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Default InflatableSeal's Stories
(So a friend of mine has been asking me to post a few of my stories on here. Thus I will be doing just that. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.)

Orzel made his way into the room, flicking on the light switch. The young man looked before him at the sights scattered out before his eyes. Seated before him was a large pile of rubbery creatures, all gleaming beneath the bright lights of the room. A grin spread across his face as he stoof almost in awe of all of these latex toys sat out before him. He could barely contain his excitement gazing upon these various rubber things, bouncing a little with excitement as he looked them over. It had been alot of work blowing them all up last night, but the end result had been well worth it!

"Finally, all that inflation last night. Quite annoying it was. But worthwhile since now I have all these nice burstable things all to myself. I can't wait to make them into nice pretty shreds." he said, approaching this pile of pleasing latex shapes set out before him. "But where to start? So many nice rubber things for an Orzie to rupture!"

He looked over these various items bestowed upon him, leaning down to search this pile for something particularly promising. Sorting through the various rubber shapes, he eventually settled upon a bright green looking wad of latex, already intrigued with this one. "Oh dear, seems that I forgot this one. Ah well, can easily be fixed!" he said with a smirk.

Taking it in hand, he stretched the rubber sack in his grip, pulling back and forth on its elastic material. He watched it stretch out before his eyes, giggling to himself as he tugged away on the latex shape, the brand new latex grazing along his palms. He shivered with pleasure, letting the toy snap back in his grip before pulling the lip to his own. Taking it between them Orz took a deep breath and blew down into the rubber shape, watching on as it grew before his eyes. He offered another breath followed by a third, slowly but surely inflating this toy in his clutches, whatever it might be, curious to see what awaited him when the job was done.

His cheeks puffed up as he blew down into the green rubber critter in his clutches, watching it stretch out into shape with his efforts. Looking on in awe at that beautiful bright green coat of latex covering the toy, Orz added more air, pushing it closer to full. What appears to be fore and hindlimbs swelled out with his breaths, the eager fellow chuckling as he stroked down these extremities while adding more breath to help them reach their full potential.

Sitting on the floor, legs spread out before him, he fed his rubber friend the necessary air, helping him reach his full potential. He rubbed down that shiny green frame as he held around it, listening to the squeaks provided from it and rocking back and forth to unleash more, watching in awe over his first balloonie victim billowing before his eyes with breath.

The limbs were soon joined by a large reptilian tail, this protrusion stretching to twice the length of the other parts inflating. The creature's body began to grow outward, its nature growing apparent as air flooded his rubber insides. Orz kept huffing and puffing down into the toy, resting not even a second while he introduced this gas to the rubber toy before him.

Adding more air inside the creature, he held the creature closer as he blew inside its opening, filling the toy with further breath from his lungs. He puffed again and again, watching on as the rubber shape transformed before his very eyes, taking on a much more familiar and appealing state by the second. The balloon beast’s head grew out with this added air, a reptilian snout appearing before the curious human’s eyes.

Orz blew more into his new friend, looking over the results of its inflation. Watching it shape out with this breath stretching out those rubbery insides, his eyes filled with awe as they gazed at this promising rubber creature, eager to see what awaited him once it was filled to the brim. Following a few firm breaths he came face to face with a balloon dragon, the creature growling at him as he peered back into the fellow's eyes. Chuckling at this, Orz blew more down his snarling maw, showing no intimidation towards the mythical toy as his wings formed with these persistent breaths.

"Yessssssss, that's it. Orz likes them big balloon creatures. Much more fun to burst, they are." he said with a grin, setting out to make this particular fellow as tight as he could. He wasted no time as he stretched out that taut skin in his clutches. Blowing in breath and breath, he watched the dragon's limbs and tail grow in size and length, latex thickening with the introduced element pooling inside.

Orz blew still into that rubbery frame before him, gripping it tight as its skin tightened between his mitts. He blew firmly down the creature's nozzle, bouncing with excitement all the while. A gleeful expression on his face as his toy grew before, Orz took in the view of the struggling, snarling green reptilian before him. "Hehe, resistant toy it is. Won't be for long though!"

Puffing the balloon creature up further with his breath, he made sure it held as much of that air as possible without it collapsing upon itself. He drew in deep huffs between each blow, ensuring each was more than effective enough to stuff his latest latex victim. The horny human stroked down that shiny green hide, listening to the released squirks and enjoying the sound from beneath his fingers.

He pressed those digits firmly into that latex frame, feeling them tighten still against. Orz kept them held close as he felt them expand against, dragging and rubbing all along that rubbery expanse before him. The frisky fellow rocked back and forth, eyes lighting up as his toy grew all the more fragile. Soon it would be to his exact specifications! All the while he watched the poor reptile squirm and wriggle about against the persistent person shoving more air down his rubbery throat. But he was a stubborn thing too, refusing to relinquish hold of the creature in his clutches.

Puffing into him over and over, he pinned that pesky reptile down to weaken his resistance, watching on as his friend stretched and swelled further outward, his growth gradually ceasing. Instead of size it was the firmness of that material that grew now. He felt his toy's rubbery scales harden, showing much less give. Exhaling into that latex shape before him, he stretched it out as far as he could, the reptilian thing growling and thrashing about, a tactic that proved rather ineffective considering his utter lack of mass. Having forced all this air inside, the pesky human tied off the toy’s knot, ensuring it would stay there... for now.

"Hehe, silly thing. You can't best me!" Orz cried with a playful sneer, squeezing the balloon tight into his chest, rubbing it up and down against himself all the while. He bounced and nestled into that noisy creature, enjoying the closeness of the poor dragon fiercely resisting these unwanted affections and clawing at the insolent human with harmless rubber claws.

Orzie shook his head as he bounced down on the unfortunate bright green reptilian beneath him now, arms wrapped around his firm rubber neck. Pressing his weight into the creature, his eyes shut tight as he pleasure washed over his bare body, making it difficult to focus on anything but the balloon creature he was thrusting into.

He rubbed his exposed skin against that gleaming rubber form as he bounced away, the fellow slipping and sliding back and forth along that sleek latex surface. He dragged his fingers along that material with a loud squirk, its lovely latex sound filling the air. The balloon beast beat his thick wings all the while, drum-tight body shaking about as he resisted this treatment from the cheeky human mounting his latex form.

His thighs pressing into the toy as he rode away, his legs stroked along the sides of it as he rocked back and forth. Orz’s rear sunk into that shiny latex shape, Orz letting forth a soft moan as he bounced atop. He dug his fingers into that mass supporting him from below, threatening to tear it to shreds with the pressure introduced. His bouncing grew more rampant as well, the black-haired young man exerting more force upon his captive.

The toy wobbling back and forth beneath, he came down atop it all the same, intent to find out the reptilian creature's limits! His abuse persisted as he held fast around his latex captive, stretching it to the limit as the pressure rose and fell within, wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of the mighty balloon beast.

Grabbing below the critter’s mighty wings, Orzie squeezed them against his hips to keep a further grip on his trapped toy, a huge smile spreading across his face. His slim figure made it difficult to push it too far, but that had never held him back from his destructive desires. Why would this time be any different?

Orz pounded into that elastic form underneath him, clawing with his nails along the creaky toy and unleashing more sounds of protest into the room. His bouncy bottom indented the toy with each landing, sinking him deeper with each successive one. As the toy swallowed his form his desire to destroy it grew more prominent, the eager human swinging his head about, soon overwhelmed by the stubborn toy teasing him with its hesitance to explode.

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Default Re: InflatableSeal's Stories
He drove his body down repeatedly into that rubber material below, his cock gliding along it as his buttocks forced themselves into that straining rubber in attempt to rupture it. His fingers drew in as they clung onto that squeaky shape, Orzie rocking back and forth with glee atop his ride. Now his bouncing growing in pace as well, the human’s long black hair swished about with each motion, his eyes shut tight as the fellow became more absorbed with his destructive actions.

The poor dragon balloon rumbled beneath his rider, limits near breached. Orzel didn’t care though as he forced his throbbing penis into that rubber hide, increasing the pressure deep inside his poppable prisoner. Patting on the rubber reptile’s cheek, he gave a playful wink as he launched himself higher into the air with each bounce, stressing the toy’s material all the more!

With a few final bounces, he got the result desired, the dragon exploding with a sharp bang, green and yellow shards raining down all over the floor! Orz flopped onto his back along with them, eyes lowering as he lounged back on the ground, admiring the aftermath of his first victim’s explosive end. “Yesssss, a good start indeed. But we’ve only just begun!" Sitting back up, Orz looked to the rest of his colorful collection strewn about the room. Licking his lips with anticipation, he rose to his feet, sorting through them for a suitable thing to shatter.

Catching his eye next was an orange and red fellow peeking out from amongst the pile. He reached in scooping it up into his arms and hugging the rubber bird close. Orz admired the latex toy as he pressed it close against it, experiencing unusual warmth reflective of the fiery phoenix. The firm rubber of the creature pushed in as he pressed against, the creature showing little give with this force. Orzie pressed his nose into the creature’s rubber beak, gazing back at the puzzled looking thing as it pecked at his nose with a dull thump.

He chuckled as he stroked down its wingspan, fingers running along the bird’s taut latex. Pressing his palm close into the fiery creature’s form, he further tested the strength of its material. Leaning in, Orz lapped along its rubber beak, the beast’s cheeks reddening with the touch His arms wrapped tight around, pulling the phoenix close, as he sat back on his bed, his captive pulled to his lips. The balloon avian wriggled and writhed about in keeper’s grip, attempting to avoid this seemingly unwanted affection.

Sliding those lips over that rubber beak, he took a deep breath and puffed down inside, filling his toy out with the familiar sound of inflation drifting into his ears. Immediately the air-stuffed captive bird began wriggled about in Orzie's hold, wings flapping with a loud thump at his sides as his fate became clear! But he remained helpless as the human blew down his rubber throat once more, stroking down the orange and red latex of his bird as he snuggled him close. He rubbed his bare chest into the toy, a soft moan escaped his mouth. He felt soothed as he rested against the warm rubber of his latest friend, writhing amongst the sensations of its heat radiating throughout him.

He felt it grow against his chest, Orz puffing in still as he rubbed all over that rubber material, hands kneading into that shiny plumage even as it spread out further. The young man hugged his toy close as he added size to it, relaxing against and bouncing on him as he sat on his bed, intent on ensuring he felt the effects of every breath he provided. The creature pushed back against to try and pry itself off, but he refused to let go of the poppable thing and separate himself from that wonderful warmth!

His bouncing picked up in speed as he puffed inside the latex creature, all while pushing his body closer into the toy.He relaxed against the warm air-filled pillow supporting him, watching the balloon bird spread it wings as it ingested this filling, torso swelling outward along with the rest it while its skin tightened and became more rigid with his efforts. The creature gazed down at the fellow blowing into him, a cautious look in his eyes, his beak twitching in suspicion.

Pressing against the toy as he blew down his nozzle, he rubbed into it with plenty of loud squeaks, enjoying the closeness all the more. Hands rubbing along those swelling sides, he felt the phoenix grow more taut, rubber skin stretching to the limit. Orzie wrapped his bare legs around the balloon beast for good measure, squeezing them around it as far as possible as its feet kicked about in clear protest.

Nosing into that shiny orange rubber, he took a whiff as he held fast, The smell of that fresh latex filling his nostrils, urging him closer still into his rebellious toy. He nestled against the creature pressing it inward as further breath entered inside him. His rear bounced atop his bed as he clung to his friend, hips thrusting against him now. Orz watched the toy expand before him while wriggling away, his desire to enjoy him growing.

Orzel nibbled along the creature’s beak, tugging on it with his teeth as he puffed away. The balloon bird stared on as he watched the human tease at his rubber body, kicking about beneath him with all the force he could muster, but Orz held close around that form, his thrusting increasing into that swelling orange bubble of a toy. Nails raking down along it, he made the rubber thing creak all the more as they ran along him. He pushed his weight up against the creature, inflating him further and intensifying the feeling of its billowing body pushing back as it squirmed away.

He let forth a soft moan as he rocked back and forth atop his bed, arms wrapped tight around his taut latex captive. Bumping his nose into the bird’s cheek with a thump, his arms drew tighter around his translucent skin as it grew thin. He bounced with more force atop his mattress, Orzel nestling deep into that rubber avian toy, enjoying him for all he was worth. His breath poured down deep into the avian's hollow belly, stuffing his insides and tightening his skin still. More beautiful creaks released into the room with his attentive fingers, the human sighing with pleasure as they rang forth.

Orzie bucked his hips into the toy, holding it down atop his bed and forcing it to endure each motion despite its clear resistance, the bird’s rubbery claws sunk down into that firm mattress below. Feeling the creature indent from the treatment, he pressed more of his weight down atop, stuffing his protruding Orzieness into that firm wall of rubber bird and taking every chance to blow down into his squeaky beak in-between. He threw his head back, long black hair swaying through the air, and let out a loud moan, his pace more frequent as he ground his body deep into the orange rubber critter. Wings trapped now beneath his arms, a sneer formed across his face as he put even more pressure on the squirming balloonie creature before him!

Feeling that rubber creature rumble underneath, he dugs his sharp nails into the toy, sandwiching it between him and the mattress holding them both up. His length slid back and forth along that latex bird's belly, Orzel moaning once more as he took full advantage of the toy. He drummed down that firm phoenix shape as he rode atop, forcing the poor thing into an even more precarious position. Hips down against it with their weight, he could feel the creature rumbling beneath them, a huge smile spreading across his face.

He pressed deeper down into that latex material, wriggling against it as he held fast around the squeaky form. Thrusting himself inside that straining shape, the smile across his face grew more prominent as he rode atop, more breath pushing down through his beak as he violated that balloon belly of his bird. Nails once again unleashing another beautiful creak, Orz shivered with pleasure as he felt the sensation of warm rubber against his fingertips. His hands pinching that material, he increased the stress, riding harder down atop the fiery bird toy without remorse, the creature's eyes filling with fear as he endured every last second of this treatment.

"Oh yesssssssss... Orzie likes them breakable birds" he said with a grin, forcing himself further into the unfortunate phoenix even as he stuffed his body with further breath. The winged creature wriggled and flapped about, resisting all he could to avoid the fate awaiting. Alas at this point he was too fargone, his body so tight he could barely move! The best he could manage was fluttering his giant, immobile rubber wings as they laid spread out before his human master. Orzel wrapped his arms around the toy as tight as he could, caving in that latex chest with the force and threatening to destroy him at any moment. Air continued to push down between the opening in his beak, his his throbbing organ trapping itself inside the warmth of his belly.

With one final thrust, Orz let forth a loud moan, this sound proceeded by another sharp one as the bird exploded to bits with a loud cry! "Hehe... don’t think this one is going to come back either. Two down it is. And still more to go!" he said as he looked towards the surviving toys, eyes growing with excitement once more.His attention drew towards a new specimen, the fellow reaching over for it.

This black and white toy squeaked in his grip, thankfully already filled to tight perfection saving him a little work on his part. He nosed into the balloon Harpy Eagle's beak, denting it in as he rubbed his nose back and forth into it. Admiring the sizable toy bird, he stroked along its rubber wingspan with a gentle touch, the feel of its material grazing along his fingertips, filling him with excitement. Already he was trying to decide how best to deal with this latest victim of his even as it watched him with caution.
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Default Re: InflatableSeal's Stories
He nosed into the impressive rubber bird's chin, caressing down its broad sides as his bare chest nestled into it. The young man looked on with glee as he relaxed into his latest toy, making himself comfortable against it. Raking his nails across that taut bird, he listened to it creak away with his touch, the creature twitching slightly as this shrill sound rang out.

"Not tight enough... you need more air!" He said with a sneer as he took his rubber prisoner's beak into his lips, breathing deep and puffing down inside it. Each breath ensured the toy grew more dangerous in his stability, stretching that skin further past the brink. The creature blinking and wriggling about as it peered down at his inflator, the sensation of air rushing inside felt all over.

The bird spread its rubber wings wide, flapping them with a loud thump as it pushed back against the eager human inflating him. Wrapping them firmly around the long-haired fellow, the avian stabilized himself as its body grew outward all the more, its wings and feet stiffening as more air pushed down inside, bringing the bird closer towards a messy end.

Orz didn't care though as he puffed in all the more, leaning close as his lips tightened around that balloon beak. He bit down into the rubber shape, clutching close around its balloon girth as he rubbed his bare body back and forth against. His weight sunk down into the firm harpy eagle as it stretched out against him, the pesky human rubbing down that squeaky material while enjoying the comfort provided. As he bounced atop that warm pillow of air, he rocked back and forth, long black hair swaying with his motions all the while.

He could hear the toy creak beneath his body, grinning as these soothing sounds rang out. Pushing his thighs deep into the sides of his rubber bird, the young man rocked against it as he blew in more breath, wriggling in that comfy black and white wingspan wrapped around. Rubbing back into it added to the sounds being produced, Orz meanwhile keeping the bird's balloon beak shut tight as he trapped it in his lips, ensuring that air inside had nowhere to go.

The harpy eagle continued to take on more size from Orzie's inflating efforts as he settled down atop it. Thighs pressing tight against the toy's sides. He grinded against it all the more, listening to it squeak beneath. He took in those beautiful sounds as he further enjoyed his swollen bird, rubbing down the creature's puffy wings while he straddled upon it. He bounced with more of his weight, glided along that squeaky creature with his nude self, cock sliding against its material, his eyes rolling back from the sensation. He shivered with pleasure as he rode down on his squeaky friend, driving himself down deeper into the bird below.

Nails piercing deeper into the toy, the creature rumbled away from the pressure Orz introduced. He bounced into the creaking toy still, losing himself in those lovely latex sounds as he ran his mitts back and forth along its squeaky sides. Rocking down upon the toy, he grabbed that beak in his teeth and bit down with a creak, tugging now on that elastic shape, almost as if he were trying to rip it off the poor balloon bird's face with it wincing all the while!

He nibbled and gnawed along that helpless plaything, its eyes filled with concern as it looked back at the cruel human, rocking wildly about to try and shake its unwanted passenger off! But Orz went nowhere as he clung, forcing more of his weight down upon it with each motion. Puffing still into the balloon eagle's beak, he forced it to gulp back every last ounce. "More... you need more air!"

But this last dose proved too much, the harpy eagle shattering below him with a sharp bang, sending Orz sprawling to the floor anew! He landed with an oof and grinned, gazing over all the pretty pieces he had created. "Hehe... seems that was plenty indeed." he said to himself as he brushed the shards of former rubber bird off of his body. Looking around the room he came upon the last particular appealing toy of this bunch: a massive orange and white balloon gryphon standing before him, looking just as oblivious to its looming fate as the others.

He made his way over and stroked down the squeaky thing, hand squirking against its shape as he giggled and nosed into the mythical balloon. He hugged around the squeaky creature and nestled up against it with his form, pulling himself close against the rubber toy. Soon bouncing against it, bare chest pressing into the fellow as he held on, he dug his nails into the creature, a soft murr escaping his lips as he leaned against him.

"Yessssss, nice toy, it is. But would be nicer in pieces, of course." he mused before sitting atop the awe inspiring creature’s broad back and sinking down into it. The creature's eyes grew wide as he felt this weight pressing down into his latex body, wriggling about from below in clear resistance! His wings flapped wildly as he attempted shaking his new rider free, but Orz refused to let go of this squeaky bird below him as he had with the others. Ignoring this attempt at resistance, he dragged his nails across the bird's taut hide, sighing in pleasure as the squeaky sounds escaped from that firm material.

He sunk down deep into the bulbous bird, rocking back and forth atop his squirming self with his arms wrapping around those energetic rubber wings to keep them from flapping about so much. His hands stroked up and down along their wingspan as he held tight, a wide grin forming across his face as he basked atop this squeaky creature. Nibbling a little along the orange and white material of his new captive, he sunk his teeth down into it with a light groan. His thighs pushed into the sides of the squeaky toy, the fellow swaying back and forth as he sat atop the comfy critter below him, the gryphon's wings wriggling about in Orz's grip.

Bouncing on his mount, he felt the resistance of that creature with each landing. He snickered from the sensations, stroking still along his taut frame as he rode up and down atop, grasping around the balloon bird's throat and leaning forward against the exotic creature. His weight pushed firmly into that body of his, the playful human rubbing his bare chest back and forth into the balloonie toy, fingers dragging along him once more. The balloon gryphon let forth a loud screech of defiance, struggling still even as his captor tried to pin him down. He butted back against him with the back of his rubber head, a loud thump the only effect!

Orz simply chuckled and shook his head. "Silly, feisty toy. You can't get rid of me so easily!" he declared as he tightened his grip, compressing still around that puffy rubber beast. His thighs forced themselves closer into the critter as he leaned in and slurped along the cheek of this poor helpless toy, a loud squirk ringing out from his hollow hide. His rear bounced at a faster pace as he straddled atop, continuing to stress the silly balloon beneath him. "See, I'm not going anywhere! So there." He smirked and sunk his dangerous digits deep into that rubber thing, the poor balloon beast groaning and creaking as they dug in.

He rested atop the critter, bare bottom pushing down that rubber material. Dragging still down along that fragile frame, Orz shut his eyes half-way as he rode atop his rubber mount, legs kicking back and forth through the air all the while. His arms kept tight around the balloon gryphon beneath him, the creature still wriggling about in vain, refusing to give up in shaking free the pesky human atop him. The mythic bird struggled to stay up on all fours, the weight crashing down atop him making this task a true challenge as his legs buckled beneath him.

But Orz held strong upon his ride, squashing him further beneath as he bared his weight down into the latex feathered and furred fellow. Driving his backside into the creature again and again, he felt that latex body squash and dent still below him, murring to himself as the rubber bulged and wobbled below his body. He unleashed more wonderful creaking sounds into the air with those frisky fingers, riding firmly back and forth down atop his rubber friend with no intent of letting go anytime soon. A sadistic smile spread across his face as he clung to the balloonie toy, grinding him down into the floor below and thumping at an ear of his with a flick of his index finger.

The gryphon winced from this unwanted contact, shaking his head stubbornly about and shaking the particularly persistent human about atop of his rubber frame, despite his failure to do so already. Orz simply chuckled and laid out across that form, propping his legs up atop it as well, riding and rubbing deep down into the latex critter now while gnawing at the back of his neck, tugging it between his teeth. The balloon beast shut his eyes tight, swaying from side to side, wings desperate to flap free from the human's firm grasp and escape.

The human grew more rough in his treatment of the toy, yanking back on those wings as he sunk his form down into the rubber bird, listening to him creak away as he rode back and forth atop his bulging balloon body. He bounced on the rubber creature, making that bulging even worse as he drove himself down, clutching close around the fellow while he took him for a ride. A soft moan escaped his throat as he felt that warm straining material in his grip, rubbing over it with a loud squirk as he held close. The proximity with this toy drove him wild, almost to the point where he could barely contain himself!
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Default Re: InflatableSeal's Stories
The poor balloon critter groaned as he rocked away, this relentless human trapping the stubborn fellow in his clutches. He nibbled at the tip of his beak as he leaned forward, yanking on it in his jaws now as he held fast around the rubber thing. The material stretched between his lips, showing decent give at first, but the more he tugged the more violent the squeaky sounds of protest became. Orz snickered and bounced on his ride still as he gripped that beak in his teeth, the poor toy's eyes growing wide as he struggled to somehow escape this torturous treatment! However, the weight bearing down atop him was proving too much for him to truly resist, the energetic human driving himself down again and again into the unlucky toy below.

He kept his arms locked around the balloon creature, moving them from his wings up towards his neck and compressing as close as possible! The balloon gyphon thrashed about, wings beating at a furious pace once more as his body shook fiercely about! But Orz kept hold of the insolent critter, riding him even as he resisted and squooshing him beneath his form! There was no way he was going to let some silly balloon best him!

Thrusting his hips into the helpless rubber thing, he watched as the gryphon's eyes widened, listening to him screech out in protest, his claws digging into the ground below as he wiggled about in the persistent human's clutches. His tail swatted behind him, the creature bouncing in place, trying to buck his rider off! But alas, Orz just could not be beaten by even the most stubborn of balloons, ramming his length down into the toy amidst this protest and indenting his rubber hide. He could feel it pressing down against the ground below, wobbling beneath his rider all the while.

He nibbled on the creature's ears as he laid out across him, biting down firmly into those rubber shapes, the creature wincing. His thighs pressed firmly into the gryphon's sides, rubbing them back and forth against his squeaky material. Rear bouncing with greater force atop his ride as he rested atop, he introduced more duress to the poor latex thing, its skin rumbling away as the mythical critter's resistance fell. Orz smirked and humped down deep, keeping it snatched up in his arms to ensure it wasn't going anywhere! "Yes, buuuuuurst for me! Be a good balloon!"

Orzel huffed as he drove his length down into the backside of his balloon beast, a huge sneer forming across his face as he clasped around it. The gryphon creaked and screeched out in resistance, refusing to let the human win without a fight! The frisky fellow rammed himself deeper down into that taut skin, moaning as he squeezed every ounce of pleasure he could from the silly toy. The rubber being groaned still as he was put through his paces, eyes shut tight! Some of the persistent human's juices leaked out of his tight balloon rear, dropping down along the back of his balloon thighs.

He huffed and thrusted down deep into his latex toy below, clasping around his captive's squeaky waist as he leaked out onto the rubber bird. His hips rocked back and forth atop the squeaky fellow, skin creaking aloud as he rode. Thighs pressing as far into that shape as they could, he drove himself in again and again, gnawing on the toy's rubber cheek as he pushed him all the more!

Finally with a few hard thrusts Orz got his wish, his cock coating the bird with his fluids! He watched as they trickled down the squeaky sides of his straining ride, licking his lips with satisfaction as he pushed him all the more with his thrusting. Not to be outdone the gryphon soon after exploded with a sharp screech and a sharper bang, Orzel’s remaining spunk spraying out into the air as he fell back to the floor. The human sprawled out with a grin as he laid there amongst these rubber pieces, sighing with satisfaction. "Yesssssssss... good birdie it was." he said as he looked over the remains of his latex prize. "But now I think it is time for some rest. Tired Orzie, it is."

And with that he stifled a small yawn before climbing into a nearby bed, not bothering to put his clothes back on as he lay spread-eagle across the mattress below. He relaxed as he looked over his handiwork nearby. A huge grin grew upon his face. Those poor balloons had never stood a chance. But then again, when had they ever against him?

Head resting atop the pillow beneath him, he curled up atop his cozy mattress, stretching his legs out as he pulled his bed’s warm covers over his body. Rolling from side to side as he cozied up beneath his comforter, Orz couldn't help but think about those poor toys he had obliterated oh so well, the way their rubber shredded against his bare skin; the way they had sounded off with such a shrill, satisfying song; the way their air rushed out and blew against his bare body, all in a single instant.

He glanced towards that box of his playthings, a playful gleam in his eye. "Enough bursting for now... I'll deal with the rest next time." he said with a smirk. With that he shut his eyes tight as he looked back upon these recent memories. No doubt his dreams would bring even more reminder of his recent fun. And he couldn't wait to. Hopefully next time around though they would prove just as enjoyable... if not more so.
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Default Re: InflatableSeal's Stories
I'm gonna need to make room in my calendar to read this one...
Bigger is good, but burst is better!
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