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Default But What If She Pops IT? Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Summer Job

"Hey, Jude!" said Liz as she gazed up at Julian in his lifeguard chair. "Don't make it bad. You were made to ..., um, I don't know, climb down and let me take your place?"

Julian smiled and glanced down at Liz. No one else had ever called him Jude before this summer job, but Liz immediately adopted the nickname for him, and it had stuck. Apparently, she liked the Beatles. That was just one more thing he liked about Liz, as she was cool, funny, smart, and undeniably sexy with her big blue eyes, sun-bleached hair, tanned skin, freckled nose, and athletic (yet curvy) body. He took all this in as he climbed down from the chair facing the diving board at the deep end. "Thank God. That 15 minutes felt like an hour. By the way, keep an eye on that little boy third in line at the board. He's not a good swimmer and seems to struggle just to make it to the ladder. He keeps insisting on jumping again and again, though. The kid's got more guts than sense."

"Thanks for the heads up," said Liz as she climbed up to the chair. "At least it's only one more station for you before your break. I'm sure you can manage the baby pool for another 15 minutes." Suddenly, she blew her whistle loudly and shouted at one of the kids on the board, "Only one person allowed on the board at a time!" She shook her head in exasperation. "How many times a day to I say that to these kids? They must think I'm a real bitch, but I know Kim would chew me out if I didn't stop them. At least they keep me entertained and help the time fly by a bit quicker. Who knew being a lifeguard would be so boring? Oh right, everybody," she giggled.

Julian laughed along with Liz as he walked away from the chair and headed to the baby pool with a big smile on his face. He was 18, had just graduated high school, was accepted to his first choice university, and had the good fortune to be a lifeguard at the local public pool during the summer before he left for college. The job paid practically nothing, but the work was not too hard, he got to spend each day with several attractive girls in swim suits, and inflatables were often in view.

At this particular pool, inflatable rafts, swim rings, beach balls, and other pool toys were not allowed in the main pool, but they were allowed at the shallow baby pool. Lifeguards rotated every 15 minutes between the three chairs of the main pool and baby pool before getting a 15 minute break. For Julian, the baby pool was his favorite station, of course. This was where the young mothers would unpack their pool bags and blow up their kids' pool toys. Some days, Julian would only witness mothers arriving with gently pre-inflated arm bands or swim rings, while other days afforded him the opportunity to witness a cute, sexy woman blowing up a beach ball to the max. Julian soon learned to carry a towel with him and to drape it over the large, embarrassing bulge in his pants. Between hiding his boner, making sure all the kids were safe in the pool, and anxiously watching the occasional pool toy being overinflated, Julian had his hands full.

Julian reached the baby pool to relieve his co-worker, Amy. She was a few years older and kept mostly to herself, although she did join in with the rest of the group when they played cards on slow, chilly days. Amy looked grateful as she saw Julian approach, knowing it was now her break time. She sat up from the bench and made way for Julian to have a seat. Watching her hips sway as she walked away, Julian briefly wondered whether she would make sure all the wrinkles were gone when blowing up a beach ball, and if she might then add five more breaths to make the ball big and tight.

Today was hot, and the pool was crowded. Many of the regular patrons were there, whom Julian recognized immediately. There was the mother who always blew up the arm bands for her little boy. Sitting next to her was the mother who once brought a little boat, which she inflated quite firmly. Across from them was the skinny mom who always had so much trouble blowing up the swim ring for her daughter and would give up when it was barely inflated and still quite flaccid. He recognized several other women as well, cataloging them by the inflatables they brought to the pool and how tightly they would blow them up.

A few of the regular patrons at the baby pool were very reliable for good inflation shows. Most of the women would arrive with pre-inflated pool toys and leave a few hours later with them still inflated. A select few, however, would always blow them up when they got there and then deflate them before leaving. Julian would eagerly anticipate their arrival each day and hope he happened to be stationed at the baby pool when they arrived and unpacked their bags.

There was one young mother in particular that Julian was hoping to see - a woman who seemed to really like blowing up pool toys and always made sure they were very tight. She was an unassuming woman with short dark hair, medium build, and kind, pretty, dark eyes. She usually brought an animal split ring, a medium-sized solid blue ring, and a 24" multi-colored beach ball. As soon as she would finish slathering her two little girls with sunscreen, she would then sit at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water and take the pool toys one by one and blow them up until they seemed ready to pop. The head of the split ring would be bulging with only tiny wrinkles left at the seam, the swim ring would be completely smooth, and the beach ball would be stretched well beyond its intended size. The kids would eagerly take them off her hands before playing in the pool as she would smile and carefully watch them while chatting with one or another of the other parents there. Later, she would often ask one of her kids to bring her the toy because it needed more air. At the end of the day, she would pull the plugs and squeeze them to her breasts before sticking them back in the pool bag.

Julian would watch from behind his sunglasses, hoping he wasn't too obviously staring and that the towel over his lap was adequately covering his raging cock. He would also hope that his 15 minutes at the baby pool would not be up yet, with another lifeguard coming to relieve him, forcing him to stand up, adjust himself, and march the 50 yards past all the patrons to the guard station for his break.

On this particular day, Julian was disappointed to see that the woman was not there. He sighed and scanned the pool to determine how many kids were there, and to make sure they were all safe. He also noted the few inflatables that were in use. There were three kids wearing arm bands, a couple kids wearing swim rings, and a small, gently-inflated beachball that was floating around in the water. Nothing was currently being blown up, so he settled into his job and dutifully watched the kids in the pool.

After a while, Julian was distracted by a sound - that sound! That wonderful whooshing, hissing sound! - which could only mean one thing. Julian turned to his right and saw the woman he was hoping to see - the tight inflator (He really wished he knew her name). Julian was paying such close attention to the pool that he didn't see her come in. And now she was sitting a mere five feet away and just starting to blow up the swim ring.

"Hey there, Melinda!" said the skinny woman of the flaccid swim ring. "I was hoping you'd all be here today. Jaydee loves your girls so much and has been asking me all afternoon where they were." Her daughter, Jaydee, a four-year old with tight red curls, was now happily splashing in the pool with Melinda's daughters.

Melinda (Julian was glad to finally put a name to this woman who caught so much of his attention) grimaced as she pulled the valve of the half-inflated swim ring from her lips. "Sorry we're late, Kelly. I've had a hell of a day. We went to the shopping mall to pick up a few things, and a tire on my minivan blew out. It scared the bejeezus out of me and the girls, but fortunately no one was hurt. My husband, Tony, is out of town on business, so he's no help. I finally managed to change the tire afer reading the owner's manual, but then noticed the spare was also nearly flat. I drove around town for thirty minutes on a nearly flat tire looking for a service station with a working air hose. Finally found one after my third stop and then realized I had no quarters for the machine. Fortunately, a nice man who was vacuuming his car next to mine gave me two quarters so I could pump up the tire. There was no gauge on the machine, so I have no idea if I put enough air in the tire or even if I put too much in it. At least there were no incidents on the way to the pool, so hopefully it's okay. I'm glad to finally be here so I can relax and let the kids have some fun." She raised the swim ring to her lips and put a couple more big breaths in the toy as she felt the plastic walls beginning to stiffen under her fingers.

"Gosh, Jaydee is so cute with her tight curls!" exclaimed Melinda to Kelly while holding a finger over the valve. "I wish my girls got some of Tony's curly hair, but they're both straight-haired like me." She then put the valve back in her mouth and continued inflating the ring, which had become noticeably tighter with slowly shrinking wrinkles at the outer seam.
Kelly smiled her appreciation at the comment as she watched Melinda continue to blow into the ever tightening swim ring with strong, clear breaths through the tiny plastic valve. She then noticed Jaydee's barely inflated swim ring and wondered how Melinda was able to do this so easily. "How do you do that?" blurted Kelly.

Melinda put one last breath in the swollen, smooth-seamed ring and closed the valve with her tongue. "Do what?" she asked as she inspected her work with a gentle squeeze of the taut ring and flipped it over to where the girls were playing. It landed lightly and stood high atop the water.
"How do you blow up those pool toys so quickly and easily?" said Kelly. "I blow as hard as I can and barely get any air at all into the damn thing. I believe whoever designed those things must be an evil sadist," she laughed. "I don't remember them being so tough to inflate when I was a kid."

"it's actually pretty easy," said Melinda, "but you have to know the trick. All pool toys nowadays have a safety valve, and you have to bite the valve at just the right spot. I find it works best when you bite the fat part of the stem closest to the vinyl. Sometimes you need to turn it one way or another to open the valve properly. After a few times, you'll get the hang of it. They're also a bit easier to blow up each time as the valve starts to hang loose inside the stem. This one here," she said, pointing to the tight ring she just blew up "has been blown up so many times that I don't really need to bite the stem at all anymore."

Kelly nodded and thanked her friend for the advice. "Jaydee!" she called to her daughter. "Bring me your ring so I can blow it up properly." Jaydee dutifully swam over to her Mom and wiggled out of the ring before handing it over. Kelly found the valve after a few seconds and fought with it as she tried to pull the stem out. She finally pulled it out with her teeth and popped open the plug. She followed Melinda's advice by biting the fat part of the valve, and blew hard. But she still was not able to get much air in, and her lips made an unflattering raspberry sound against the vinyl ring.

Melinda laughed and gestured a turning motion with her hands as if she were driving a bus. Kelly remembered this bit of advice and rotated the ring a half turn before trying again. This time, the air went through cleanly with a satisfying hiss, and Kelly was able to see and feel the results immediately. She gave Melinda a "thumbs up" and put a few more good breaths into the toy, which finally began to tighten against her hands. Kelly was concerned about popping the ring but remembered how tight her friend was able to blow her ring without popping it. She shrugged and continued to blow up the ring despite the resistance she felt from the air blowing back at her. She wanted to prove to herself that she could blow it up as tightly as Melinda would. Also, she remembered all the trouble this ring caused her in the past, and she reveled slightly in the payback she was giving it now.

Melinda smiled her encouragement at Kelly and reached into her pool bag and took out a flat package sealed in plastic. Julian, whose heart was beating quite fast now and had a nervous lump in the pit of his belly, could see from behind that it was a brand new beach ball. Melinda pulled the package apart, removed the 24" multicolored beach ball, and unfolded it. It had blue, green, and yellow stripes alternating with white stripes and seemed to be made of a very soft, supple vinyl. She put the valve of the new ball against her lips and started to blow. The valve resisted her breath, so she turned it around before biting down again and blowing. A little bit more air went into it this time, but not enough for Melinda's liking. She frowned and removed the valve from her mouth. She squeezed the valve in several places while inspecting the inner workings of the safety flap. After a few seconds, she pinched the valve in a certain spot and was rewarded with a clear view of the flap opening wide inside the ball. She then returned the valve to her mouth, bit down on that exact spot, and breathed deeply and easily into the flat ball while holding the opposite end circle directly out in front of her. Melinda gave Kelly a similar "thumbs up" as the flat beach ball began to rise and unfold with each successive breath.

By this time, Julian was utterly transfixed by the two ladies blowing up their pool toys right in front of him. He was careful to keep an eye on the kids in the pool and only looked sideways at the ladies through his mirrored sunglasses. But his cock was hard as a rock and nearly poking through his swim suit. Fortunately, he had his towel over his lap to hide his boner, but he was afraid he might explode right now, and was pretty sure that might be noticeable despite the towel and sunglasses.

He moaned quietly to himself as Kelly finally gave up on the swim ring, which looked as if it might pop if given one or two more breaths. But as Kelly took the valve out of her mouth and tried to close the plug, air began to escape in a rush from the tightly blown ring. Kelly cursed mildly and put the ring back to her lips to give it two more quick breaths. This time, she managed to insert the plug without losing too much air.

"Phew," thought Julian. "That was close."

Meanwhile, Melinda's beach ball had become roundish, and the big creases at the seams were starting to grow smaller. Julian let out a soft whimper as he felt his balls spasm and a small amount of semen leaked out of the tip of his penis.

Just at that moment, he was interrupted by a fake cough from behind the bench he was sitting on. He jumped and turned around. It was Liz, ready to replace him.
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Default Re: But What If She Pops IT? Chapter 1
Finally a story focussed on inflatables!

And even better you chose a "authentic" setting and gave a good introdution for the main character and his fellings/whishes.

Hopefully you find the time and motivation to tell us "will she pop it?" -or both of them together. Or will Liz be the one to do the popping?
So many possible scenarios... only you know.

Great work so far.
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Default Re: But What If She Pops IT? Chapter 1
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope I can complete a few more chapters before too long.
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