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Default The Club
Here's an old story I wrote loosely based on an incident at my favorite club (Amnesia) in Dallas. (BTW, I went by "Popper" on Balloon buddies.)

The Club

There was a night club that I always liked to visit. Its decor
always featured tightly inflated bouquets of balloons. The entrance
was a hall filled with a rainbow of balloons stretching from the
floor, up the walls and along the ceiling. The balloons were
colorful 12" and 16" shiny transparent rounds. Before entering the
main club area was an archway of balloons. Funny thing was there
always seemed to be a few balloons that popped when people passed
under it.

Once inside, helium balloons were tied to most tables and chairs.
There were balloons floating on the ceiling with ribbons hanging down.
The balloons were various colors, transparent and tightly inflated.
Sometimes a balloon would just pop, with no apparent reason, startling
the people nearby.

Most of the women were dressed in tight nylon lycra dresses often showing
much cleavage and beautifully tanned legs. Many times there was a fun
playful attitude that prevaled. Often women would grab a helium balloon
and go dancing. Sometimes while dancing they would play fight with one
another bopping each other with a balloon, usually until someone popped
their balloon, then that would start everyone trying to pop each others
balloon. There was a carefree attitude towards the balloons because there
were so many. If one popped, there was always another to take its place.

One night two women caught my eye. They were sitting at a small
table facing each other talking. Both were very attractive, one was
a beautiful large-breasted blond and the other a dark-haired vixen.
Each wore a tight-fitting sexy dress. What caught my eye was one of them
was holding a tightly inflated helium balloon. She was holding it close
to her face and lips, each starring through it as they talked to one another.
The lady holding it had long painted fingernails. She held the balloon
between both hands like a fortune teller would a crystal ball. As they
talked, she would scratch the sides of the balloon with her sharp fingernails
making that familiar squeaking sound. The other lady was smoking a
cigarette, moving it dangerously close to balloon as they talked. Each
talked and acted as if there was not a care in the world, neither had any
fear that the tightly stretched balloon could pop in their faces at any time.
In fact, they acted as if the balloon was invisible. I was mesmerized.
I couldn't believe their fearless attitude. As I watched, she would
squeeze the balloon with her fingernails, as if she was teasing the balloon
about its imminent destiny. Or maybe she was teasing her friend, testing
her tolerance, seeing if she would back away for fear that the balloon would
explode so close to her face. I became more and more excited. It
finally ended, when they finished their conversation. The lady holding
the balloon smiled wickedly and squeezed tightly with her fingernails,
the balloon trying not to pop its neck expanding downward, the other
casually pops the balloon with her cigarette. They both leave the table

Later that night, I notice the same two women sitting at the table.
Each had a large helium balloon that they had unknotted. After inhaling
the helium and making funny voice sounds, they both sat there giggling,
each with an uninflated balloon. The next thing they do is each puts their
balloon to their lips and start blowing. They alternate breaths. It seems
to be a game their playing. The balloons soon return to their original
size and shape, but they don't stop. One blows a breath full of air into
her balloon as the other grins holding her balloon by the neck. Taking
turns they slowly empty breaths of air into each balloon. The balloons
are obviously helium quality and since being previously inflated they
continue to grow endlessly stretching tighter and tighter. The necks of
the balloons are elongated and with each breath you hear the latex squeak,
knowing one of the balloons has to burst soon. I move closer so I can
observe. The two are definitely enjoying this game. Each wants
the other's balloon to burst. The blond taunts the other by acting like
she's going to pop the balloon with her pointer fingernail. They grin
at each other and continue. I can't believe the balloons haven't burst.
Each is enormous and transparent. With each breath they don't grow but
only take on more air. The lady with dark hair puts the balloon to her
ruby lips and blows, BLAM! It shreds with a satisfying pop. A girl
standing close by nearly jumps out of her skimpy dress. She spins
around to see what happened and sees the two of them laughing at
her skittish behavior. The blond lady smiles and says "Looks like
I've won, what should I do now?" The dark-haired lady says "Burst it,
I want to see that girl jump again." The blond laughs and takes a deep
breath, her full breasts rising, and emptys her lungs into the balloon.
The girl nearby cringes as she expects the balloon to burst, but nothing
only the sound of air filling the balloon. The blond pulls the balloon
away from her lips to observe its size, then she gives her friend a quick
wink and blows. KAPOW! The girl jumps again and both ladies smile and
nod to each other.

Both start towards the door, then stop, and the blond whispers something
in the other's ear. They each grab a balloon floating from the ceiling
and sneak up behind a bouncer standing near the archway of balloons.
The bouncer has his back turned to them. Then they simultaneously
pop their balloons and grin devilishly as he turns to see. They both
lean up and ask him something. He indicates yes and proceeds to cut the
string securing the archway of balloons. Each one grabs the string
and wraps themselves up among the balloons as they squeeze there way
out of the club, balloons squeaking and popping all the way.

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