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Default Anticipation (new story)
Sophie put yet another huge breath into the balloon. It was very tight and about to explode. Holly couldn't take this much longer. She tries to lean forward to touch the balloon but the restraints holding her hands are too tight. The balloon briefly brushes the wetness between her legs and almost sends her over the edge. They'd been at it for an hour and Holly was soaked. Sophie wouldn't let her touch herself and it was driving her mad.

The balloon suddenly explodes and Holly cries out in frustration. She's never been so horny. Sophie had the idea to tie her to the bed and blow to pop some balloons. Holly didn't know she would go through one bag of twelve inches, one of fourteen inch and another full of sixteen inch without and stimulation. She only had one balloon left now. Every so often, Sophie would kiss her or let the balloon touch her dripping pussy but that was it.
Once she had kissed her gently then waited, her lips an inch away while Holly tried to kiss back. She could feel her hot breath but couldn't do anything. After that she had licked Holly's lips then started blowing up another balloon. Holly was covered in tiny shards now. They were all up the walls too.

Holly kept begging Sophie to touch her, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. This was worse than torture. The worst part was that Sophie had gotten herself off twice already while Holly watched.

Sophie grabs a clear sixteen inch and starts stretching it. Then she grabs a funnel from her drawer and takes off her jeans. To Holly's horror, she begins to pee into balloon using the funnel.
"Sophie, what the hell are you doing?" Holly demands.
"Taking a piss." She replies.
Holly suddenly realises why Sophie had covered the bed in plastic sheeting and towels.
Sophie then puts a breath into the balloon.
There was nothing Holly could do but watch as Sophie makes it bigger and bigger. The urine sloshes around inside the balloon as Sophie keeps blowing hard. She holds it right in Holly's face.
A neck had begun to form. She was going to pop it.
"Sophie, don't do it. It's disgusting."
"You can blow if you prefer. I wonder how far it'll spread." Sophie replies.
"It'll go everywhere. You'll never clean it all."
"I'm getting new carpet anyway." Sophie rests the balloon on Holly's chest and holds the neck with both hands.
The balloon feels warm on Holly's skin. It would've been a turn on if Holly wasn't about to be covered in Sophie's piss.
"Sophie, this is stupid."
Sophie just keeps blowing hard. The neck is huge. Holly closes her eyes. There was nothing she could do to stop her now.
Suddenly there's a bang and Holly's hit by a wave of water. But it wasn't water at all was it? Holly screams and Sophie lets out a gasp. She's soaked too.
"Shit." Says Sophie. "Come on, we need a shower quick. I've got some friends coming soon."
"Wait, what? You've got friends coming round and we both stink of piss?"
"Yeah, we're going out for lunch. We better hurry. No time for separate showers, you can come in with me." Sophie begins untying Holly's hands and legs.
When she's finished, she drags her to the bathroom and turns on the shower.
Sophie undresses, then starts kissing Holly passionately while the shower warms up.
Holly pushes her up against the wall and kisses back hard while fingering herself.
Just as she starts getting into it, Sophie pushes her off and drags her into the shower. Holly tries to latch back into her but Sophie stops her. "We haven't got time. They'll be here in ten minutes."
"I'll be quick. I'm so horny, please." Holly begs.
"No." Says Sophie. Then she looks Holly in the eye and says. "Fine, you've got ten seconds." Sophie puts three fingers inside of her and works as fast as she can.
After a few seconds, Holly is crying out. Just as she's about to orgasm, Sophie stops. "Times up."
"No, more!"
"Later, I promise." Sophie begins washing, grabbing Holly's arm when she attempts to touch herself.

Holly just watches her. Too horny to wash herself. In the end, Sophie has to start scrubbing her. This just makes her even hotter.

After their shower, Sophie dries them both off. "At the restaurant I want you to do something. When I pull the balloons out, I want you to offer to blow one up. When I give it to you, just inflate it slowly, acting casual. Pretend you're not paying attention and keep blowing even when it's really big."
"Do I keep going until it pops?"
"I think that would be too obvious. We want it to look like you didn't realise how big it's got. Eventually it'll get so tight that you couldn't possibly have got distracted. Hopefully someone will point out that it's about to pop. If they don't, I'll say something." Sophie explains.
"What then?" Holly asks.
"If the neck isn't full, say something like 'I reckon it'll get a bit bigger.' Otherwise say you didn't realise it was full and go to tie it. I'll say it's probably about to pop anyway so you might as well keep going. Hopefully the girls will be impressed and want to try themselves. Otherwise you dare me to try. Got all that?"
"Yeah, I think so. You've got it all planned out then."?"
"I want it to look completely casual and innocent. It's too obvious if I suddenly pull out some balloons and dare everyone to pop them."
"That's what you usually do." Holly replies.
"At parties, yes. But most people wouldn't do it at a restaurant. I'll just pretend I forgot the balloons were in there."
"Won't we get in trouble if we keep doing it?"
"I found a place that is fairly quiet with a large outdoor space. We can sit away from everyone else." Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Sophie quickly pulls some clothes on. "You can wear that dress over there. Meet us downstairs when you're ready."

Holly puts on the dress. It's made of pink silk. Not the sort of thing she would normally wear but it did make her look cute. She briefly considers getting herself off while Sophie is gone but thinks better of it. Sophie's friends were downstairs and she would probably get the dress all wet. How was she going to act causal when blowing that balloon later? She already knew how wet she was going to get. Especially if Sophie and her friends joined in. Holly tries not to think about it and goes downstairs.

Sophie is speaking with a pretty young woman. She has auburn braided hair and a sweat smile. Her skin is pale and is contrasted with deep hazel eyes.
Sophie introduces them. "Holly this is Falyse, an old friend of mine."
Falyse says "Hey Holly." And hugs her. "Sophie's told me all about you. Didn't say you were pretty too." She runs a hand through Holly's hair.
Were all Sophie's friends touchy-feely? Holly wondered, remembering Aria.
"Linsey is meeting us there." Says Falyse. "We should probably get going."
"Okay, I'll drive. Just a second, I'll meet you by the car." Says Sophie. Once Falyse's back is turned, Sophie opens a drawer and grabs a handful of balloons. She quickly hides them in her bag. "Come on Holly. This should be an interesting lunch."

They meet Linsey at the restaurant. She's a similar age to Sophie and has jet black hair. She's quite short and wears glasses. Falyse hugs her and introduces Holly.
"Nice to finally meet you. Sophie's always talking about you." Says Linsey.
"She's my girlfriend now." Says Sophie.
"Really? Can't say I'm surprised by the way you talk about her." Linsey replies.
"When did you ask her out?" Falyse asks.
"Last week." Says Sophie, putting an arm around Holly.
"Took you long enough. You said you were going to ask her out months ago."
"I was waiting for a good time. Let's go find somewhere to sit." Sophie leads them out the back and they find a nice spot under some trees. They were the only ones outside. No surprise really, it looked like it was about to rain.
They order food and Sophie starts telling them a story. She gets her phone out her bag and shows the girls some photos of a recent holiday. When she puts it back, she pulls out a balloon. "I forgot I had these in here. They're leftovers from a recent party. I've never seen balloons as good as these. Really big with perfect colours. Don't know what to do with them now though."
Holly took the hint. "We could blow them up. Give it here. Let's see if they're as good as you say." She says.
"Yeah okay, here you go." Sophie replies, handing her the balloon. "They're a bit bigger than what you're probably used to. Don't be afraid to keep blowing. I'm sure you'll know when it's full."
Holly starts stretching the balloon. A red 14 inch by the looks of it. She puts in a breath. Falyse glances at her then goes back to listening to Sophie's story. She keeps them distracted while Holly blows the balloon bigger and bigger. The girls don't give her much attention. Holly knows it's almost full but pretends not to notice.
"You're right about those balloons, Sophie." Says Linsey. "They're pretty big. It must be full now, don't you think?"
"Oh, it can take some more. The ones at the party were way bigger." Says Sophie. "Did I tell you about the time I found that cave?" Sophie launches into another story. Holly pretends to be concentrating on her and blows the balloon even bigger. The neck is starting to show. She blows slow and steady so the girls won't have any reason to look. Linsey seems to have forgotten about the balloon. She's completely engrossed in Sophie's tale. But Falyse keeps glancing at her. She starts to get a bit fidgety as the neck grows longer.
She clears her throat quietly. "Umm, Holly..." Says Falyse, looking a little uncomfortable. Holly pretends she doesn't hear and continues blowing steadily.
"Holly." She says, a little louder. "I think your balloon's full."
"Oh, so it is." Holly replies, like she's only just noticed. It was transparent and getting tight. "I think there's a little more room though." Holly puts in another breath. Linsey glances at her now but doesn't look concerned.
"Are you sure?" Asks Falyse. "It's really big. You don't want it to pop."
Don't I?" Holly thinks.
"Don't worry." Says Sophie. "She probably can't pop it by blowing anyway. I've been told they're super strong." Sophie continues her story and Holly puts a few more breaths in. It was getting harder now but she tries not to show it. The neck was pushing into her lips now.
"Stop!" Cries Falyse suddenly. "It's about to pop."
Holly lowers the balloon. "I must've got distracted. Didn't notice it was that big." She starts to tie it.
"Wait." Says Sophie. "It'll probably pop if you tie it. We might as well find out how big it'll go."
"Okay." Holly puts another breath in.
"Couldn't we have just let some air out?" Asks Falyse.
"Yeah but that's no fun. I want to see if she can do it." Sophie replies.
"Won't it be really loud?"
"I don't know. I've never popped one before." Sophie lies.
Holly blows hard again, making Falyse cringe.
It keeps getting bigger. Holly is struggling to blow.
"I need the toilet." Says Falyse, standing up suddenly.
Sophie grabs her hand. "Wait a second. I think she's about to do it. You don't want to miss it." She says.
Holly blows faster, making Falyse put her fingers in her ears. She backs away a little, looking nervous.
She reminds Holly of Jenny. She holds the mouthpiece firmly against her lips and keeps blowing as hard as she can. Suddenly the balloon explodes. Falyse shrieks as shards fly everywhere like confetti.
"Well done. Didn't think you'd do it." Says Sophie.
"Bet you couldn't do it." Holly challenges.
"I bet I could."
"I'll do it." Says Linsey suddenly. "I've done it before at a party."
"Really? That's brave of you." Says Sophie.
"It was a competition. I won. Falyse came last. She couldn't even do it. I had to finish her balloon for her. They were smaller balloons though. I haven't done one of these before." Says Linsey.
Sophie hands her a yellow balloon. "I thought you needed the toilet, Falyse."
"Oh yeah." She says, running off.

Linsey starts blowing into the balloon. Holly tries not to pay too much attention. It would just get her horny again. It wasn't working though, just the sound of Linsey blowing was enough.

By the time Falyse returns, the balloon is beginning to get tight. She took longer than she should of.
Was she hoping to avoid the balloon pop? Holly wonders. Falyse sits on the opposite side of the table to Linsey, next to Holly.
"Is she going to pop it?" Falyse whispers.
"She's trying to. Want to have a go next?" Holly asks.
"No, I can't do it."
"Bet you could. It's not that hard. You just blow until you hear a bang."
"Don't you find it scary?"
"Not really. You just have to keep putting in one breath after the other and not think about how big it is. You can try after." Holly replies. Linsey was blowing into a huge neck now, not slowing down at all. She was good at this. Holly thinks.
Falyse had started to fidget again. "When's it gonna pop?" She asks.
"Could be any second now. But then I've had one get absolutely massive before." Says Holly.
"You've done it before? I thought today was your first time."
"Umm, yeah. At a party." Says Holly quickly. She had almost blown her cover. "The first was a bit scary but after I did it once, the others were easy."
"How many have you done?" Falyse asks.
"Three at that party and one today." Holly lies. "Someone blow a huge balloon until it burst. It was bigger than me."
"I would never be able to do that."
"Bet I could if I had to. These ones are easy. You'll do it no problem." Holly goes back to watching Linsey. The neck was impossibly big. It was pushing into Linsey's face. Falyse had her fingers in her ears again. She was watching the balloon grow tighter with what looked like nervous excitement.
Holly hoped it would pop soon. She could barely contain her excitement.
She gets her wish after just one more breath. It seemed much louder this time. The shards cover all of them. Falyse screams then let's out a small giggle.
"It got so big! Look at all these little pieces." Says Falyse. "I wish I could do that."
Sophie quickly grabs another balloon and throws it to False. "Go on then."
"I'm too scared..." Says False, picking up the balloon and staring at it.
"You can do it." Says Linsey. It was easy. Maybe that's because I'm a swimmer and have stronger lungs, but I reckon you could manage it."
"Okay, I'll try..." Falyse starts stretching it slowly.
Holly waits in anticipation. There wasn't much room left on the bench and Falyse was sitting so close that she was touching. The balloon would pop right in Holly's face. She didn't know if she could contain her lustyness.

Falyse blows a small breath in, then looks at Holly.
"Go on." She encourages. It was a transparent balloon so Holly could see her through it.

It takes ages for Falyse to blow it to rated size. She only puts in small nervous breaths. Holly was getting wet from the anticipation.
Falyse stops blowing and looks to Holly again. "It's getting tight."
"It won't pop yet. The neck isn't even full." Holly replies.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. It'll take loads more yet. Besides, you're trying to pop it anyway."

Falyse continues blowing slowly. Holly has to resist taking it off her and finishing it herself.

"Look, the neck is blowing up!" Falyse says excitedly. "I've never done that before."
"It's got a long way yet." Says Holly. The food would be arriving soon, I wish she would hurry up. She hopes.

Falyse keeps nervously blowing until the neck is completely full. "It's so big! I don't think I can do it."
"Keep trying." Says Holly. She places a hand on the balloon. It was getting hard but wouldn't pop yet. Falyse's breath was condensing inside the balloon, the water running down the sides like tears.
Falyse is starting to struggle with holding the balloon to her lips. "I can't do it. It's too wet and slippery to hold on. Can you do it for me?" She asks.
Holly doesn't need to be asked twice. She grabs the balloon off her and bites the soaking wet mouthpiece. Holly almost looses control as she rapidly fills the balloon, making it tighter and tighter until it suddenly explodes. She gets sprayed with water. Falyse gasps. "Wow, you did it really quickly. You're so strong and brave."

Holly had to get away before it became too much. "I need the bathroom." She says, getting up.

When she gets to the bathroom, she goes to the nearest cubical with the intention to get herself off as fast as she can. Unfortunately, Sophie is right behind her.
"What are you doing?" Holly asks.
"Making sure you're not about to do something inappropriate in a public toilet."
"Oh come on, we've done it loads of times. Look how wet I'm getting."
"Did Linsey do that? Or Falyse perhaps? She couldn't finish that balloon but that look she gave you after you did it..."
"Stop it." Holly was getting aroused again.
"Falyse looked pretty excited when you started blowing. She even forgot to put her fingers in her ears." Sophie continues. "I wonder if we could get her to try again. Maybe she'd like to see you do it again. Wonder if she's a looner too. Bet she wouldn't stop you if you tried to kiss her either."
"What? A kiss is nothing. Did she taste good?" Sophie asks.
"What do you mean?" Holly replies, confused.
"That balloon was soaked from her breath, I bet you could taste her on it. I saw how quickly you took it off her. Usually you would've encouraged her to do it herself. You just wanted a taste."
"No, it was just taking ages..."
"I'll let you in on a little secret. I've snogged her before. Ages ago, mind. But I remember it well. I took her completely unawares. Just pushed her against a wall and kissed her roughly until she started gasping. And guess what? There were balloons! They were pinned to the wall. We were pressed against them while we kissed. A few popped and scared her but she didn't want to stop."
"What happened next?" Asks Holly, completely turned on.
"Nothing. We left and never spoke of it again. You could easily do the same. I wouldn't mind. Come on, let's get back before we're missed."

The food had already arrived by the time they get back. It was also raining so they had to go inside. Holly immediately noticed some balloons on sticks by the door. She kept glancing at them while she ate. Would she be able to grab one on the way out without the girls asking her questions?

As they're leaving, Holly eyes up the tightest red balloon. Should she take it? She wonders. Falyse decides for her. To Holly's surprise, she grabs one on her way past. Once they're outside, Linsey and Sophie run to the car. Falyse stops Holly and thrusts the balloon into her chest.
"Can you blow it until it pops for me?" She asks excitedly.
"Yeah, okay... Umm, do you mind me asking why?" Holly had to know if she was into balloons.
"It's just really cool. I want to see how big it gets." She replies.
"You could try it yourself again."
"You're better at it than me."
Linsey calls to them from the car. "Come on, you'll get soaked."
"Okay, I'll do it in the car, come on." Says Holly.
"No, wait. Do it out here. It's less scary outside."
"Okay then." Holly begins removing the balloon from the stick. Sophie is watching her from the car.
When she bites the mouthpiece, she's already soaked from the rain. Falyse doesn't seem to mind getting wet, she's more interested in the balloon. Holly blows hard. It had already been inflated pretty tight and her breath makes the base of the neck expand. She puts in another breath without hesitating. This wouldn't take long at all. One more and the neck is full. Holly closes her eyes and exhales hard, expecting it to pop. It doesn't though. The neck just grows a little longer. Falyse steps closer and places her hands on the balloon. "It's so tight! Pop it!"
Holly keeps blowing. It's much harder than she expected. Most balloons she finds in public don't get that big before popping. This must be a good one.
Holly is determined not to give up. She forces in yet another breath. Falyse steps back and plugs her ears.
Holly is just taking another deep breath when it explodes. Falyse screams and even Holly jumps a little.
"Wow, I didn't think it'd get that big." Says Falyse. "You look really hot when you blow balloons, I see why Sophie likes you so much." Says Falyse before she quickly gets in the car. Holly follows, panting.

Sophie and Linsey stare at them both. Sophie gives Holly a wink and Linsey shakes her head. "You're both soaked through. Was that your idea, Falyse?"
"Umm, yeah it was." She says, looking a little embarrassed.
"Let's get you home so you can get changed."

When they arrive at the house, Falyse gives Holly a quick kiss on the lips and says goodbye. The others didn't seem to notice but it takes Holly completely unawares. She stares after her as Falyse walks back to her car.

"Got a new friend?" Sophie asks, giving Holly a wink. "Thought you'd like her. Not as much as she likes you though. We'll have to arrange a date for you two."
"But I'm with you now. She knows it too. I don't think she was that interested anyway." Holly replies.
"Really? She didn't give me a kiss goodbye. I'm sure we could arrange a one night thing with you two. She seems to like watching you blow balloons anyway."
"Do you think she's a looner?" Holly asks.
"I don't know. I don't think so, but maybe she is now. She'll definitely be after a night with you."
"It wouldn't feel right though." Says Holly.
"Oh, it would. Once you've popped a few balloons and kissed her again, you'll want to stay the night. You can tell me all about it in the morning."
"What about you?"
"Maybe I'll pay Aria a visit. Or maybe even Jenny. It's been ages since I've had a solo session with her. It's good to play with other girls from time to time. Keeps our relationship from getting stale. Not that I could ever get bored with you. Come on, you need some relief." Sophie takes her hand and pulls her through the front door. She shoves her on the sofa and grabs a 24 inch beachball from the corner of the room. "I was blowing this up the other day. Would've kept going until it popped if Linsey didn't ring. She wanted to meet up. I forgot all about this. Was going to finish it that night but was too tired. This shouldn't take long, I was so close to popping it." Sophie pushes the tight beachball against Holly. She spreads her legs as Sophie stands over her and begins to add more air.

Holly starts to grow horny straight away. The inflatable was partly transparent with coloured stripes. She could see Sophie's breath condensing on the inside.
Holly puts her arms around it and Sophie does the same, grabbing Holly's hands and pulling her tight.

Holly couldn't wait until it popped and Sophie fell on top of her. Then she could kiss her hard and Sophie would finally get her off.

Holly was wet. Very wet. Since that morning she's wanted nothing more than Sophie's fingers inside her while she squirms and moans until... The beachball suddenly bursts in their arms with a loud bang. Sophie had been leaning into it and falls into Holly's chest.
She looks at Holly then gives her a soft kiss on her lips. She quickly pulls back as Holly tries to kiss her harder.
Holly can't take anymore of this. "Sophie, make me cum!"
Sophie grins at her. "Let's get you undressed, shall we?" She rips Holly's shirt and jeans off. Holly lies back and braces for what she knows is about to come. Sophie doesn't do it though. Instead she leans close and whispers in Holly's ear. "What would you like me to do?" She asks seductively.
"What you always do. Just put your fingers inside me!"
Sophie slowly slides one finger inside of her, taking her time. "You're so wet. Bet you're really horny."
"More than one. Hurry up!" Says Holly impatiently.
"Two?" Sophie asks. Sliding in a second finger.
"More!" Holly shouts. She wished Sophie would just get on with it. She didn't even care if she hurt her. In fact she desired it.
"Three?" Asks Sophie. Putting in another.
"All of them. Just do it!"
Sophie does what she asks but just leaves her hand in Holly's dripping pussy.
"Now what?" She asks.
"Please, just do it. Otherwise I'll do it myself."
Sophie starts fingering her but does it really soft and gentle. It felt good and normally Holly would enjoy it, but right now she just needed relief.
"Harder!" She cries, digging her nails into Sophie's shoulders.
"How hard?" Sophie asks.
"As hard as you can!" Holly cries out as Sophie starts getting rougher. "Harder, don't stop!" Sophie is almost too rough now but Holly doesn't care. As she feels a powerful orgasm coming, Holly commands Sophie to go even harder. She shrieks loudly. It feels like Sophie is tearing her apart. She was going to be sore in the morning, but right now she didn't care.
Suddenly Sophie pulls out her hand as Holly is about to climax. "No, don't you dare. Sophie please." Holly begs.
"Sorry, this won't take long, I promise." Sophie opens a nearby drawer and takes out a small balloon. She sits on the floor between Holly's legs and starts to blow. It's a pale blue balloon and is already pretty transparent.
Holly moans in frustration. She could feel the balloon against her but it wasn't enough. If this takes much longer, I'm going to lock myself in the bathroom and finish this myself. Holly thinks.
The balloon was almost full already. At least Sophie could blow quickly. "Finish it then get me off. Hurry up." Says Holly, growing exhausted.
The neck begins to grow. It forces the balloon to press hard against Holly's clit.
Holly wonders if she could get off with Sophie just doing this. Probably, if she did it long enough.

The next time Holly glances at the balloon, it's almost completely colourless. Sophie keeps blowing hard and another few breaths makes it go bang.
Holly gasps. It stung a little but she barely feels it. Sophie leans in and Holly feels something warm and wet enter her. Sophie is using her tongue.
Holly moans deeply and starts squirming around on the sofa. Her orgasm comes quick and powerful. She's so exhausted that she barely makes a sound. Afterward she collapses in Sophie's arms.
Holly suddenly realises how excited Sophie looks. She gets up and looks Holly in the eye. "You just squirted in my mouth!"
"Sorry, I couldn't help it." Holly pants.
"Sorry? That's the hottest thing you've ever done! I'm guessing you're too tired to do me now." Sophie replies.
"I can try."
"Don't worry, I'll do it myself." Sophie lays on top of Holly and starts kissing her. Holly feels Sophie touching herself. She doesn't even take her jeans off.
Sophie moans into Holly's mouth every so often. After a few minutes, she breaks off suddenly. "Can you blow to pop a balloon quickly?" She asks.
"A small one." Holly replies.
Sophie quickly grabs another balloon and puts it in Holly's mouth. As Holly starts to blow, Sophie grinds into her. She's still got a hand in her jeans, Sophie won't last long like this. Holly blows as fast as she can. The balloon rubs against Sophie's face as it grows bigger and bigger.
Sophie's weight rubbing against her body starts to make Holly aroused again. She's starting to moan a little now as well.
Holly keeps forcing air into the now bulging neck. It suddenly explodes next to Sophie's face. She lets out a gasp and her body goes rigid. She rolls off of Holly, giggling.
"I just squirted so hard. Look my jeans are soaked." Says Sophie.
Holly can see a wet patch between Sophie's legs. She places her hand against her jeans and feels how moist it is.
"Want me to get you off again?" Sophie asks, when she sees the look in Holly's eyes.
"Yes please." Holly replies eagerly.
"Okay then, just a quick one and we'll have another shower."
Holly closes her eyes and lets Sophie have her again. She can't wait to have a session with Falyse but nothing will compete with Sophie.
She's much more gentle this time and when Holly comes, it's less intense but just as satisfying. After she's done, Sophie gives her a warm, soft kiss and Holly puts her arms around her. They lie together for a while, tired but deeply satisfied.
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Default Re: Anticipation (new story)
i initially thought Linsey was the tease kind, but you showed she was neutral(?).
with all the new characters i think your biggest hit would be to merge them all in a story, i don't know how that would end up. probably a huge mess... (of balloon shards?)
but for the most part i really enjoyed this story, though the pissing part was a first one but since i'm not into that, i have no opinion about it.
try to make a few stand-alone stories for each character with past balloon interaction just to see their background with balloons, and for you actually it would really help to know how each character would most likely behave in your scenes. one example would be Linsey, the swimmer, maybe she had to decorate the basketball court for graduation day with the guy she had a crush on and she actually had some nasty thoughts. obvsiously balloons were involved. i don't know, YOU do as you always showed by writing the best series period.

keep in mind this is just my opinion which has no value.

best regards, a huge fan.
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Default Re: Anticipation (new story)
Thanks for the suggestion. Always looking for ideas. I'll have to think about where I want to go with the series. Not sure wether to carry on like it is or to do separate stories. I'm actually taking a short break from looner erotica and trying my hand at your run-of the-mill standard erotica for a change. My first story got way more popular than I expected and have almost finished a second.
Sometimes it's good to step back and have a break so you can think of more ideas. I hope to make the next one my best yet but it'll take time. Always open to ideas and suggestions.
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