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Default Rod Stewart
We all know about the Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne's penchant for including giant balloons in concerts.
Anyone been to a Rod Stewart concert? I'm not a huge fan, personally, of Rod Stewart but my brother went to a show and told me how awesome it was. He mentioned a balloon drop so this kind of piqued my interest. Now, my brother who is 3 years older than me, has no idea about my balloon "thing" so I didn't pry for details about the balloons. I went and looked up Rod Stewart Live on YouTube. Usually during Rod's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" set there's a balloon drop. Including what looks like 60" and 72" balloons. There's a bunch of 36" balloons in there, too.
So those who like balloon drops that include large balloons if you can stomach Rod Stewart's music and the ticket price is reasonable it might be a good concert to check out.
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Old 31-05-2019, 08:49 PM
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Default Re: Rod Stewart
I went to a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert many years ago. During Ashanti's part of the show she had a balloon drop of all pink balloons. I was sitting on the side and wasn't under it unfortunately BUT I managed to find one outside after the show!
Michael Franti has a song called the sound of sunshine and throws giant balloons out into the crowd. Most of them get popped by the crowd and the rest get taken backstage and probably popped
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