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Default Sharing an amazing story - Evan
Hi all,

I received this in my email, it is not my story but a story someone decided to share. He gave me his consent to post this unedited.

Hello, My name is Evan and I am 18 years old. I recently discovered this website and several others. I always thought I was the only one of my kind but I have been very wrong.

I have had a strange obsession with balloons since I was about 5 years old. This far back I cannot really explain what happened. I really liked balloons and loved to keep them around in my room and play with them whenever I could.
This progressed into my teen years and got extreme from my 10th to 16th.

Sadly when I was around 12 years old I got caught by my parents. At this age I started to gain sexual consience and awareness of myself. Dont ask me why but i experimented a lot between my 10th and 12th. I dont even remember how it happened but in this age range I was in my room on a weekday and my parents were out for the day. I blew up a lot of balloons and shoved a bunch in my pyjamas and several others I stuffed in my shirt.

The feeling, sight and smell of balloons somehow turned me on and I thought I was weird and ackward because of this. I realized even back then that balloons turned me on sexually. On this day I officially came for the first time with balloons and for the first time ever from an erection that I released my seed from my boner.

It all happened quite fast in the moment, as I stuffed my pants with the balloons I began leaking pre-cum. When the balloons were in my pants I rubbed them up and down and only took some movement at the time to cum completely in my pants. For me it was a wonderful moment and I realised I had discovered something which I wanted to do more.

Balloons always were a huge part of my life, I loved them and always had plenty around in my room inflated. I never felt this was weird I felt even when I was young this was something I really enjoyed. It became sexual after that evening for me. It felt really good and this fueled my desire to do more things with balloons.

In the 2 years that followed I put extra dedication to balloons and went all out in trying to decorate and make beautiful things from balloons in my room. I never really talked with my parents about it they just allowed me to do whatever I liked. On average I had 40+ balloons in my room between these ages. I would tie them around my room as they really made me happy. I loved playing with them and having my personal time with them.

Around this age after discovering the pleasure of having my private moments with balloons and pleasuring myself with them sexually. I started to do more and experimenting with balloons. It all started quite innocent with balloons in my shirt and pants. I enjoyed the feeling of being somehwat stuffed with them and it turned me on as I found out later as described above.

I started sleeping with balloons in my bed and putting them in my pyjamas every day. My room was quite private so this went well for awhile. I found out balloons really turned me on and I enjoyed them a little too much. Every day I would pleasure myself with balloons and shoot my load over them. This quickly turned to the extreme of sleeping with balloons in my pyjamas, underwear and shirt. When I did this I would have the most amazing wet/sexual dreams and wake up with a soiled pants. In my sleep I would release my load in my pants and over the balloons.

I think it was around my 14th my parents found out, I did it a little too much and went further and further in stuffing myself with balloons. On a morning my father woke me up to get ready for school and I had 4 balloons in my pants and several in my shirt. I released a load in my sleep and it was obvious to see that I came all over the balloons in my pants. My father pulled the blanket to wake me up and saw this. My mother also came to inspect while I was sleeping. This was very very embarassing to me when they talked about this during dinner that night.

They had a conversation with me about it and I explained how it was for me. I must have been 14 years old, after I told literally everything I could about it at the time they somehow accepted it and let me do my thing in peace and quiet. Ackward as it was for me and my parents they accepted who I was and what I loved. They supported me in providing me with balloons every week from the store or supermarket. This gave me a lot of self-confidence to have the blessing of my parents and not feel weird anymore. I always played with balloons in my room and made the most amazing things with them such as bundles, pillars, arches and such I became really good at it.. I started to practice with modeling balloons to create shapes, animals and such. But the main theme was to make shapes to pleasure myself and wrap my genitals in the modeling balloons.

I enjoyed this so much that I was humping my balloon animals for a while and forcing them in my pants. Around my 15th/16th I was so horny I took almost nothing to make my cum, I always used balloons.
I slept with them every night at this point hugging and cuddling them as much as I could. I would always have the most erotic and extreme dreams about balloons, my urge was uncontrolable for balloons. I was always horny every day to the point it would drive me nuts.Having a massive problem with this at this age.

I went to parties such as birthdays and misc events. On a lot of these things there were a lot of balloons. At this age i was so horny that when I saw them I would instantly shoot a load in my pants. This became a real problem for me as I could not control it at the time and felt embarassed and weird. No one really noticed ever but for me this was a big concern. As I could not control it and went from nothing to rock hard in seconds I started to have a consience about it. I would always try to do my things at home to avoid this but that wasnt a guarantee for success. The worst time was with my girlfriend at the age of 16. I came three times in a row in span of like 30 minutes.

This evening was the first time I saw giant balloons and these were over a meter at least. As I walked in and noticed I released quick in my pants. At this time it was madness as it would happen in 30 seconds. This specific night the balloons were hanging low at the bar which made me extremely excited and made me do the deed an extra two times.

No one ever noticed at school or my friends,, I kept it hidden pretty well that I had this.. Although it made me feel weird I accepted it at a young age already that this was a part of me and it was a integral part of my sexuality somehow. It never bothered me at this age I just went with it trying to come up with more things to do and enjoy. At home I could do whatever I wanted whether this was a good move on my parents behalf or not it made me who I am as I had somewhere I could feel safe and be the person I wanted to be.

I think it was just after my 16th I made my first visit to the balloon party suplly store in my city. I was uncomfortable and nervous as hell the first time I went in there by myself. I was rock hard in my pants for some reason immediately when I entered. There was a young lady my age operating the till that day, I shopped around for a big stack of normal balloons and quite a bunch of giant balloons. I ended up buying an enermous load to take home with me and also received a few helium balloons from the girl.. They were store branded she gave me 6 of them to take with me and smiled. I dont think she knew what was going on but it was quite weird none the less. She rang up all the balloons on the cash register while having a big smile.
My boner went away in the store so it wasnt ackward at all for me none the less I had my fantasies about that day.

When I came home both my parents were there and they inspected my bag of balloons before I went upstairs to my room. My dad held up a giant balloon on the coffee table and inspected it smiling the whole time. He gave me an airpump to take upstairs for these giant balloons and that felt really weird at the time. I went upstairs with the airpump and my bag of balloons. It took me about 15 mins to inflate everything I bought and tie them. I remember that my room had at least 80 balloons inflated at the time and 5 giant balloons that were at least 100cms each.

I ended up humping the giant balloons and shoving my penis in the nozzle of some of them. This was a new experience for me.. While I was doing this my mother walked in and it became really ackward really fast. I had my penis in the nozzle of a giant balloon was fully naked and was hugging a giant balloon. She smiled and closed the door when she saw this locking it. I continued like nothing happened and came quite quickly from this excitement.

The balloons stayed in my room for weeks, I never bothered to de-inflate them or pop them. I didnt care anymore at this point and was fine with it. They were a part of me thus a part of my room. Every day I could enjoy them and had fun in multiple ways by myself enjoying my fetish. This was the period I thought I was alone in this and would never find anyone that had the same feelings as me.

In my late teens I made a new friend, he became my best friend. I ended up telling him about it on an evening we both drank alcohol. We were friends for over an year at this point. I really liked him and trusted him. When I told him he wasnt really shocked or anything. More curious and asking questions about it wanting to know more. I told him everything and he accepted it. Later he told me he even tried himself at home.

It was a good thing to have someone to talk about it if I wanted to. It gave me more acceptance and I didnt feel so weird anymore. He gave it a lot of discussion and was curious to find out more. We ended up talking about literally everything I knew at the time. He didnt mock me at all,, he never heard about something like this and what I found brave is that he tried himself at home to get a feel for it to understand.

In the years that past between my 16th and 18th my fetish became more extreme. I did a lot of outdoors stuff, stuffing to the limit and humping a lot of balloons in my room. I also started to wear a balloon in my boxers in my room at all times when I was home. This gave me a lot of excitement, I used a hand-pump to blow it to the maximum and then seal my jeans. I would do homework like this and release without doing anything. I really enjoyed this at the time. It was ackward though as my parents would check on me from time to time and saw the inflated balloon in my crotch often with a neck sticking out pointing forward.

Around my 17th I had a party and got really drunk that night. I ended up going home and tieing a lot of balloons to my naked body. I apparently came while doing that soaking myself and climbed into bed. I slept like that without a cover and that is how my parents found me the next morning. After that event it became really embarassing for me, just imagine that your parents find you in bed completely tied from top to bottom with balloons and a massive load in the crotch area.

We had another conversation after this happened, this time I was able to clearly talk about it and how I felt. My parents didnt really understand it still, but accepted it as long as I was happy. That was the most important for them and they allowed me to do whatever I wanted with balloons. When I came home a few days later there was a big pile of balloons on my bed, my parents bought them for me. I ended up inflating all of them and throwing them in my room. My room smelled so bad of latex..I really enjoyed it.

I had my first sexual experience in this period, we went to a school party together while my friend slept over at my place. We drank quite a bit and went home early together. My balloons stayed in my room as I didnt care who found out and my best friend already knew about it.
He played with them while smiling at me that night. We ended up wrestling and rough housing a bit together. Before I knew he shoved several balloons in my pants and I got extremely horny at that moment. We ended up wrestling about with each other and I came from the friction of the balloons on my penis. I moaned hard when it happened and my friend glared nervously pulling my pants open and inspecting. Obviously I creamed myself all over and he seemed to enjoy that.

After that he told me he was actually gay and kind of in love with me. I ended up pleasuring him after the whole conversation. It was really ackward for me personally. However I went with it at that night regardless. We talked about the balloons some more afterwards while he was inspecting the mess in my pants. He inflated a few big balloons and I came again. I got really excited at that feat and he did it for me so it was allright to do so..

Then we come to the present day which is now, I still live at home with my parents while enjoying my balloons. I plan on living on my own between now and a year max. No one knows about it except my parents and my best-friend. Which is fine for me at the moment.

I have a bit of problem though, I get way to excited around balloons. Today I went to a shop to buy some stuff and they had two balloon pillars with a giant balloon on top. I instantly creamed my pants again, I know I am young I hope this stops at some point. It is really embarassing for me and uncomfortable when this happens.

It happens a lot lately sadly. last week i went to a different store and they had balloon arches at the entrance. I tried to control myself and went in to do my shopping, which worked kind of succesfully. However when I went out of the store it just happened again. I went from nothing to full erect within 10 seconds and came in my pants again. Some advice would be appreciated.

I couldnt resist my urges and went balloon shopping in the city, I became so horny that I needed some relief. I ended up in a bathroom of a big shopping mall with 12 balloons tied to my crotch and cumming all over.

I know I am young but this needs to stop, it is getting out of hand honestly. I understand hormones and such but what I have is getting out of control. I cant live my life with constantly having to worry about this. At the glance of balloons it quickly gets out of hand and I am worried that someone is going to find out sooner of later and make a mockery of me.


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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
Funny. I was exactly the same as Evan. I went through similar incidents where I found it hard to control myself. Not as severe mind you but still very similar. If he wants to talk to someone similar I don’t mind speaking to him.
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
You can send him a message he is on this is Evballoon. Please get in touch he doesnt know any fellow loners yet except for me. Cheers
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
Can’t find the name and can’t access the database which is a shame coz I’d love to chat with him.
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
i think his name is Evballoon18

just check the other thread "diary if a pre-teen looner" in the poem section, i think he posted a reply in this thread, you can access his profile from there.
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
Originally Posted by CuteBalloon84 View Post
You can send him a message he is on this is Evballoon. Please get in touch he doesnt know any fellow loners yet except for me. Cheers
He likes to be away from internet I guess
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
My apologies for resurrecting a crazy old thread but I just had to comment. What an incredible story! I empathize with Evan being that my story is quite similar to his. I love how his parents constantly bombarded him with balloons & encouraged it, pretty much the same thing happened to me growing up & I had a lot of the same experiences. Bless his socks, I hope he came to peace with himself & is having the time of his life enjoying and embracing his balloon love
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Default Re: Sharing an amazing story - Evan
I totally get everything in Evan's story tho every individuals story is different there are elements we can all identify with. Balloons to me are like illicit lovers that I simply can't give up on. When my lips meet the lips of a balloon neck it feels like the meeting of two erotic passionate lovers. The adrenalin I feel as I prepare to inflate the balloon is like no other blowing up the balloon is for me the ultimate act of love to the balloon . The more I blow the bigger & ever more beautiful the balloon gets. I keep big fully inflated balloons in my bedroom I hug them I kiss them I caress them talk to them look at myself in the mirror with a big balloon & see a true reflection of who I am. My heart body & soul belongs to balloons. My passion for balloons just increases with time. Am I sexually aroused by balloons omg yes yes yes. My parents were unaware of my fetish & I held it under for too long. It's a private thing for me but I freely indulge in it & it's great to chat on here with like minded people
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