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Old 20-05-2020, 12:13 PM
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Default Been a good morning as fearless parter does a BTP for me
Sitting this morning working from home on:my laptop. Wifey comes into lounge and sits on chair opposite me, she has a preinflated TT17 and starts to blow it up.

I am immediately distracted and stop working and stare open mouthed, I am getting nervous and I have got butterflies in my stomach. Do I move further away, put my fingers in my ears or get out of the room?

It about the size of a 12 now but is she going to stop? I am very nervous now and torn between staying or leaving. Naah I am staying, I got to watch!

She checks the size of it, phew that is it then. NOPE, she puts it back to her lips and starts blowing again. This could be a big one, I can see her face through the growing red balloon now but canít tell if it necking.

She keeps blowing and the ballon gets bigger with each breath. I can she her face and hands through it. She holds it up to show me how big is it getting.

She starts to blow again, it has a neck now, and she continues blowing and blowing and blowing. This is a balloon destined to pop and BOOOM it was got huge.

My wife can blow to pop balloons without any fear whereas I am a non popper but love watching balloon BTPs. She loves to tease me with balloons and I love it too... I am still trembling as I type this.

So thatís my telling of today's event, and I would to hear of some of your experiences. Do you have a partners who are good at BTP and are fearless when blowing big or long balloons.

Let us know!
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Old 23-05-2020, 08:01 AM
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Default Re: Been a good morning as fearless parter does a BTP for me
I enjoy blowing balloons in the morning sunshine, to see how it starts to be transparent and big. This morning we had two left-over "I love you" red balloons from the last week birthday of my wife. She said "balloons must go" because those started to be smelly. I started to blow them, intended to be overinflated but she suddenly came with a pin and popped them :-)))
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Old 25-05-2020, 10:27 PM
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Default Re: Been a good morning as fearless parter does a BTP for me
What a treat
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wife btp

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