to pop balloons: the rush, the boost in confidence, the glorious display of flying latex, the ringing BOOM that gets my head spinning and let’s me know that I just did that terrifyingly beautiful thing.
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
I agree with SusieDK and LoudPopper. We're very similar. The anticipation and just knowing there is going to be a loud explosion. Even watching others when you know a loud boom is coming. Some people are scared (cringe and cover their ears), some are fearless of the noise to come ( big deal...whatever, or excited and want the bang), some people have a naughty side and enjoy making the boom!). I love making the balloon go BOOM!
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Old 19-09-2018, 10:48 PM
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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?

Great question, thanks for the thread!

I will try to explain in regards to what I like to see in many videos that have been made over the years.

My favorite method is the bounce-to-pop.

There is a fine line between a model who is bouncing aggressively to pop a balloon and model who is bouncing gently and trying not to pop (it.)

It is the anticipation and unpredictability of when and even if the balloon is going to pop. Which can depend on what kind of balloon and how tightly or softly the balloon is inflated.

It is that "struggle" between model versus balloon that I enjoy!

One video that I have always liked that demonstrates this struggle is of a model named "Ruby" from Emma's

Ruby starts out intimidated by a large yellow balloon that she is sitting on to quite aggressively trying to bounce-pop it at the end. Then she expressively states she "really wanted to pop it," which appeared to be a very genuine response.

Here is a screen cap for reference: [see attachment]


~ By the way, LoudPopper's rollercoaster track clicking is a FANTASTIC analogy! Thank you LoudPopper, I am going to use that (explanation) in the future! ~
Attached Images:
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blow to pop

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