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Default Re: What´s the appeal of popping?
Originally Posted by MikeTheBouncer View Post
Mike The Bouncer

~ By the way, LoudPopper's rollercoaster track clicking is a FANTASTIC analogy! Thank you LoudPopper, I am going to use that (explanation) in the future! ~
Thanks so much, MiketheBouncer, for the shout-out! Please feel free to use whatever I post on here in real life as long as my identity is scraped from it lol. I'm happy to help. What was so funny about writing my comment, it I couldn't help but wonder how many people feel the same way I do about what I'm writing. Glad to know there's sympathy and empathy all around with this topic. I know this topic was started by a non-popper, but I love their bravery to open up the question and hope this dialogure keeps going. I have some other thoughts too, like about sexual "imprinting" that I wanna write a more about in
a scientifically based post about the evolutionary and developmental theories attempting to explain the joy in our hearts.

P.S. when I can find the clip on my comp I'll post it, but it's of another BlowtoBounce girl, clear "newbie" only done this 3 or 4 other times, but you can absolutely tell how much she genuinely loves balloons and popping. You can hear it in her voice when she goes "No, I love the popping". There's so much honesty and sincerity in everything she says as well as how she plays. In my opinion, even though my wife is perfectly open to playing with loons with me, still hearing that genuine excitement and sincerity in someone else makes my spine tingle. Stay tuned cause I'll post soon.
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