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Default NEW STORY - Window Poppin’
Here’s a story I wrote way back in 2013

I knew this was bound to happen when I took the job. You spend every day sort of half wishing it would happen, and the other absolutely dreading the prospect.

I work in 02, and have since I left college. It's as mundane as anything else, only with targets to meet, and the only perks are the cute girls and funny guys that come in the store, and Nicole. We work together. Only on tuesdays, so the rest of the days are not worth it, but tuesdays, man oh man, even in the shit corporate tee that us lowly assistants wear, she manages to be my ultimate mid week fantasy. Bouncy brunette hair bundled over her one shoulder with a hairtye. tshirt tucked into her skinny jeans, rolled up at the bottom, cute pumps, no socks, and the smile and pretty eyes that could sell you anything.

Wednesday mailbag and there are memos from the area manager, do this and that, and as usual a box of leaflets, paraphenalia, and the compulsory handful of balloons. Our manager peeks his head out the door to give a pep talk an orders us to litter the place with these new leaflets, and as ever, he grants me the words I'm waiting for that can put me at rest. 'and don't bother with the balloons'. We truss up the store, and so that I'm totally in control, I take the balloons deep into the store room to a box that they'll never find and think about how I'm going to sneak such a huge box of them (by now) out of the door on the day that I leave.

Owen is great too. He's a bit more of a mans man than me, a bit taller, and we've almost nothing in common, but he has that laddish but respectful awe about him. I'm still pretty young and experimental, so i guess it can't hurt to sat that he's definitely attractive. The sort of hair that looks like he had it cut fresh and styled that morning, matt and light brown. Bushy eyebrows that sit over two pretty striking blue eyes, and that holly wood smile. Pair of shorts and some damn toned body, and he's just the sort of bimbo you'd expect to be flirting with a girl like Nicole, reclining on any desk or chair nearby her, to show how sturdily his arms are to hold up his rugged body, while she flicks her pen about idly in the air, beautiful as anything, trying to ignore him.

Me? Im not as perfect as either, average height, skinny, medium length brown hair swished to one side. Quiet, but funny enough to keep me in with them both. We're a good threesome on wednesdays.

It's summer now, and it's actually hot out doors for once, and the people are flooding the streets day in and day out. Every day the same insane panicking rush. Sell sell sell. My god the way nicole smiles and gains the attention of every young guy who is really only hear to look at the way her tshirt pulls tight over her figure, down to her belt and tucks in around her practically shrink wrapped ass, and then walks away with a tongue hanging out of his mouth and a phone in his hand. It's shooting fish for her. Equally for Owen, girls come in, and walk away with a new phone that has just his number in the contacts. Bastard.

Me and nicole have a bet. She winks every time she thinks she's going to close a deal, and my god I wish for her to sell to everyone who comes in, because her wink is earth shattering, instant boner material. It's like you had sex, but you didn't know about it. She knows I love it, and she appreciates the middle finger and the wink I shoot back in return.

Wednesdays wind down early, and it's just Me, Nicole and Owen watching people pass by every 10 minutes, doors wide open to the main street, soaking in what sun comes through the windows, and we begin playing games. We're 20 for fucks sake, all pretty good looking, and thats a lot of tension when you're as gorgeous as us

We play games like, how much do you weigh? Where, we make accusations about each others weight, which leads nicely into I bet I can pick you up. Owen scoops her up immediately, and shows how easy it is, but she's not all that interested. I say something like 'you aint seen nothing' and pretend to struggle picking her up, huffing and puffing. This time it's different though, and she's laughing and screaming as I pick her up, kicking her legs, and she grabs tightly around my neck. It's all play, but as I put her down, she lets her arms cling around my neck for a second, and we both hold each others attention more than usual.

Suddenly, Owen emerges from the managers office, with a bigger than normal, shiny blue 02 balloon in his hand blown up like a pear drop. He runs toward Nicole with boundless energy and starts hitting her over the head with it, and she stands bolt upright, not reacting, but smiling sarcastically nontheless. I'm frozen, just watching, not sure whether to love or hate this.

She has her biro in her hand, and she brushes her now static hair aside from her cute eyes and winks at me, and wrestles for Owens arm and starts jabbing toward the balloon. Much taller than her, he holds it up and lets her curves press right up against his body. He throws the balloon down behind her and she turns, and as she jousts for the balloon, it marks just a little tiny line of ink on it, as he grabs her by the waist, and hoists her upside down.

The balloon lands at my sneakers, and I'm torn. She is screaming POP IT at me, and he's saying DON'T! Don't do what she says. They continue to wrestle their sexual frustration out of each other in front of me. I'm in control.

I place my foot on the bulging balloon, and rest my foot on it as though I've conquered it, hand on each hip! DO IT! She's shouting, and Owen says NO WAY MATE DONT GIVE INTO HER. I look at him and raise my foot up above the balloon to come stomping down on it, but stop JUST short. It was a trick. Again, I pretend that I'm going to pop the balloon, but stop short. My heart is in throws.

PUT ME DOWN Nicole screams, out of breath from laughing and they both stop concentrating on the balloon to get their breath back. At that Nicole thrusts her foot toward the balloon and pressed hard into the latex. Owen grabs her arms to pull her back, but now supported she scrapes the balloon back with one foot, it bounces behind her and she drops her gorgeous round ass down on top of it, and it bursts into a million blue shards.

It's so loud that we all laugh our asses off.

'Did you know that there are a load more?!' said Owen.

Of course I did, I've been stockpiling them. It was too close to closing time to mess about, but at that the manager came through the front doors to close up the shop. He immediately asks what all of the blue latex shards are, and Owen tells him that Nicole popped a balloon in the shop. We all point fingers and laugh, but the manager has another idea.

'Where are these balloons? They've never sent any have they?' He says, and immediately locates the box in the back room.
'We should use some of these in case the area manager comes! Are you guys ok to stay for an hour tonight?


We were having fun, so why not continue.

Here it is. My retirement stash, and he wants them all gone, the entire window filled. Owen runs his hands through the balloons, and so does Nicole.

'There must be hundreds in here' nicole said as she let them flop back into the box. Owen tosses a handful of balloons my way and they scatter all over the floor, and I catch maybe one or two.

I stretch my white O2 balloon out, and put a breath into it. Noticing this Owen starts to set his own precident. Across from me, he fills the balloon with deep steady breaths. Nicole checks her phone a minute and ignores her both. His is growing at a much bigger rate than mine, but we're both aware that this is an unspoken race of sorts. He continues to blow the balloon until it's almost twice as big as his own head, and he turns the balloon to rest right against Nicoles ear. She puts her phone down, to push him away and starts shouting at him and he smiles and begins to blow it right up to the max.

'Dont do that you idiot! you'll pop it! We do want to actually use some of these you know". My balloon is coming along nicely, pear shaped, but normal, and I tie it off. Owens is dangerously huge, and Nicole is calm and staring at him. He pulls it away from his lips and stops just short of breaking point. He bends forward to trap the balloon between his two huge legs, squeezing it slightly to get a good hold on the neck. He faces Nicole to ask for help, and his shorts are nowhere near his waist, exposing a good view of his hot back, some American Eagle boxers that show, I guess, quite a cute ass for a guy, and a bulging white balloon trapped between his legs that this beautiful brunette is helping him tie. Reluctantly.

TADA! he says, and bats the balloon toward the floor. BOOM, it explodes and we all jump. 'I fucking told you owen!' said Nicole and we get back to work.

She inflates her first balloon with girly elegance. It's way underinflated, but I don't mention it. I'm blowing up these huge balloons and tying them off like a pro, and have about 5 around my feet that I'm pressing my feet into jokingly to tease her.
I notice that she's struggling with the knot, and I say 'I'll do that bit'. For every two balloons I blow and tie, she blows one and I tie it for her.

After a few, I try my luck. 'You can blow them up more than that you know' I say as she is looking at me through a dark, clear latex. Her eyes scrunch up and she shakes her head. I begin to blow up a balloon and nod back at her. This time, she blows a few extra lungs full into it, and I can see her clearly through the crystal latex. She puts a thumbs up, and I shake my head. The balloon hisses as she fills it with another blow. Surely, it's big enough now? she thinks, and I continue to shake my head. This could be a pop. She blows one more breath of air and hands the balloon to me by its neck. I tie off mine and I tie off hers.

After nearly 3 hours, the floor of the shop is completely filled with blue and white balloons, almost to our knees, most of them hugely overinflated, just lying there still.

I marvel at our handiwork, and turn to Owen. "So we just need to put these into the window right, behind the divide?"

He shrugs his shoulders and laughs. It's pretty clear that there are FAR too many. "He did say all of them right?". I turn to Nicole for approval? "I mean, I think so" she says, now looking worried at just how many balloons there are.

Nicole bends over in front of me and attempts to scoop a few balloons into her arms, to push over the displays just behind the window that will hold the balloons in. She presses them tightly up against her chest, and drops them over the divide. Owen starts kicking the balloons pretty violently toward her and the divide, and I join in. Our kicks get harder and harder as they drift into the air and drop lazily. There must be hundreds.The window begins to fill quickly.

Nicole is now pushing each balloon down with the palm of her hands to compact them into the corners. They squeak violently, and as she leans hard down onto the balloon three pop loudly and give way. She falls forward over the divide and bursts a few more balloons with her nails trying to regain her balance. This makes a bit more room, but soon we fill it with ease.

Me and Owen kick some more toward her, but there are obviously too many! One leaves the end of my foot and she watches it drift toward her face, and land on the floor. She pushes her hair back over her one ear and then jumps onto the balloon with a bang! Me and Owen look shocked, but laugh. I kick another balloon to her face, and she grabs the huge blue balloon between her hands with a squeak and pops it. She's closing her eyes and wincing, but another immediately goes for her face and she digs her nails fiercely into the next BOOM! Me and owen kick two at her at once, and she catches them both, and stuffs them underneath her arms. She bends forwards so that they're pressing somewhere between her boobs, her arms and her gorgeous flat stomach, and digs her nails into them. BOOM BOOM, they pop quickly and she tumbles down onto the floor.

At that, Owen calmly, and without grimace or hesitation pops the balloon nearest too him with a boom. Nicole stomps one under her white converse, and I just stand there. "You've barely popped any!" she laughs at me. "Are you scared or what?"

At that she watches as I put my foot on the biggest of the balloons I can see. I look at her in the eyes. "I'm not scared, are you?" I say. I slowly, push my foot down like a machine. The neck of the balloon pushes right out and it's streched around the flat of my foot. I don't stop. She continues to look at me and begins to put her hands to her ears. The balloon is super tight, and I raise the pressure off my back foot for more force. My heel touches the ground and the latex contacts, and I push my toes down like you would a gas pedal. BAAAANNNNG. The balloon rings out, and I'm looking directly, confidently into her eyes.

"good." She says, holding my eyeline, and kicks another balloon across the floor. I immediately stomp it with force. Another. BANG. I keep staring at her. she kicks a few at once, and I begin to walk across them, both holding me up for half a second before they pop mercillously under my feet. There are still over 100 in the window and 50 or so on the floor, so we all get down to just popping the ones that dont fit.

Owen picks them up one by one and staring off into the distance, he closes his fists and pops the balloons in his hands. One by one he picks them up and they struggle under the force of his big arms for just a second before the latex is just tossed onto the floor. Bang after bang after bang. Nicole kicks one his way and he traps it between his legs and crushes it. Nicole then picks one up from the table that we all sit around selling phones in the day, and stares at me. Owen is still crushing them like mad in the background, but Me and Nicole are locked. There is a moment of silence as we just look at each other. She is twirling a beautiful blue balloon in her fingers. While owen is looking away for balloons behind the main desk, she looks at me and puts on her fuck me eyes for a second. She looks over to see that owen is still looking away and turns sideways. Her ass is so tight in her jeans, and she sticks it out slightly, and tilts her head with a questioning look, and begins to bounce the balloon off her ass. I am watching intently. Hypnotised. She is literally asking me if I want to bang. I'm fit to explode! She bites her lip at me and gestures toward the door. Unspoken, we agree that we're going to want to do something later.

BOOM out of nowhere Owen bursts out loud laughing. We hadn't realised, but he'd seen all of this flirting, and I think it was jealousy. He had ducked down behind the counter to blow a balloon up to its max and, anger inside him he burst it in his face with a final breath. Nicole jumped a mile, but I was anesthetised, Nicole and a balloon was my dream, and a promise of a late night date tonight was killing me. I immediately poked at her for jumping "you scared?" I said, and pulled a fake smile, and she immediately dropped the balloon slowly onto the floor in front of me and jumped both feet onto the ground and it squashed under her feet with a tremendous BOOM. She didn't flinch, and just said "NOPE" and then we broke eye contact and her two gorgeous feet smashed every balloon from bright beautiful bubble to a mess of latex shreds with frighteningly loud bangs one after another.

There were just 5 balloons left on the floor between us and home time. All near nicole. Owen was now rooting around for some more, occasionally blowing to pop each one to keep him entertained.

"Cmon now Nicole, hurry this up, some of us have plans!" I winked at her, and she smiled sweetly and looked down to the balloon at her feet. She causally lifted off the ground, but her cute figure didn't have the strength to pop it. She landed two footed in the centre of the balloon, the knot popped off, and she rolled backward. Her ass fell to the ground and a white balloon banged underneath her ass and cushioned the blow. She shreiked out and grasped her foot. Quickly removing the shoe, and pulling off her love heart print white trainer socks.

Her feet were slim, sweet and beautiful like the rest of her, and she was cradling the bottom of her sole with her hands. She had managed to pull the muscles in both, one worse than the other. Off came the other shoe and she as bare foot.

Obviously, I'm no doctor, but it couldnt hurt to take a look. "can you see anything" she said to me as I kneeled in front of her with both feet up on my lap, just a few inches from my face. I pressed the centre of her pretty soles, and moved my thumb from her heels to her long, beautiful toes. "Does that feel good?" I said. "Better" she replied. "Wiggle your toes, does that hurt?" my diagnostics continued. "In the left it does, but not the right as much". She drew some air in through her teeth as I continued to massage the painful, but painfully perfect right foot. Her soles were so smooth, almost airbrushed, and practically perfect in size for a petit girl like her. "I mean, fuck me, these feet have taken something in the region of 100 of these balloon motherfuckers as hostile prisoners, and they've overturned your destructive tyranny with just 5 remaining members!" I looked at her, and she knew exactly what I wanted from this "outrageous!" she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes at me. Owen was beside her trying to get in close, but it was no use, she was staring down at me, staring at her toes.

I looked at her patronisingly, and began talking. "Do you want to teach those balloons a lesson? Hmm? Want me to kiss you better" Owen just lost it at this point and embrarrassed the fuck out of me. "Wow. Smooth talking! You two get a fucking room". "Get bent Owen" I shrugged off his comment. I kissed Nicole on the very centre of her sole, and wished that I could have continued for the rest of the night, but I left it at a painfully brief peck. "Disgusting! ERR, feet man!" Said Owen, and Nicole smiled sweetly and rose to her feet.

"Yeah, fuck these balloons, they've had it now!" She said with a renewed determination.
"Don't jump on them this time you idiot" I said. Take it slow.

The slower the better in my mind. She dug her feet into the latex, mint-painted toes first. The sole of her foot contacted with the latex and she pressed her heel downward.

"It's not popping" she said as her balloon was covered in squeaking, struggling latex. She hopped off the floor slightly and that did the trick. A massive bang, by her foot completely wrapped in latex.

"HAHAHA" she laughed, and pushed her foot into my face! "can you get it off?" I took the latex off with a sock, and the latex flicked from her heels, off her toes like a peg gun and landed behind me.

"bit more force this time maybe"

"Guys, I've got to dash" Said Owen. We waved him goodbye, but I think he knew we needed this alone time. He chucked me the keys and said his goodbyes "see you love birds tomorrow!". Winked, and dashed.

Nicole smiled at me now, more intimately.

The balloons were between me and her. She placed her foot down on the neck of the left one and the round of the balloon got huge. She lifted her other naked foot off the ground and placed it down on the bulge. She balanced out like she was on a seesaw and it popped with another huge bang. Small shreds of latex were trapped beneath her toes and stuck to the bottoms of her soles. She picked it off, and as she bent down I caught her gorgeous cleavage wrapped in a black lace bra.

"Do you think I could stand on one completely and not pop it?" She said.
"lets try it with this one" I said, and passed her one behind me and placed it at her feet.

She began again by standing on the neck of a fit-to-burst white one.

"I dont think this is going to work. Can you help me?" she said and I put her hands in mine, and she supported her weight on my arms. We were eye to eye. and she was floating and rolling around on this huge, squashed latex balloon. Both of her perfect, powder feet, pushed together, and a centimetre deep in the latex. I held her and rolled her around on the balloon for a minute, hearing her feet squeak the latex, and dropped her immediately. The balloon snapped. and I caught her and picked her up around my waist. She squealed, and pushed herself away, a little embarrased by the fact, she'd let the frustration get to her. But then an idea struck up in her head.

"Actually" she said. and looked at the final two balloons. She went for the next one, picking it up by squeaking the tips of her fingers over it for traction. She took two steps toward me, and placed the balloon on my hard on that could not only be spotted by her, but also, the international space station. "think you could lift me again?" she said, and jumped up to my waist, trapping the neck of the balloon between my boner, and it's intended destination tonight. The neck pointed up at us. She sarcastically said "Whoa, serious bulge down there!" referring to the balloon "we should get rid of that". We were now pretty amused, and she gave me one kiss, and looked down. "well, if you want it, come and get it" and at that point, I grabbed her ass and she struggled to press herself up against my hard on pretending the balloon wasnt there. It burst almost immediately, and I felt a soft warmth pressed against me. We held for one more second, and I let her go.

"aww" She said
"sorry, I er, i don't usually blow my load like that!" I laughed. "one more left I guess!" I said, gesturing at the biggest, scariest balloon of all. A sparkling blue balloon blown so tight that the not was in a tiny bundle right at the end of the bulbed out neck.

"better make this one interesting then" and at that, nicole picked it up, walked over to the chair and told me to sit down.

I laughed "haha what?"

"I said, sit down!" she repeated.

I rolled my eyes, and gulped so loud it echoed. I sat down in the chair. and she stood over me.

"a little lower" she said, pinching the knot in her one hand and confidently spreading her hand over the other end. I flattened out slightly.

Nicole took a quick look out of the darkened window. She batted the balloon lightly on my head, teasing.

"you know I know you look at my ass all day right?"

and I replied with a funny tone "What? No" I looked around, and pointed to myself. "Me? I... I'm a gentlemen, I'm here to sell phones, what makes me think I want to look at your, you know. Bum"

she had her hands on her hips, balloon still pinched between her fingers. "No, I didn't mean that" she backtracked, then became slightly more fierce and leant close to my smiling, almost laughing face. "you want to touch it dont you?" God, at that point the blood rushed out of my face! and the power flipped back to her. "Yes. H... how, er, how do I make this happen" I said. She was almost hysterically laughing at this point.

"Well, if you can get to it, you can have a squeeze. ah ah ah... that is one, quick squeeze, and no more for you. Maybe a date in the future, but I'm saying nothing" she reeled off.

"Anyway" She turned to face away from me and looked over her shoulder into the dark town street through the glass. "make it quick then boy" she said, and pulled her jeans down to just below her gorgeous, white, peachy butt, which was decorated in a gorgeous pink thong with white outlining. She placed the balloon down on my lap and applied herself to it. She lifted all of her weight onto my lap and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She wriggled around in a circular motion, and I grasped her naked thighs downward, to press her ass into the balloon. the latex stretched around her butt, and my dick was a mountain, stretched in blue latex trying to pop its way through. At that, I grasped her, to pull her down and the neck bulged out sideways between us. She covered her ears. Her thong, and her ass rolling around on this thing was mesmerising. I had to have her on my lap. "well, help me then!" I shouted back, and because she had her fingers in her ears, I had to start bouncing up and down. She got the hint and began boucing with me. Each bounce higher, until fianally her ass peeled away from the latex, she stood up and dropped the full force of her balloon bursting ass right onto my boner.

She sat there for nowhere near as long as I wanted this to last. I just looked down at her butt on my lap and ran my fingers through her hair as she looked over her shoulder, and stood up to pull the jeans over her ass and pack it back in.

She tucked her shirt back into her jeans "Good party?" and buttoned them at the front, smiling at me.

and all I could muster, hard as a rock, rosy cheeked, breathless, was "yeah".

She gave me a look and said "See you tomorrow?" stupidly, I replied "we're not working tomorrow!", and she repeated herself "I know! So, see you tomorrow?!" "OHH". I finally got it. "Yes, tomorrow at 7, we'll get a drink!".

She pulled her trainers socks onto her feet while she confirmed. "Yeah, wow, you know what, I've always been pretty scared of balloons, but I'm totally over that now! Flight or fight right?" I just stared and nodded "wouldn't it be hilarious if we were working on the day that they needed to pop the ones in the window?"

"Yes. Hilarious!" I replied. She smiled, and stood up. I awkwardly leant in for a kiss on the cheek, and her lips calmly met mine.

We turned out the lights and she waited by the door. I opened it to let her out, and as she left she reached into the window for one last balloon, and walked out. She pulled me out of the door, holding my hand in hers, and a balloon in her other, it swung shut and the shutters came down.


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