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Default The meetup
Haven’t wrote anything in a while so I did a quick one off story. New characters as well. They’re kinda similar to Jenny and Winter from my main series. I’ve been focusing on some other stories lately, so haven’t had as much time to do much balloon related stuff.



Cait: Sure I’d love to have a session tonight. I’m kinda nervous though, I’ve never done this before.

Freya: Nor have I. I’m really excited. Should I bring some balloons, or have you got plenty?

Cait: I’ve got quite a few, you can bring your own too if you want.

Freya: I’ve got some really good ones. They can get so big.

Cait: We’re not popping them though, are we? I’ve told you how scared I am.

Freya: Of course not. I already told you I’m a non popper.

Cait: Good. Just making sure. I get so nervous when other people blow balloons. I can only just blow them to rated size myself.

Freya: I love seeing how big I can make them. Do you want me to show you how much air they can take before you blow them? You’ll be less nervous about them popping then.

Cait: No. Can we not over inflate them? They might pop if we do that.

Freya: They won’t pop. They’re really strong. I usually stop when the neck reaches my lips.

Cait: I’m way too scared to do that. Please can we just blow them normally tonight?

Freya: If you insist. I promise they won’t pop if you blow them a little too big though. I’ve been blowing every balloon until they neck and I’ve not had a single accident.

Cait: I know, but if one did pop, it would be so loud.

Freya: Yes, but the chances of that happening are tiny. You don’t have to worry.

Cait: Perhaps you can show me another time. Please just blow them up to rated size today. I get so scared when other people are blowing. I’ll have to wear ear plugs as well. Just in case.

Freya: Even if I don’t neck them?

Cait: What if you get a defective one? One popped after two breaths before. It scared me so much, I couldn’t blow any more balloons for a month.

Freya: My balloons are really good quality. They won’t pop easily.

Cait: Just promise you won’t make them too big.

Freya: I promise. No blowing until the neck starts bulging.

Cait: Definitely not. Even a small neck scares me. Once I got too carried away and the neck suddenly inflated. I immediately let go. It was so scary. I thought it was about to pop.

Freya: Trust me, you’ll know when these balloons are about to pop. They get really hard to blow at the end.

Cait: You’ve blown one until it popped!? Even the thought of that makes me shake.

Freya: How else was I going to find out how big they go?

Cait: I thought you said you were scared of pops like me.

Freya: I am. I did it so I would know when to stop next time.

Cait: I don’t know if I can trust you not to pop them. Knowing that you’ve purposely blown one until it burst, makes me so nervous.

Freya: Don’t worry, I won’t do it tonight. It scared me too much. I won’t be able to do it again if I tried.

Cait: That’s a relief to hear.

Freya: So what do you like doing when it comes to balloons?

Cait: Just blowing, mostly. Sometimes when I’m feeling brave, I’ll sit on an under-inflated one. I’m always afraid it’ll pop though. A couple of times I’ve stuffed small balloons in my clothes. Usually I’m too scared to do it though. All that squeaking... Also I’m scared that I won’t be able to untie them again. What about you?

Freya: Same as you! I love blowing them in my clothes. They get so tight!

Cait: Oh no, I don’t blow them tight! That’s way too scary. They have to be soft if I’m going to have them in my clothes. You’re so brave!

Freya: Not really. Balloons don’t pop as easily as you think. My ones don’t anyway. I’ll blow one in your shirt if you want.

Cait: Please no! I can’t imagine anything worse. I hate not being in control. I don’t trust you enough yet.

Freya: Would you do it to me? Then you’ll be in control.

Cait: Maybe... Can we just blow them normally today? Even that might prove too scary. If I say stop, will you promise to stop right away?

Freya: Of course! I would hate to scare you. You’ll be in control the whole time, don’t worry.

Cait: Thanks. That means a lot. It’ll be fun. I just hope I won’t be too nervous to enjoy it.

Freya: You’ll be fine. I’ll confirm times later. Look forward to finally meeting you.

Cait: And you! This is so exciting.


Freya: Quick question, you are into girls, right?

Cait: I guess. Why’d you ask?

Freya: Well, if we’re going to be playing with balloons later, I might get a little... Hot, shall we say.

Cait: Oh, me too! It’s going to be exciting, isn’t it?

Freya: What I meant was, are you okay if I kiss you and stuff?

Cait: Kiss me? I um, I don’t know. We haven’t even met yet.

Freya: Okay, no worries. We don’t have too.

Cait: Well, you can if you want I suppose. I’m probably not a very good kisser though. You might be disappointed.

Freya: I can teach you, don’t worry about that. I just wanted to know if it’s okay. What are we going to do after balloon play?

Cait: What do you mean?

Freya: We’re both going to be quite wet, aren’t we? How do you want to end the day?

Cait: What was you thinking?

Freya: I have all sorts of ideas. It’s up to you though.

Cait: It was your idea. You can decide. Just as long as there’s no popping.

Freya: Okay. I’ll see you in a few hours then. I’m going to pack my balloons.

Cait spends the next hour cleaning her living room, ready for Freya. She finds her best balloons and lines them up on the coffee table. She also has some inflatables nearby, just in case she gets too nervous with the balloons. As least we can still blow something then. She thinks. She’s not scared of inflatables in the slightest. They can’t be popped easily.

Then she thinks about blowing up a few balloons for decoration. She doesn’t usually tie them off for too long. Most the time, she just deflates them when she’s finished. I better do something though.

Cait takes out three smallish balloons, and puts on her ear defenders. Just in case. She thinks. She slowly blows them up, being very careful not to make them too big. She holds the mouthpiece closed, and measures the balloon with some tape.

It’s not quite at it’s rated size. Freya would expect them to be full. Cait puts the balloon to her mouth and takes a few deep breaths, her heart racing. She nervously blows, cringing at the thought of it popping. Half a breath later, she stops and carefully ties it off.

She does the same with the others, then ties them to some string. She tapes the string to the wall at the far end of the living room. Out of the way so they won’t be accidentally popped.

She can’t stop glancing at them while she waits for Freya to arrive. What if they suddenly pop? She hated leaving them unattended. What if they fell down? Something sharp could pop them.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Cait realises she’s still got her ear muffs on. She quickly takes them off, not wanting to look silly.

She nervously opens the door, heart in her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Freya was more beautiful then she ever imagined. Tall, dark haired and with piercing blue eyes. Cait was the opposite; short, red hair and brown eyes.

“Well you’re quite cute, aren’t you?” Says Freya. “Can I come in?”

“Yes, of course. Make yourself comfortable.” Cait replies.

Freya did just that. She sits on the sofa and takes off her shoes. “Thought you’d have more balloons blown up.” She says.

“I did a few. We can blow more later.”

“I can see. Not very big though. You should’ve kept blowing.”

“I know. They’re almost full size, but I got nervous.” Says Cait.

“Not to worry. We can fix that. Want me to top them up now?” Freya asks.

“No, it’s okay.” Maybe I should’ve made them a little bigger...

“They’ll be prettier with a bit more air. Go make me a drink. I’ll add some more air while I wait.” Says Freya.

“Um, okay then.” Cait hurries off to make her a drink. She tries to take as long as possible to give her time. She couldn’t watch Freya untie them and put another breath in. It could pop.

Cait returns with two cups of coffee. Freya was sitting on the sofa again. Cait glances at the balloons, and almost drops the drinks in horror. They were absolutely huge! The necks were all distorted, it was a surprise Freya managed to tie them at all. Her mouth goes dry. They’re about to pop. She just knows it.

“Much better. Don’t you think?” Asks Freya.

“That’s way too big, they’re gonna pop!” Says Cait, beginning to panic.

“It’s fine. I reckon they could go bigger. They’re not even that tight yet.”

They looked very tight to Cait. “Let some air out before they pop.”

“Trust me, they won’t pop. I actually let some air out that last one already. I blew it a bit big. Come on, let’s blow some of these.”

Cait puts the drinks down and nervously sits next to Freya. Maybe this was a bad idea...

“Relax. They aren’t going to pop on their own. I’ll bet on it. If one goes bang, I’ll give you fifty quid. Deal?”

“If you’re sure...” Says Cait, hesitantly.

“Positive. Now let’s have some fun.” Freya grabs a balloon from her bag, and starts stretching it. “I’ll start it, then you can put the last breaths in.”

Freya blows. It’s a red balloon and looks a little bigger than Cait’s balloons. At least I get to decide when to stop. Better I finish it, than her. She thinks.

Freya didn’t seem to be stopping though. The balloon must be almost full. Cait quickly grabs her ear defenders.

“You don’t need them. I’m not popping it.” Says Freya.

“Just in case.”

“No, I can’t talk to you then. Put them down.” Freya puts in another breath. Cait reluctantly drops the ear muffs.

“I think that’s enough.” Says Cait.

Freya doesn’t seem to hear. The balloon must be at rated size now but she’s still blowing.

“Freya?” Cait’s fear starts rising. “Freya please!” She begs.

“What’s the matter?” Asks Freya between breaths.

“Stop! It’s big enough.”

“Nah, no where near. I’ll let you take over if you want though.” Freya passes her the balloon.

“What?” She couldn’t possibly be asking her to blow it bigger.”

“Your turn to blow. I’d say another five breaths should do it. Don’t let any air out though.”

“I can’t... it’s so tight!”

“That’s nothing. You should feel it after those five breaths. Go on, just put it in your lips and blow. We’ll start with one breath.”

Cait has never been so nervous. She carefully raises the balloon to her lips. She could see through it! Cait bites on the wet mouthpiece.

“Now just blow. It won’t pop.” Freya encourages.

Cait puts in a small shaky breath. It’s giving resistance already. Then she quickly hands it back, expecting it to pop.
Freya doesn’t take it. “Blow a proper breath. Just do it hard and fast.”

“I can’t. It’s too scary.”

“Do it, or I’ll blow it until it bursts. Then you’ll know how big they really go.” Freya threatens.

She wouldn’t actually do it would she? Cait thinks. It’s just a threat. She said she’s scared herself. It wasn’t worth the risk though.

Cait quickly puts in a big breath before she loses courage. She’s impressed by how brave she is.

“Now another breath.” Freya commands.

Cait manages another little breath, even though it was tight. She was so brave today!

“A full breath.”

Cait inhales deeply. She could do this. She blows as hard as she can. Suddenly she notices the neck filling up. Cait immediately lets the air out.

“Did you see how big it was? That was so fun.” Says Cait, still shaking.

Freya didn’t seem impressed though. She suddenly grabs the balloon off her and starts blowing fast.

“Freya?” What is she doing? Surely she isn’t going to pop it. That was just a threat.

She was making it pretty big though. Bigger than before.

“Freya? What are you doing? You’re not popping it are you? I did what you asked.”

She seems to speed up. The neck was filling fast.

“Freya, please! I’ll blow it again. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have stopped.” Cait begs. The neck was almost full.

“Please, I’ll do anything. Just stop! I’ll let you kiss me.”

Freya hesitates at that. But only for a moment. The neck was touching her lips. Cait puts her fingers in her ears. Why was she being so mean?

“You said you’ll stop if I asked. I trusted you.” Cait felt on the verge of tears.
Freya takes a deep breath but hesitates. Cait makes eye contact with her.

“Please...” To her relief, Freya stops and lowers the balloon.

“Told you I wouldn’t pop it. Just wanted to show you how big they go.” She says.

“You would’ve popped it, if I didn’t stop you.” Says Cait.

“No I wouldn’t. I promised, remember? It can take loads more air, look.” Freya suddenly puts the balloon back to her lips and blows hard.

“No, stop it!” Cait plugs her ears tightly with her fingers.

Freya blows again. And again.

“Freya, stop!”

She lowers the balloon again. “See? It didn’t pop.” Freya says before unloading yet another massive breath. She goes to do it again, but stops.

“Actually I better not. I think another breath will finish it. Shall we tie it off?”

“No.” Says Cait. It would almost certainly pop if she did that.

“Okay, I guess I’ll finish it then.” Freya puts the balloon back to her lips.

“No, tie it off!” Shouts Cait before Freya can put any more air in.

“I was only joking.” She lets a bit of air out, then ties it. She tosses it to Cait.
Cait flinches out of the way and it bounces off the sofa and onto the floor.

“Come on, lets blow some more.” Says Freya, grabbing a handful of balloons.

Cait reluctantly joins in. This was way scarier than she expected, but there was no way out.

Freya had her balloon completely full before Cait had even started hers.

“Start blowing then. I’m not popping any, don’t worry.” Freya puts a few more breaths in, then ties it off. This one is only slightly overinflated.

Cait blows her own, stopping when it grows tight. Any less and Freya would tell her off. After a few balloons, she was almost enjoying herself. Not as much as Freya though. She looked really turned on. It made Cait a little nervous.

“Lets start making them bigger.” Says Freya suddenly. “You might want your ear muffs now. I’ll try not to pop them, but there might be accidents.”

“Not too big. Please.” Cait begs.

“I’m going to blow each one until it’s about to pop. You should too. If you don’t, I’ll top it up for you. Can’t promise it won’t pop then.”

Cait puts on her ear muffs and starts blowing another balloon. By the time it was full, Freya had a full neck on hers. She was waiting though, her eyes on Cait.

She’s waiting to see how big I’ll blow it. Cait slowly adds more air. Freya continues to watch as Cait blows it until the neck is halfway full.

Is this enough for her? Cait wonders. She carefully blows it even bigger. Better to be safe than have her pop it.

Freya had begun to touch herself. One hand in her jeans, one on the balloon.

I’m making her do that! Cait thinks. The thought makes her excited enough to blow again. Before she knows it, the neck is completely full. She quickly takes it away from her mouth.

“I did it!” She cries.

Freya ties her balloon off and takes Cait’s. She bites on the mouthpiece and sucks off Cait’s saliva.

“What are you doing?” Cait asks.

“I’m going to blow it until it bursts.” She replies.

“What? Why? I blew it really big! Please don’t. I’ll blow the next one bigger, I promise.”

“Because I want to. You can’t stop me.” Freya blows hard. “Run away if you like. I’m doing it wether you watch or not.”

Cait didn’t need to be told twice. She runs upstairs as fast as she can and locks herself in the bathroom. There’s a muffled bang from downstairs.

Cait waits, trying to calm down. Freya obviously lied about being scared. There’s another bang. What’s she doing now? I’m going to be in here all night.

There’s a few more bangs before a long pause. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.

“Cait? I’m done now. I’m sorry, I had to do that. I got a bit too excited.”

Cait slowly goes to the door and opens it a crack. Freya bursts in and hugs her tightly.

“You’ve got two options. Kiss me, or I pop this in your face.” Freya pulls out a balloon.

Cait knew she only had one choice. She leans forward and hesitantly kisses Freya on the lips.

“Do it like you mean it. If I’m not satisfied, you know what’ll happen.” Freya waits to be kissed again.

Cait is a little more insistent this time. It wasn’t enough though. Freya pushes her off and blows hard into the balloon.

“Okay, I’ll do it again. I’ll be harder this time.” Says Cait. Freya ignores her.

Cait pulls the balloons from her lips and lunges at her. If this doesn’t work, nothing will. She kisses her ferocity, pinning her against the wall. She doesn’t know if she’s doing it right, but it seems to work. Freya drops the balloon.

Two minutes later, Freya pushes her off again. “Use your tongue as well. Otherwise that balloon goes bang.”

“You could’ve just asked me to kiss you. No need to threaten me. I would’ve done it.” Says Cait.

“Just do it.”

Cait does her best. The kiss feels messy, but Freya seems to enjoy it enough. After a few minutes of intense kissing, Freya takes her hand and leads her back downstairs.

The first thing Cait does, is check to see if the overinflated balloons are still on the wall. They were. Cait had hoped Freya popped them.

“Come sit down.” Freya roughly pushes Cait onto the sofa, and grabs a balloon. It’s a lot tighter than Cait is comfortable with. Freya pushes it into Cait’s lap and sits on it.

“No, stop it, it’s gonna pop!” Cait tries to push her off.

“Not yet it won’t. You said you liked sitting on them.” Says Freya.

“Not big ones like this!”

“This isn’t big. I’ve got way bigger. In fact this is the smallest.” Freya gets a bit rougher, making the neck shoot out.

“Please stop it!” Cait puts her fingers in her ears.

“Just enjoy it.” Freya bounces faster. Cait struggles to get away.

“Stop moving, or I will pop it.” Freya threatens. Cait immediately stops struggling at that.

“I want you to blow up a balloon while I bounce in your lap. If you stop without me telling you to, I think you can guess what’ll happen.” Freya reaches into her bag and pulls a clear balloon out.

“This one is a fourteen inch. But it’ll go to sixteen before it pops. If you stop for even a second, I’ll pop both balloons. I’ll tell you to stop before it bursts, don’t worry.” She forces it into Cait’s mouth. Cait is terrified, but what can she do?

She starts to blow. The first half was easy. Even though the balloon was bigger than she’s used to, it remained soft.

After it grew tight, Cait started getting scared. She knew she couldn’t stop though. She carries on until the neck is almost full. Freya gave no sign she was going to stop her.

“Freya?” Cait starts. Freya immediately begins bouncing hard like she’s trying to pop the balloon in Cait’s lap. Cait quickly puts another breath in. Freya slows down again.

A few breaths later, the neck has reached Cait’s fingers. “It’s full now.” She says.

“I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?” Freya bounces hard again. Cait puts her lips back to the balloon and puts a small breath in.

The balloon keeps getting bigger. She’s going to make me pop it! Cait thinks, panicking. She hesitates, making Freya start bouncing again.

“No, wait!” Cait begs.

“Blow quickly before it’s too late.”

Cait puts the tiniest breath in, cringing away afterward.

“Not enough. Blow girl!”

Cait can’t do it. She won’t really pop it will she?

“I can’t. It’s going to pop on me.” Says Cait.
Freya bounces with all her weight. The balloon bursts underneath her. Cait screams and lets go of her balloon. Freya grabs it off her. Cait bolts for the stairs.

“No, come back here!” Freya tries to stop her, but Cait is too fast. She runs up the stairs and locks herself in the bathroom again.

“Let me in. Come on Cait. It’s your fault. Another few breaths and I would of let you stop.”

Cait doesn’t answer. She’s shaking in the corner. Freya leaves for a minute or so, then knocks on the door.
“You have five seconds to open up.” She starts counting down.

Cait puts her hands to her ears, expecting Freya to start popping balloons outside. Instead, a deflated balloon appears from under the door. It’s attached to a tube. Suddenly it starts to inflate. Freya is pumping it by the sound of it. It grows rapidly.

Cait goes over to take it off the tube, but the neck suddenly pops out, scaring her. She hides in the corner instead. It stops growing.

“It must be pretty big now. Open the door before I pop it.” Says Freya.

“Stop it. You lied. You said you wouldn’t pop any.”

“I wouldn’t have if you did what you were told. From now on, do as I say.”

“Please, you’re scaring me.”

“Next time, you’ll do as I say.” She starts pumping the balloon again. Cait is too scared to go anywhere near it. It suddenly explodes. Cait screams. She felt like crying.

“Open up now. I’ll keep doing it with bigger balloons each time, until you let me in.” The tube disappears, returning moments later with a slightly larger balloon. This one lasts a lot longer. It’s about to pop when Cait cries “Okay I’ll open the door. Please stop!”

She runs over, unlocks the door, then runs back quickly. The door opens and Freya steps in. “You could’ve avoided that. I’ll have to pop this balloon now. I can’t leave it on my pump, can I?”

“Please don’t, I’m begging you.”

“Oh, go run downstairs then.” Freya starts pumping again. Cait runs past her as fast as she can. There’s an almighty bang behind her. Cait almost falls down the stairs.

“Sorry.” Freya didn’t sound sorry at all. “Let’s do something fun. How about I blow up a balloon in your shirt?”

“No, definitely not!”

“Not until it pops. I promise. It has to get tight though. Very tight. I will stop though.” Says Freya.

“I’ve had enough for one day.”

“Remember what happens if you disobey me? I suggest you let me do it.”

“I don’t want to. Please don’t make me.”

“I’ll do it by force if I have to. That might even be more fun. I won’t stop either.”

“Stop being nasty to me. I thought you were nice. That why I let you come.”

“Oh, get over it. You enjoy it really. Will you cooperate or do I have to do it by force?”

“Please don’t pop it.” Cait begs.

“I’ll try not to. I’m taking it to the edge of popping, so it could go bang. Stay still and there’ll be less chance of it popping.” Freya pulls a balloon out of her pocket. She wrestles Cait onto the floor, and puts the balloon down the neck of her shirt. She starts blowing hard.

“Not too big. I beg you.” Says Cait.

“I already told you how big I’m going to make it.” Says Freya between breaths.


“You can’t stop me. Keep talking and I won’t stop. A single word from you and it goes bang.”

Cait goes silent. It would’ve been a turn on if Freya didn’t completely terrify her.

Cait has difficulty keeping her mouth shut as the balloon gets tighter. She wants to scream. She felt so helpless.

The neck bulges out of her shirt. It rubs against Cait’s face. She’s never been this scared in her life. She can barely breath.

“That’s enough, let me go! Freya please stop blowing.” Cait begs.

“Oh dear. I’m going have to pop it now. I was just about to stop as well.”

“I’m sorry!” Freya continues to blow. “Please, I’m sorry. I’ll let you do anything.”

“Let me pop this then.”

“Anything but that. I’ll kiss you again.”

“I think I’d rather keep blowing.”

“Okay okay, I’ll touch you. You can sleep with me. Anything, just stop!”

Freya just continues to blow. Until Cait bursts into tears. Then she hesitates. She’s about to put another breath in, until she catches Cait’s eye. Then she lets go of the balloon.

“I can’t do it. I’m not that horrible. Let’s take a break for a bit, shall we?” Freya helps her up and takes her downstairs again.
“What what you like to do now?” She asks.

“Nothing.” Cait isn’t feeling in the mood anymore.

“How about those inflatables? Did you want to play with them?” Freya asks.

“Okay.” Cait replies. She’d forgotten about them. Finally, something she wasn’t scared of.
Freya takes a beachball and sits on the sofa, starting to blow it up. Cait sits next to her, with her own toy.

The sounds of Freya blowing, start to turn Cait on. She blows excitedly into her own ball. This was much more fun. No popping to worry about.

When Cait’s beachball is full, she grabs a swim ring. Freya is still blowing hers.
I thought she’d be faster than me. Cait thinks. She must nearly have it full by now.
It only takes Cait a few breaths to fill the ring. She takes two inflatable arm bands next, slipping her arm through them before putting in a breath.

Freya was still going. Her beachball looks pretty tight. She must stop soon.

But even after Cait had blown both arm bands up, Freya was still blowing hard.

“Umm, Freya?” She starts.


“Are you almost done?”

“I don’t know. You tell me. I don’t use inflatables much.” Says Freya.

“I think you should stop. It looks really tight.” Occasionally, Cait would blow a beachball up really hard. But only when she was especially horny. She’d never blown one as big as Freya though.

“I’m alright. You’re not scared are you?” Freya asks.

“No. Just wondering when you’re gonna stop.”

“I’ll keep going until I can’t blow any more air in.”

That made Cait a little nervous. It wouldn’t pop, would it? Surely she’s not strong enough for that. The ball was bulging though... Freya looked like she was really struggling as well. She’s trying to pop it! Cait thinks.

“Okay Freya, stop it now.”

“What, why? You said you wasn’t scared. I’m going to see how big this can get.”

She was going to pop it!

“Please, that’s enough. You can’t pop them by blowing. You’re wasting your time.” Cait begs.

“Want to bet on that? Just watch me.” Freya forces another breath in.

She has to give up soon. She’s really struggling. Any moment now...


The ball rips in half. Cait jumps. Freya gives a little squeal herself.

“See? Told you. Bet I can do that rubber ring as well.” Freya grabs it and undoes the valve.

“No, don’t.” How can Freya make everything so scary? Now she’s frightened of inflatables too. She’ll never be able to overinflate one again.

“Your fault for telling me you’re not scared.” Freya starts to blow.

“Stop it. You’re scaring me.”

“Everything I do scares you. I’m past caring now. I bet you’re not even that scared. You’re probably just acting.” Freya blows as hard as she can.

Cait grabs the ring and tries to pull it off her.

“Let go!” Freya still tries to blow, but can’t get a good grip. “Give it back. I want to pop it.”

“No.” Says Cait stubbornly.

Freya walks to the other side of the room. She grabs one of the balloons off the wall. The massively overinflated one that Cait couldn’t take her eyes off. She walks back to Cait and starts untying the knot.

“No, anything but that! Please Freya.” Cait hands the ring back. Freya doesn’t take it though. Instead she blows hard into the balloon.

Cait starts crying again.

“Stop crying! It’s such a turn off.” Says Freya. “It’s not that bad. Would you like to pop it instead?”

Cait shakes her head violently.

“Guess I’ll have to do it then.” Freya forces another lungful in.

“Stop.” Cait sobs.

“You do it if I’m too scary.” Freya forces the balloon into Cait’s mouth.

Cait tries to get away. “No!”

“Just blow! You started the balloon. You can finish it.”

“Don’t make me. Please.”

“Put your ear muffs on. You’re going to do it. You’ll feel really brave after.” Says Freya.

“No, I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care if you want to or not. You’re doing it!”

“Why?” Cait sobs.

“Because it’s really turning me on. When that balloon explodes in your face... Even the thought of it... Please do it Cait! I’m begging you. Do it for me.”

Cait reluctantly puts the ear muffs on. Freya shoves the balloon against her lips and holds it there.

She might as well get this over with. Freya wasn’t going to give up. Cait takes a deep breath, then keeps blowing as fast as she can.

“Yes! Keep blowing, that’s it!” Freya encourages.

Cait cries between breaths. Why isn’t it popping? Just pop! She gets her wish with the next breath. It bursts into shards. Freya gasps. “You did it! You brave, brave girl!” She grabs Cait’s hand and shoves in down the front of her jeans.
“Get me off! Feel how wet you’ve made me.” Freya starts gasping. “Can you do another balloon?” She gasps.

“No, please...” Cait couldn’t do another one. Could she?”

“Please, Cait. Oh please do another. Just one more and that’s it.”

“I’m so scared.”

“Oh, I know darling. It’ll be over soon. Just one more.”

“Okay.” Cait whimpers. She couldn’t believe she was actually agreeing to it.

“Thank you! Do this one.” Freya unties one of the bigger balloons and puts it against Cait’s lips.

Cait starts blowing. The neck is already at her mouth.

“Just keep going. Please don’t stop.” Freya begs.

Cait somehow finds the courage to keep blowing. She’s shaking hard and keeps moaning in fear.

“You’re such a brave girl, I know you must be scared. You can do it. Almost there.”

Freya’s voice was definitely helping. If she was threatening her, Cait didn’t think she could do it.

She could barely hold onto the balloon. Freya had stopped holding it to her lips. Cait had taken it at some point. She doesn’t remember when.

I could stop now. Freya wouldn’t make me do it. Cait thinks. She wants me to though. She really wants it. I would be selfish if I stopped. It wouldn’t be fair.

Cait starts blowing hard again, determined to finish it.

“Oh, Cait. You don’t have to. Really. I won’t make you. I’m so sorry.” Says Freya.
“Seriously, stop. You look terrified. Cait, don’t make yourself do this.”

Cait blows anyway. She doesn’t even know why anymore. The balloon eventually explodes loudly. Freya gasps.

“That was so hot! You’re so brave Cait.”

Cait slowly takes a deflated balloon out the packet, she’s still crying.

“Cait? What are you doing? You don’t need to do anymore.” Freya tries to stop her.

Cait starts blowing fast. She doesn’t want to be scared anymore. She wants Freya to enjoy it. She wants to be brave.

The balloon is soon full. Cait hesitates when the neck starts to form. Does she really want to do it again?

“Don’t do it Cait. You’ve done enough.” Says Freya. Cait starts blowing again.

“Cait! Why are you making yourself do this? You’re crying. Please stop.” Freya begs.

Cait’s tears run down the tightly blown neck. Still she blows.

“You’re making me feel bad. But also really horny. You don’t have to do it. But if you do...”

This balloon lasts longer than the others. Cait almost gives up. She can’t though. Not when she’s come so far.

“Cait, I’m so torn. I want to stop you and give you comfort. But I also want to get myself off while you blow that balloon.”

Cait just forces more air into the incredibly tight balloon. It goes bang suddenly.
Cait goes to grab another, sobbing noisily. Freya grabs her arm.

“No. No more. You’re really brave, but I can’t watch you torture yourself.” Freya takes the balloon out of her hand and throws it away. She climbs on top of her and starts softly kissing Cait on the lips.
Cait puts her arm around her and slips her hand back into Freya’s jeans. She has to finish what she started.

“No, you don’t have to Cait. Please, I don’t want you to... Oh! Oh yes, keep doing that!”

Freya keeps moaning until Cait finally makes her climax.

Cait looks around at all the broken shards and Freya lying wet on the sofa. What did I just do? That can’t have been me. I would never have done that.

Freya climbs back onto her lap. “Thank you so much. You were amazing. Sorry for being so mean earlier.” She says.

“I don’t... Freya, I...” Cait couldn’t get her words out. What did she want to say?

“Shh. Just relax. It’s about time you had some enjoyment.”

End of part 1
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Default Re: The meetup
Freya is a devil ahahahah
I want to live surrounded of big and colorful balloons
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Default Re: The meetup
She sure is
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: The meetup
Anyway great story, keep it up
I want to live surrounded of big and colorful balloons
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Default Re: The meetup
Good story, I wouldn't mind to meet Freya in real live
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Default Re: The meetup
Meeting Freya would be exciting if she don't pop balloons, but inflated then really big.

Freya inflated a balloon nearly to the limit and sats herself on it. While sitting on the balloon, she starts bouncing gently.

Gently, she starts to turn her hips, the neck of balloon is really broad and big. The balloon forms it's more and more to her body. The tension of the balloon is so great, it's really close to pop. But she said, Cait don't have to worry about popping, she said she feels exactly how far she can press the balloon without popping it.

Then she inflated a balloon for Cait, while bouncing smoothly on the other balloon. She looks exciting, bouncing on a balloon and inflating a new one. She blew up the balloon more than Cate ever dared to have. While she was blowing it tight and started to inflate the neck Cait get more and more nervous. Yes, it scared her.

Finally, Freya tied it off and give it to Cait.

Cait, please take it and sit on it, Freya said.

Cait was really anxious to do so, the balloon was so tight and the neck was so big.

I really do not dare this, Cait said. It's so tight it will pop directly. It's so scary.

Freya asks if she wants to put the balloon against her and wants to sit down carefully and slowly. The balloon will carry you, she promissed.

Although, Cait was really anxious she tried to trust Freya. She slowly sat herself on the balloon. She was afraid to surrender herself to the balloon, so she did not completely sit down.

Cait was sitting on the balloon, feeling nervous and anxious.

Freya put her arm around her and said she had to give herself slowly and quietly to the balloon on which she was sitting. The balloon will not pop, believe me.

Cait became more and more relaxed after the reassuring words of Freya and let herself sink further and further on the balloon.

The neck get amazingly big and broad, but the balloon didn't popped.

How does it feel, Freya asked.

I'm still anxious, but I feels so exciting, said Cait.

Turning your hips when sitting on the balloons makes it even more exciting, Freya said.

Are you sure the balloon will carry that, Cait asked anxiously.

I'm nearly sure it will, said Freya. The balloons are of the best quality. Look at my balloon, it's also still alive.

Slowly, Cait started turning her hips and balloon forms it more and more to her body. It feels so amazingly exciting and the balloon didn't pop.

It was such an exciting experience for Cait.
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Default Re: The meetup
Not a bad little story you wrote there. With some grammar corrections, you could turn it into something great.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: The meetup
I can definitely relate to Freya. I wish I could be that bold. I'd love to make Cait nervous by blowing balloons too big. I wouldn't be quite that mean though.
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Default Re: The meetup
Originally Posted by wildheart View Post
Not a bad little story you wrote there. With some grammar corrections, you could turn it into something great.
I'm sorry. English is not my first language
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Default Re: The meetup
Originally Posted by Bjorn View Post
I'm sorry. English is not my first language
It’s still good. If you have a good idea for a story, I could help correct the mistakes if you like.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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