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Default The flying fox
It was the one of thoes warm summer day.
I was going for a party in the club this night and they had given me the task of decorating the place.
Well, that was tonight and it's only 9.00 am so i have plenty of time to test my new inflatable latex fox catsuit i tought.
I took it on and drowe out to my secred spot at a lokal lake bringing my battery povered pump and scuba fins with me.
Floating in the suit felt soo good that i compleatly lost time, there was now only two hours till the party started.
I deflated the suit, but it took a long time so i didn't have time to change to my clothe.
I just took my running suit over it and I had to curl the tail of the fox catsuit around my stomach.
I got to my car and as I putted my scuba fins in the boot i saw the suits fox mask had somehow ended there too.
I took it and placed it under my shirt without thinking and jumped into my car and drove off.
On the way home i tought of how i should decorate the place where the party was to be held.
Then i suddendly got it. Balloons.
There was a shop that sell balloons and helium in a neighboring town and they close in half an hour. I can just make it i tought.
But you know how it is with trafic when you are busy. I got there ten minutes to closing time
I grabbed my walet a ran into the store.
The lady by the counter looked up. "Boy you are in a hury can i help you".
"I need something to decorating a party place" i answered" i tought of balloons. Can you help me? "
" Well that what we sell here."She answered." Why are you wearing gloves? "
" I eeh have been on a diving trip and didn't have time to change "i nerevously answered,while i tribed nervous back and forth.
But as I did something happenent. The tail fell out and my pants slid down. And with a flop my fox mask landed on the floor
" Hey that's no diving suit you're wearing. It's really nice fox catsuit.".
She blended down. "Is that valves? It's inflatable right?"
"Eeh yes" i answered
I was begining to feel really det warm and rubber inside the suit. It turned me on a bit..
"I am going to the party too" She said"i have an idea. Just go to the party place with your suit on and I will come shortly"
I was the first one to get there and the shop lady got there five minutes after.
She brought a pink gas tank with her. It was marked HE1000X.
"Put on your mask" she said.
As I did she atached the hose to the valve and I could feel it tighten around my head. I could also feel at slight lifr as it inflates
"Wow it feels wierd" i said.
"It's a new kind of helium" she said "it has a tousand times the lifting power of regular helium so it might be that you feel on your head .
She putted the valve cap on and startes inflating the tail
As the helium rushed in it imidialy lifted up instead of just hanging down as it used to.
I could feel it pull up on my ass as she inflated it bigger as I have ever done..
She closes the valve and tied a string around my foot.
I got more and more exited becauce now she connected the hose to the suits valve and as the helium rushed in it made the suit feel more rubbery
than usual It felt so good that i just forgot where i was.
"As the pressure grew i got to think of how much the suit could take.
" Wait "i said" i am afraid that the suit can`t take any more".
"Don't worry about that" she said "the helium haa at build in mecanism that make the rubber stronger"
I was suddendly getting a wierd feeling. Like i was getting lighter.
I could feel the suit was begining to lift me of the ground.
"Please stop the helium" i said.
"Oh no" she said ". You are surposed to decorating the place and now you are the decoration"
More and more helium rushed into the suit and my arms and legs where forced apart
It was getting hard to walk.
Every step i took i bounced up and it took longer and longer to get down each time.
It was actualy really funny, so i just said "what a heck keep inflating.
All the sudden i floated up in the air and I was now hanging in the string five meters up.
The guests started to arrive and they looked in aw at the huge balloon fox.
It got to be a party to remember, but I did not participate much. I just hang there and ejoyed my self

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Default Re: The flying fox
As a small commed i can tell you that the story i just wrote gave me the urge to to put on the fox catsuit and inflate it tight.
So the second half of the story i wrote lying on my bed in the tightly inflated suit.
It really gives me the inspiration and I am still wearing the suit as I write this
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