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Post Introducing Natalie. (- not done yet).
BEFORE YOU READ: this is my first try at writing anything balloon fetish related and i'm not done with this yet. this is NOT the present day and its just an overview about Natalie's life and family, personality and friends.

i will jump to the present day when i'm done introducing Natalie and Roman.

side note: this is just a small sample. i have 2 exams tomorrow and will be continuing this story on the weekend. In the meanwhile, enjoy this little introduction and feel free to give any criticism and feedback.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~here you go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“just a second mum”

Natalie, aged 16, is nothing like her dark haired mother. She has natural and gorgeous blond smooth hair like her father with green eyes that attracted a ton of attention. Her brother Nathan, aged 14, has blond curly hair but was lucky enough to inherit the blue eyes of his mother. Both were tall and attractive which resulted in a ton of attention at their school. Although Natalie wasn’t the attention seeker type of person, she would always find herself targeted by other dudes, whether it be “unintentional” bumpings , manly macho guys, desperate guys trying to look cool in front of her and the list goes on. Natalie got used to those strategies pretty fast and decided it would be better if she started searching instead of waiting for the perfect guy to appear.

“I’m here mum what’s the matter?”

“can you help me with the happy birthday banner? Hold the other end and tape it to the wall…. Yeah just like that, thank you sweetie. I was video chatting with your dad and unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to be at the hotel to join us this evening.”

Today was Nathan’s birthday and the family decided to make it a surprise. Nathan was at his friend’s house having fun and the time to return home was approaching. Natalie ‘s father was on a business trip and couldn’t attend his son’s birthday.

“I’m going to get the birthday cake and some other stuff before getting Nathan back home, be sure to inflate all the balloons and use that net to make a little balloon drop, show me if you’ve learned how to finally do it by yourself, plus it’ll be cute too.”

“mum he’s 14! A balloon drop? Really?”

“sweetie I’ve been to tons of birthday parties and I can guarantee you that balloons are always present regardless of age, oh and those balloons I brought get very big! I bet it’ll be a great sight to send to your father.”

“yeah whatever mum, you’re the professional”

Natalie’s mum owned a party supply store that provided balloon decorating services. More often than not she would return home with leftover inflated balloons for her children to have fun with. Sadly for the mother though, her children are growing up very fast.

As the door closed shut, Natalie grabbed the 2 bags of balloons and placed them on the table.
She tore the first bag apart releasing its content : “16 inch qualatex” she thought to herself..

Natalie always had to help her mother with her job, it was because she’ll “learn about how life is hard” and the usual lessons. Natalie found it very tiring to decorate huge places with banners and balloons; building the giant columns of balloons was a nightmare. But Natalie didn’t complain, because she loved what comes after the party. She loved exploding all the remaining balloons and even better, she liked how that affected the unlucky kids who got to stay with her. She wasn’t mean or teasing the kids, but she just loved how they would cringe and put their fingers in their ears while she was doing her balloon massacre. Her mother knew that, so she would always let her burst the balloons by herself as some kind of a reward for her efforts.

Looking back at those days, Natalie wished she could get young again not having to deal with school drama and final exams.
She grabbed a crystal green balloon that matched her eyes and stretched it a few times. Her mother would always do that to make them get bigger. Natalie placed the balloon’s mouth inside hers and drenched it with her saliva, then she uses her teeth to get a nice grip on it and proceeds to blow.

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Default Re: Introducing Natalie. (- not done yet).
Good start, man. I look forward to reading more.
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