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Default Ch 7-Balloon Riders on the Storm
Chapter 7-Balloon Riders on the Storm

Bill stretched as he finally finished the last of the tissue sample slides, eliciting a crack from his back as he unfolded his hunched body. He glanced at the clock and winced. Seven o’clock on a Friday. Still, he was glad he had stayed to prepare the slides himself, so that he could be confident in the quality of the samples for the experiment. Being the Director of Research and Development was great, but he still liked to get his hands dirty, especially for critical drug trials.

As he gathered his scattered belongings, his phone buzzed. He glanced down and saw a message from Julie appear. “Hey babe, can you pick up Chinese? I couldn’t cook because I’ve been...busy.” Then a balloon emoji appeared, followed by the explosion emoji.

“Damn, she knows how to get my attention,” Bill thought smiling, his fatigue melting away, replaced by a stirring in his groin, as he considered what Julie might have in mind. Suddenly a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, a rumble of thunder following a few seconds later, causing his grin to vanish. “And of course, my umbrella’s at home,” he thought, sighing.

A half hour later, Bill walked into his house cold and dripping from the rain, his arms laden with cardboard containers of various Chinese dishes. As he turned to set the feast down on the kitchen table, arms encircled his neck, and he smelled Julie’s lilac perfume a split second before she spun him around and planted a firm kiss on his lips.

“Did that warm you up a little bit?” She smiled at him, her brown eyes twinkling as she gazed up at him. She was still in her blue blouse and dark skirt from work, her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. He had no idea she managed to combine professional businesswoman and the sexiest woman alive, but he wasn’t going to argue.

Breaking away reluctantly, Bill lamented, “You know it did, babe! But as much as I enjoyed it, if I don’t eat soon, I can’t be responsible for my actions.” As he licked his lips, running his tongue across his still tingling lips, he realized that he detected the unmistakable taste of latex. His eyes darted out to Julie, and she grinned, knowing what he was sensing.

“Later! Chinese first. I don’t want you passing out from hunger!”

Sighing, he collapsed into his chair, and began to dig into the food. As he was nibbling on a crab wonton, he paused. “By the way, after our racquetball game last night, Andy and I had a long talk. I told him about my balloon fetish.”

Janet glanced up, and gave him a smile. “You mean OUR fetish. You may have been first, but you certainly have to admit you created a monster!”

Bill’s coffee-colored cheeks darkened further as he blushed. “Well, yeah, and it’s a monster I love.” He stretched out his leg, and rubbed his sock-clad foot up her calf.

“So how did he take it?”

“He was surprised. A little hurt at first, I think, because I’d never told him. But I think he understood after we talked a while.”

Janet looked thoughtful, her gaze wandering to the falling rain outside. “Yeah, I can understand that. I was a little like that at first, when you told me. I mean, we’d been dating for six months, and I couldn’t believe you had kept something that big from me. I understand now that you weren’t really keeping it from me as much as just dealing with some of the stigma and embarrassment. And it’s not like I walked in to our first date saying, ‘Hey, I like to be tied up sometimes.’ But that’s why I encouraged Janet to talk to Andy early. Knowing both of them for so long, I knew he could handle it, and maybe even like it.”

Suddenly, from the direction of the bedroom, there was a muffled pop. Bill and Julie both looked in that direction. “Oops, looks like I might have gotten one a little too tight,” Julie said, giving him an evil grin. She gathered the remains of their meal, depositing it in the trash, then turned and gave him her best sultry look. “Now that we’ve finished our meal, are you ready for dessert?” Reaching out, she took Bill's hand, and led him down the hallway toward their bedroom.

Bill’s excitement grew as Julie guided him forward, her soft hand gripping his excitedly. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew it would be fun. Julie was a hard charger at work, and she didn’t let up when it came to their leisure activities. That was one of the things Bill loved about her, that she was always totally in the moment.

Julie stopped as she got to the closed bedroom door. Turning, she put one hand behind his neck, and pulled him into a kiss. Her lips then traveled across his face as her other hand moved down his body, rubbing his hardness through the front of his dark dress slacks. She nibbled on his earlobe, before whispering, “You sure you’re ready for this? Balloons WILL be popped!”

Bill moaned, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into an embrace. He could feel her breasts and hard nipples pressing through her silk blouse against his chest. “Mmmm, SO ready!”

Julie smirked. “We’ll see about that. I hope you can keep up!” Then she reached back and opened the door, revealing a riot of color in their bedroom.

Bill’s eyes widened as he took in the cascade of balloons, a mix of twelve and sixteen inch orbs, with two even larger twenty-four inch balloons resting on top of the sheets of their four poster king size bed. All of the balloons were inflated to the point of bursting, the necks stretched out tightly to the plastic clip holding them closed. He took in the shards of red balloon on the bed, as well as the remains of a blue and a yellow balloon on the floor. As Julie led him into the room, she brushed her stocking-clad toe across the latex pieces around the bed. “I may have had a couple I was blowing them up.” As if to punctuate her statement, thunder rumbled outside.

Looking sternly at him as he stood beside the bed, she leaning over and picked up a yellow twelve inch balloon. She ran a red fingernail down its tight surface. He expected it to pop as her finger slightly indented the surface, but somehow it survived her assault. “Now, young man, I believe it’s time for you to get out of those damp clothes!” She held the balloon out, gripping it with both hands, and slowly began to press her nails into the balloon. Taking that as his cue, he quickly shed his shirts, pants and boxers. As he moved to pull off his socks, he heard a squeal of protest, and looked up to see Julie’s nails digging deeply into the balloon. Suddenly, there was a “BOOM” and the balloon was gone, only pieces of yellow latex remaining in her hands. “Too slow!” she said with a grin.

Moving to the bed, he sat down and watched as Julie picked up another balloon. This time, her victim was a sixteen inch red balloon, which she placed on the floor between her legs, sitting down lightly on it. As the neck of the balloon pushed out between her thighs, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, revealing her large breasts clad in a blue bra. Reaching down, she picked up a twelve inch blue balloon. Staring directly into his eyes, she ran the neck of the balloon up and down through the valley between her breasts.

Reclining on the bed as he watched her, Bill reached down and stroked his rock hard member. As he ran his fingers up and down, Julie put the clip of the smaller blue balloon into her mouth, then reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, releasing her breasts. She bounced on the red balloon trapped between her thighs a couple of times, causing the neck to push out even further, and her breasts to bounce up and down, mesmerizing him. Then she stood, quickly shedding her pants and underwear, leaving her naked except for her dark stockings, held tight by garters circling the middle of her thighs.

She picked up the red balloon she had been sitting on and moved to the bed. Bill gasped as she put the balloon down across his thighs and climbed on top of both him and the balloon. He could see her pussy pressed against the balloon, the moisture from her excitement leaving streaks on it as she moved. She took the blue balloon from her mouth and ran it across her bosom. Seeing the look of lust on his face, she smiled and leaned forward, pushing her breasts against his mouth. “Lick them good, and I’ll pop this for you.” Then she opened the clip holding the neck of the balloon closed, and put the stem between her lips.

Julie gasped as Bill took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking it like a starving man. Almost without thinking, she put a shaky breath into the already tightly inflated balloon. Then she ground back against the red balloon, pressing it even harder against his dick, the neck pushing out between them.

Bill could hardly think, as Julie’s breasts pushed against his face, the tight red balloon grinding between them, and the overinflated blue balloon inflating above him. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light from outside, followed immediately by a peal of thunder. Before they could even react, the lights abruptly went out. Startled, Julie sat heavily on the red balloon, and with a “BLAM” it shredded under her thighs. As her pussy met his groin, he gasped, the sudden contact almost enough to make him orgasm. In the darkness, he could see her silhouetted by the dim light from the window.

She reached down, stroking him, and said, “Well, this is going to be fun! Never popped balloons in the dark before…” Stretching out, she grasped one of the large twenty-four inch balloons. Bill was unsure what color it was in the dark, but was beyond caring. Julie lay down across it, straddling it on her hands and knees. He could see the outline of her thighs pressed against it, and her breasts pushing down into its surface. Looking back, she flipped her dark ponytail out of the way. “Come here and fuck me until it pops!” As she put the blue balloon back into her mouth, a flash of lightning momentarily illuminated her. He saw the hungry look on her face, the suddenly revealed pink balloon pressed tight beneath her naked form, with the already over-inflated blue balloon awaiting its doom in her mouth.

Bill moved up behind her, running his hands over her body. She moaned as he slid his hand across her pussy, before positioning himself behind her. As he pushed into her, he heard Julie force a shuddering breath into the balloon in her mouth. Her pussy gripped him like a vice as he slowly began moving in and out. His hands moved around her, sliding between her body and the tight surface of the balloon to cup her breasts. As he thrust, his fingers played with and squeezed her nipples. The sight of her body, pressing down into the pink balloon as he made love to her, caused his excitement to grow ever greater.

Finally, after several minutes, he knew Julie was getting close to orgasm, and he wasn’t going to be able to hold back. She had seemed to have forgotten about the balloon in her mouth, but as she approached orgasm she suddenly remembered and began to put quick breaths into it. He saw the neck of the blue balloon swell, the tight latex pressing against her lips. As he pumped feverishly, he saw her draw in a breath, and begin to push it into the balloon. Unable to withstand the power of her lungs, the balloon surrendered with a loud “BANG”. As the pieces of balloon rained down, Bill felt her pussy clamp down on his dick, and with a shuddering moan, she arched her back and began to orgasm.

Suddenly, another bolt of lightning arched across the sky outside, illuminating the room, revealing Julie in front of him. The vision of her naked form, back arched and breasts out, orgasming against the balloon, was more than Bill could take. With one final thrust, he pushed deep into Julie’s pussy, his chest pressing down against her back. As he forced her down, the pink balloon, stretched beyond its limits by their combined weight, gave up its struggle and exploded with a colossal “BOOM”. He uttered a cry as he orgasmed deep within Julie, before they both collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty tangle of arms, legs, and balloon shards.

They lay together on the bed for several minutes panting, slowly regaining their senses. Finally, Julie rolled over onto Bill. As she pressed her body down against his, her hand caressed his face before she leaned down to kiss him. Then, in a low voice, she said, “Now, about all these other balloons…”
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