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Default Bringing another looner to the bedroom
Hello People.
For a While, My girlfriend and I have been talking about adding a couple, a Guy or a girl to the bedroom.

My girlfriend has a big dream about finding someone Who is a looner also, or a couple enjoying the fetish together.

We Are a couple from denmark, so the Hopes of finding someone is small, so that is why i am looking in here.

Is Anyone interested in taking part of some balloon fun With me and My girlfriend?
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Old 25-07-2018, 07:11 AM
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Default Re: Bringing another looner to the bedroom
We (my partner and I) tried this year's ago on the old Rubber Pals community board but we never really had much luck. My missus was only comfortable with meeting couples but 90% of the time it was single guys replying to her. The one couple we did decide to go meet cancled on us (still- we had a great weekend end exploring historic York instead) and another suposed couple we arranged to meet with- transpired there was no couple n the guy turned up on his own. We had a sort of safeword though my missus could innocently slip into conversation n we'd kind of simply walk away. Attending munches n getting to know folks first is a better (safer) idea. We've never met any other looner's at ours yet- but at least they know n understand what's it's about.
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