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Default Hello from a looner from Chicagoland!
Hi, my (user) name is Loonorm. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and have been a looner for as long as I can remember. It started in my early years, loving balloons as a kid, and always feared popping them at birthday parties, or having them popped by friends and/or family. I had a couple of (beautiful) female cousins who (are) were older than me who would tease me with the balloons that I had. Either popping them, or just out right teasing me. There was (is) an episode of Sesame Street, from the early-to-mid 70s that had Rita Moreno popping a room full of balloons to show the meaning of plural, i.e. ‘balloon and balloons’. When she finally finished, and had one balloon left, it was back to ‘balloon’. I really hated that episode, but would really love to see it now!! In 1st grade, I had a really pretty teacher who one day filled the classroom up with many of the United Airlines ‘Come fly with me!’ balloons. I was ecstatic when I discovered the print ad that United did, many years later, with a pretty stewardess on it. That ad got me through a few lonely nights in college in the days before the internet. In junior high, and high school, is when I discovered the beauty of balloons, and the pleasure that they gave me. Oh the many puberty wet dreams that I had that had balloons and ladies! As I have gotten older, I have myself a ‘popping party’. I will get 20+ balloons and pop them in many different ways. If I last long enough, I will put on a video and sit on a 36” balloon and ‘pop myself off’. I will even take a Qualatex donut balloon and use that to get off with. Yes, I am in a serious relationship now, but the woman that I am dating would never go for this, and there are many reasons why I never would tell her anything about this. Right now, besides everyone in this group p, there are less than 10 people who know my ‘little secret’ about balloons.
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