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Default My First Looner Story
This is my first public looner story and have worked on it for a couple years. I'm writing to my tastes so it's not for everyone. Also I have 7 parts to this story on my deviantArt page -

Sarah was enjoying her roommate working late tonight, she had the house all to herself without the distraction of homework or studying. She grinned as she grabbed the soon to be growing globe from the bag, a treat of having a roommate who worked at a party store. Her roommate Jenny often brought home obscure party favors or some bags of balloons and Sarah, being curious by nature, had found a bag of 36" Sapphire Blue Tuftex balloons and she just had to find out one looked completely inflated. It would appear that Sarah has struck gold with finding a roommate, she simply couldn't believe her luck (or was it providence?) that Jenny would sometimes bring home bags of her favorite toy. Sarah didn't know why Jenny would bring home balloons and not any other party supplies, but was far too nervous about bringing up a conversation about the balloons.

Sarah was a pretty normal college student except who happened to have a kink for balloons, something that she kept very well hidden from the rest of her friends. Truth is, ever since she was younger she had always been scared of balloons. Maybe scared isn't the right word, irrational fear would be more precise. One day something clicked and since then she had found herself having intimate moments with the latex spheres whenever the opportunity presented itself. Sarah was embarrassed by her interest but was unable to resist staring at balloons whenever she was around them. She often Googled images of giant balloons, scour Pinterest for "party ideas", and would drive by Jenny's party store on her way to campus to see if the store had any outdoor displays.

Throughout her teens and high school, she had few and far between moments where she could enjoy herself with balloons because her social life, family, friends, or school work came first and she always had been disciplined to prioritize her schedule. Sarah could even recall vividly the day her best friend Jena had these huge pink balloons in the backseat of her car at school. Sarah wanted to ask Jena about the balloons but was too nervous and embarrassed to inquire about Jena's beautiful balloons because she assumed that if she broached the topic then somehow everyone would know about her kink.

When Sarah was accepted into college, she had found herself with so many new experiences that her disciplined and studious nature had slipped slightly. She wanted to indulge in her fetish, but she knew that the dorms were not the setting to do such a thing. After her freshmen year, she moved into a house away from campus with a girl named Jenny who she had met in her dorm hall during the previous school year. While she found herself with more freedom, opportunities were still few and far between but tonight would be one such occasion.

Jenny had brought home a few bags of balloons the night before explaining that occasionally her manager gave employees products if there were any that were overstocked. Sarah tried to control herself when she saw that in each bag there were 10 huge blue balloons, and started counting down the hours until Jenny had to go to work again. The next 16 hours went by very slowly...

Excited that Jenny had finally left for her shift at the party store, Sarah began carefully rummaging through the bags of balloons in Jenny's room. Sarah found quite a number of balloons, but soon found what she had been looking for, the bags of giant latex balloons. Sarah counted five bags and figured that Jenny wouldn't notice if one bag went missing. And so Sarah went out to the living room and closed the curtains and locked the doors, she even turned her phone off to avoid any distraction from her playtime.

She drew one of the ten balloons from the bag and began inflating the sphere, not realizing just how long it would take to fully inflate the huge balloon. Sarah watched in awe as the balloon filled out more and more, slowly growing taut around the round surface. When Sarah was finished inflating the balloon, she quickly tied it off and marveled at the sheer size of the balloon before her. She has seen pictures on the internet of similar sized balloons and driven by car dealerships with large balloons on display, but she had never had the chance to enjoy a balloon of this size in the comfort of her home. She picked up the balloon and gazed into it's crystal skin, admiring the translucent blue cast over her vision. Giggling cutely, she kissed the balloon and decided to get more comfortable.

Drawing her favorite night shirt, a huge Under Armour t-shirt, and also changed into some gym shorts and quickly returned to the main room wanting to resume the nights activities. Sarah also had one other quirk about balloons, she enjoying inflating them beneath her clothes to give the appearance that her belly had blown up massively or her boobs had become balloons themselves. She took another huge balloon and started blowing it up on one side of her t-shirt, expelling air as quickly as she could into the growing balloon. Having access to such large balloons was very exhilarating for the young blond, she could never blow up balloons this big under her clothes normally because she never wanted the balloons to pop. Sarah soon found the balloon was almost as big as a beachball and tied it off, adjusting the balloon in the stretchy shirt. She then repeated with another balloon on the other side until it reached about the same size. Sarah was delighted in having the biggest "balloon boobs" she'd ever had, feeling a shudder of arousal as she caressed her round assets. The powerful smell of latex mingled with her nose as she took in everything about the balloons resting on top of her chest.

Sarah eyed the huge balloon she'd previously inflated, and tested the strength of the taut blue latex with her small hands, and found there was still a fair amount of give in the balloon.

"Oh you're mine!" She said to the giant balloon, swinging her athletic leg over the top of the balloon and lowering herself til her weight was being supported by the balloon. Bouncing up and down gently, grinding against the balloon Sarah was euphoric. The squeaks of the latex and groans of the tight fabric encompassing her "balloons" added to the soundtrack of pleasure. The minutes flew by as the young co-ed rocked herself against the balloon, trying to bounce and grind the balloon into submission. As Sarah ground her groin into the balloon, she shifted her formerly lithe frame forward until her balloons were touching the carpeted living room floor continuing her erotic dance with her toys. She felt the soft captive latex spheres press against her modest bust, flattening out against her ribcage as she lost herself in the accumulating sensations being wrought over her.

Distantly, Sarah though she had heard a car door shut in the carport next to the house but quickly dismissed the sound as a neighbor arriving. Picking up her rhythm, she started grinding in circles and rubbing her hands all over her balloon curves. When suddenly her heard footsteps coming up to the front door, she immediately stopped and listened in disbelief hoping that the commotion was caused by a visitor to the adjacent townhome. Sarah frantically tried to remember if she had made any plans or if anyone was coming over. After she contemplated for a few moments and didn't come to any conclusions, she told herself that nobody was coming over to interrupt her playtime. Just then, the townhomes' door handle twisted and Sarah froze thinking that someone was trying to get in. Moments later, the sound of keys being inserted into the lock made Sarah's blood run cold. Jenny was home!

Sarah attempted to run back to her room as far as possible to avoid the embarrassment that was sure to beckon if found in her current state. Her roommate, Jenny, had just opened the door and would soon find Sarah barring a distraction of some sort. Sarah turned the corner to the hallway, her room at the end of the narrow corridor. Sarah heard Jenny call her name if she was home which momentarily distracted Sarah only to find the door to her room in her sight and unable to stop in time, she rammed herself full tilt into the closed door producing a violent crash. She hastily tried to upright herself, but found that to much more problematic considering her altered appearance.


"Sarah, what's going on!?" Jenny said from behind. Sarah was caught in the worse of ways, she was frozen and didn't know what to do. She slowly glanced up at her roommate, face burning with embarrassment.


To be continued...
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Default Re: My First Looner Story
Nice, saw you released part 7! Loving this series so far, thanks for sharing it!
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Default Re: My First Looner Story
Nice! Well done!
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Default Re: My First Looner Story
Thank you! Always appreciative of people reading my stories!
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