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Default The waterspouds
Here is a short story about something i fantasize about while floating on a GL1200 balloon.

It was a muggy hot day and I finaly got off work.
Drivning home i got the urge to go floating on my GL1200 balloon.
I had just got a new shipment of five crystal pink ones so quikly packed those and the other gear and drove out to the lake.
When i got there i took out one of the balloons and inflated it and waded out and floated on it for an hour.
I better explain how i do this.
I start by putting on my wetsuit boots and my Darkfin gloves.
I then inflate the GL1200 balloon to about half to two third of the balloons maximum size.
I then make the balloon and my latex breifs wet before stepping over the middle part of the balloon.
Having done that i wade out in the lake with the balloon between my legs and the boyancy does that i can float in a seated position using my Darkfin gloves to propel me on the lake.
Well after an hour floating this way on the totaly calm lake i tought that the balloon could take a little more air so i padled back and inflated it more.
I tried sitting on the balloon and it felt like it could take even more air so i desided to inflate the balloon harder.
There was nobody else at the lake so i took off my breifs and stepped over the balloon.
It felt soo nice aginst my nacked croch, but it was really hard to stay balanced on the balloon.
After a few trials i found the balance by holding my arms around the back of the balloon so i pushed of the bottom of the lake and drifted a bit out on the lake sitting on the balloon like this.
I was not able to padle with my arms without falling of the balloon, but suddently a gust of wind pushed the balloon and me further out on the lake.
Since i had inflated the balloon so hard the slightes gust of wind kept pushing us further and further out on the lake.
I was now totaly at the mercy of the balloon becauce i was not able to padle back.
All the sudden the sky turned black and the wind started to pick up pushing the balloon and me out to the middle of the lake.
A waterspoud formed just in front of the balloon and me.
The balloon picked up speed and we where sucked toward the waterspoud.
Since the balloon balloon was inflated so hard the wind made it move faster than i have ever experienced toward the waterspoud.
I just had to hold on for dear life with my arms and legs.
As the balloon took me closer to the waterspoud it began to bounce from the waves still picking up speed.
All the sudden we left the water intirely while being sucked into the waterspoud.
The gforce pushed my ass further into the balloon and my arms and legs just hang down.
It actualy made it easyer to stay on the balloon while we where sucked higher and higher up in the air by the waterspoud.
I could see tree more waterspouds forming just beside the waterspoud that we where sucked up in.
We where about a hundred meters up when the balloon and I where bursted out of the waterspout just to be caught by the waterspout next to it.
It was like the wildest roller coaster ride i have ever been on times a hundred.
I was surpriced that the balloon held up, but all the gforce just made it massage my croch in a real nice way.
We where trown from the second waterspoud and caught by the third, and a fourth formed next to it.
The fourth waterspoud wasn't as powerfull as the tree other becauce when it caught us it sat us down on the lake again and the wind pushed us in to the shore.
As quikly as they came as quikly the waterspouds desapered again.
I was able to reach the bottom of the lake with my feets and stood up with the balloon between my legs.
Aparently the gforce had made me come becauce the balloon was all greasy so i stepped off it and rinsed it in the lake water and sat down cleaning my croch in the water.
As I got back to the starting point i dressed up.
I just finished when an elderly couble came by and saw the balloon.
"Are you going to float on that today?" the elderly woman said. "you better don't. We just saw a waterspoud while we walked down here".
"Oh did you?" i grinned. "I did not see one i saw four"
I took the clip off my trusted balloon picked it up and walked to my car.
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