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Default The chamber
Kizzy is making breakfast when she hears something drop through the letterbox. She goes to see what it is.
A small package is waiting for her.
Strange, I don’t remember ordering anything. She thinks. She picks it up and sits on the sofa to open it.

When the package bursts open, Kizzy almost drops it in surprise. Inside was a packet of balloons. Her heart starts racing. Where’d they come from? Who would send her balloons? She was terrified of them. But also had a strange attraction to them.

There was no note to say who they came from. She gingerly takes one out the packet. Would she be brave enough to blow it up?

She never bought balloons herself. She was too scared. She had always fantasised about buying some and blowing them as big as possible. Sometimes, she even imagined herself blowing until it exploded in her face.
Of course she would never actually be able to do it. She couldn’t even watch videos of someone doing it, without the sound being turned off first.

Kizzy puts the balloon to her lips and takes a deep breath. Come on, I can do this. She couldn’t though. She drops the balloon and goes back to her breakfast, heart still racing.

After getting dressed, she returns to the packet of balloons. She starts stretching one. Just a few breaths. It won’t pop. She tells herself. Kizzy blows. It’s harder than she expected, but quickly gets easier. After two breaths, she stops and looks at it. Then she notices the writing on it.

“Blow me until I burst.” It says.

Kizzy lets the air out. She couldn’t do that! She can’t even blow it up properly.

She puts the balloon down and gets out her phone. She finds a video of her favourite model blowing a balloon until it pops. It looks just like the one she had been blowing.

The girl didn’t seem nervous at all, and keeps blowing the balloon until it’s huge. The video wasn’t even halfway done yet. The other half is her struggling to pop it.

If she can do that, I can at least blow my balloon up properly. It won’t pop unless I really try to. I’ll just keep blowing until it looks full or gets hard to blow.

Kizzy grabs her balloon again. She slowly fills it with her breath. She’s never been so nervous. Actually that’s not quite true. She thinks, remembering the day before.

She had been at the arcades. Kizzy was playing on a slot machine when she heard something. Looking around, she saw a balloon being inflated inside of a machine. A girl was watching it grow bigger. The balloon was huge and about to burst. Kizzy immediately forgot about her game and started looking for an exit.
The balloon had stopped growing, but the girl was putting more money into the machine.

Kizzy would have to walk right past it to get out. She ran. The balloon was filling again. She glanced at it on the way past. It was bigger than any balloon she’d seen before.
She was at the door when it burst. Kizzy jumped and span around. The girl noticed her and laughed. Then she put more money in, and another balloon started filling.

Kizzy ran off before that one could pop too.

Her balloon was growing fast with every breath. Kizzy stops to take a break. When will I know to stop? The balloon was still soft, so she knew it wasn’t full yet. She keeps going.
Soon though, she grows too nervous to continue. Kizzy lets the air out again.

After recovering, she takes a different colour balloon from the pack. This one said.
“Blow until you hear a bang”
Did they all have messages like that? She wondered.
This time, she’s determined to blow it bigger. She closes her eyes so the size won’t frighten her, and starts to blow.
Kizzy counts each breath. Last time I blew five breaths, let’s go for seven this time.

Kizzy is putting in her last breath, when she feels the slightest bit of resistance. Opening her eyes, she realises she had blown it to full size. It even had a tear drop shape.
She stares at it in disbelief. I can’t believe I actually did it. She thinks. She begins to touch herself, excited at overcoming her fear.
Suddenly she feels really bold. How about I put another breath in? It won’t pop yet.

She puts the balloon against her lips and gingerly blows. The neck starts to expand a little. Kizzy suddenly panics and lets go, her heart racing. I overinflated it! It could’ve popped.
She closes her eyes, imagining herself continuing to put breath after breath into the overinflated balloon. Eventually it would go bang in her face. The thought makes her climax.
Kizzy lies panting on the sofa. Then she puts the balloons back in the packet, and runs upstairs to hide them in her room.

Tomorrow I’ll try sitting on one. Maybe I’ll put one more breath in too.

That evening, she can’t resist getting another balloon out the packet and blowing it up. She inflates it in the dark, feeling the latex expand with her hands. When it starts to grow taught, she lets the air out and starts blowing again. She keeps at it until she comes. Then she falls into a deep slumber.

Kizzy wakes and tries to sit up, but something is binding her arms. She’s no longer in her bed. Panicking, she tries to rip her arms from the rope tying her to the mattress. She’s in a white room. In front of her is a blank screen and a pile of balloons. Fortunately they’re all deflated, Kizzy would’ve had a heart attack if they were blown up. Where was she?
Suddenly the door opens. Someone steps in. They wear a latex suit that covers them from head to toe.
“It’s alright, don’t panic.” They say. Kizzy can tell it’s a woman, from her voice. But it could be anyone under that mask.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Kizzy demands.

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll be home soon. We’re just going to play a game first. You see these balloons over here? If you blow one until it bursts, we’ll take you home right away.”

“I can’t. Please don’t make me.” Kizzy begs.

“We’re not going to make you do anything. We didn’t expect you to be able to right away. You will eventually though, I’m sure of it. We’re going to start the game now. At any time, just pick up one of the balloons and keep blowing. When it pops, we’ll stop the game and you can go home. Otherwise we’ll continue playing until my boss has had enough.”

“Who’s your boss? What game are you talking about?” Kizzy didn’t like the sound of this.

“I can’t tell you that. Just know she’s watching. Give her a good show. I’ll see you again shorty.” The woman unties one of Kizzy’s hands, then leaves.

Suddenly the screen turns on. Kizzy can see another girl, a similar age to her. She’s tied up in a similar room.
There’s a voice through the speaker. It sounds like the woman wearing the latex.

“A balloon is about to slowly inflate in your chamber. Is only a small balloon, and won’t be too loud. It will continue to inflate until it bursts. At any time, you can push the button on your right to stop it. But if you do this, another larger balloon will inflate in your opponents chamber. It will continue to fill while you hold the button down. If you let go of the button, your balloon will start to fill again. When a balloon bursts, the game ends. You may talk to one another through the speaker. Have fun.”

A soft hiss comes from the wall in front of her. A balloon begins slowly filling from a valve. Kizzy immediately goes to push her button. Surely that girl isn’t as scared of balloons as her.

The girl sees her do it.

“No, wait! Please don’t. Let’s just let that small balloon pop. It won’t be as bad as the big one. I promise I won’t push the button.” Says the girl.

Kizzy remains silent. If she pushes the button now, the girl’s balloon will pop first and end the game. She presses it.

A larger balloon starts to inflate rapidly in the girl’s room.

“Stop it, please! I’m begging you.” The girl tries to break the ropes.

Kizzy lets go of the button. She couldn’t do this to her. Her own balloon starts to fill again slowly.

“Thank you. I know you’re scared too. I don’t blame you. How about we agree to never push the button?” The girl asks.

Kizzy doesn’t reply. Her balloon is getting uncomfortably big now. There’s a muffled bang from a room nearby. The girl’s balloon has just burst. She screams.

Kizzy’s balloon still grows. She puts her finger over her button.

“Don’t! It’s really not that bad. I’ve already had one pop. Don’t make the other pop too.”

It wasn’t fair. Kizzy didn’t want to be horrible, but she was so scared. “I’m sorry.” She says, pushing the button. The girl closes her eyes and plugs her ears as best she can with only one hand.

Kizzy watches the girl’s balloon get bigger and bigger. Kizzy lets go again. She can’t do it. The girl didn’t push her button. She still could, but she doesn’t.
It wouldn’t be fair to repay her kindness by being mean.

But as the neck grows on her balloon, Kizzy panics. She hits the button. The balloon bursts in the girl’s room, making her jump. Kizzy’s balloon stops growing.
There’s a long silence before the voice speaks again.

Daisy, Kizzy pressed her button so your balloon would pop. Would you like to retaliate and pop hers?”

Oh no! I shouldn’t have done it. Now she’s going to punish me. Kizzy thinks.

“No.” Says the girl. “It’s okay, I don’t blame her.”

“Well, we think she deserves it...” Says the mysterious voice.

“No, it’s honestly fine. She’s scared.” Says Daisy.

“She’d make you suffer another pop, wouldn’t you Kizzy?”

“No, I’m sorry. I just panicked. I won’t do it again.” Kizzy says.

“Really? Well, we’re going to fill that balloon until it bursts. You can either let it pop, like Daisy did, or push that button to pop another in Daisy’s chamber. You get a minute to decide. If you do push the button, just know it’s with an even bigger balloon, and you can’t stop it from popping.”

Kizzy feels her fear increasing again. If she pushed the button again, the girl would probably hate her for it. Next time she wouldn’t be so kind.

“It’s okay, Kizzy. That small balloon wasn’t that loud. You can do it.” Says Daisy.

“I can’t...” Kizzy replies.

“You have to. It’ll be over before you know it.”

“I’m sorry.” Kizzy was going to push the button.

“No! You can’t! Please, I didn’t make them pop it. I tried to stop them. I promise I’ll never press my button. Even if I’m really scared.”

“It’s not my fault. I didn’t agree to this. You’re not as scared as me.”

“I am. I’m terrified. You can’t do it. I’ve been really nice to you.”

“You should’ve pushed your button.” Kizzy wouldn’t feel so bad if the girl had done it too.”

“Times up.” Says the voice. “I give it about ten seconds before your balloon pops.”

Kizzy presses the button right away. She couldn’t risk her balloon popping.

The girl starts to cry when the balloon gets bigger. It’s at least double the size of the last one. Kizzy couldn’t watch.

The girl’s sobs were tearing her apart. “Stop it!” Kizzy shouts. “Pop mine instead.”

“Too late. I told you we wouldn’t stop.” Says the voice.

Kizzy watches as the balloon grows tight in Daisy’s chamber. She would have loved watching this at home. But Kizzy knows Daisy isn’t acting. She must be terrified. She’s curled in a ball, shaking.

Kizzy looks away. Eventually she hears the bang from the other room.

When she brings her eyes back to the screen, Daisy is watching her.
“We promised not to press the button.” She sobs. Please don’t do it again.”

“I won’t. I’m so sorry. I tried to stop them.” Says Kizzy.

“Don’t speak so soon.” Says the voice. “We’re going to pop that same balloon in your room unless you do something.”

“What?” Kizzy asks nervously, dreading the answer.

“Blow to pop a balloon in Daisy’s room.”

“No, you can’t make me. Please.”

“You have a choice. We’re not making you. It’ll be with a long tube. You’ll barely hear the pop.”

“Don’t do it. You’ve scared me enough. No more.” Says Daisy.

“They’re forcing me to.” Kizzy replies.

Daisy suddenly pushes her button. A balloon begins to fill in her room.

“No!” Kizzy cries.

“I must warn you.” Says the voice. “If you pop that, Kizzy still has to make that choice. You can punish her if you wish, but it won’t change anything.”

“It’s not fair. Kizzy, choose to have the balloon pop in your room. Then I won’t push the button again.”

A balloon was going to pop in her room. Kizzy suddenly realised. Either at her command, or by Daisy pushing her button. Daisy might just be bluffing though.

“I’ll blow to pop the balloon in Daisy’s room. I’m sorry Daisy, but I’m so scared. Please don’t push your button.”

“You haven’t had any pop in your room. Stop doing it to me.” Says Daisy. “If you do it, I’m pushing the button, I’m sorry.”

Suddenly a tube is fed through the wall.

“Keep blowing. Stop, and we’ll start filling one is your room.” Commands the voice.

Kizzy grabs one end of the tube. “I don’t want to do this Daisy. Don’t press the button. It won’t stop me, I have to keep going.”

“No you don’t. You can stop and have them pop a balloon in your room. It’ll just be one.” Says Daisy.

“I can’t. I have to do this. I’m begging you, don’t push it.” Kizzy blows into the tube. Daisy doesn’t push her button. It was just a bluff. Kizzy blows again. She can see on the screen that it was only a smallish balloon. It wouldn’t take long.

As it reaches rated size, a balloon suddenly starts filling in Kizzy’s room. It appears in the corner and fills fast.

“Stop it.” Kizzy cries. “Please. I’m so sorry.” It stops filling. Kizzy blows again, knowing she can’t stop.

“You stop it! Why shouldn’t I push my button if you’re going to keep blowing?” Daisy asks.

“Even if you push it, I still have to blow. There’s nothing I can do.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Make it quick.” Says Daisy. She looks as if she’s about to cry again.

Kizzy closes her eyes and blows as fast as she can. Soon it becomes harder to blow.

“Hurry up. Just pop it!” Daisy begs.

“I’m trying.” Kizzy forces another breath in. She glances at the screen. The balloon had grown a massive neck. Kizzy pushes another big breath in. This was almost making her horny. Daisy’s sobs were a bit of a turn off though. Suddenly there’s a bang. It’s not loud, but it makes Kizzy jump.

“Daisy? Are you alright?” She asks. Daisy has her face covered with one arm. Kizzy realises there’s tears streaming down her face.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to do it. Let her go.” Says Kizzy.

“If you like, you can blow to pop one of those balloons in front of you. Then you can let Daisy go in your place.” Says the voice.

Kizzy picks up one of the balloons. It was the same ones she got sent in the post yesterday.

Daisy looks up hopefully at her.

“I can’t...” Kizzy drops the balloon.

“Daisy, we’re going to pop another balloon in your chamber. You can press your button to stop it and pop one in Kizzy’s room. It’s up to you.” Says the voice.

“Daisy, I know I’m being selfish, but...” Kizzy begins.

“Shut up. I’m sorry but I have to.” Daisy pushes her button.

The balloon continues to grow in Kizzy’s room. It was almost near enough to touch.
“No, please don’t!” Kizzy begs, panicking.

“Shut up! Please don’t make this harder for me.” Daisy looks away.

“Just blow to pop one of your balloons. Then you can go home. Please Daisy.”

Daisy tries to cover her ears so she can’t hear her.

Kizzy suddenly bursts into tears. “Please...” She sobs. She tries to untie the ropes, but there’s not enough time before the balloon will pop. Kizzy pushes her button, getting desperate. Anything to stop it.

“Daisy!” She screams. The hiss suddenly stops.

Kizzy can hear Daisy crying. She obviously hates putting her through this. It wasn’t fair to abuse her kindness, but Kizzy couldn’t help it.

“If I blow to pop one of these, will you let Kizzy go?” Daisy asks, to Kizzy’s complete surprise. Kizzy wants to shout “no, get yourself out of here.” But the thought of going home stops her.

“No. You may go yourself, but Kizzy will remain.”

“What will you do to her?” Daisy asks.

“We’ll torture her by blowing balloons until they burst in her chamber. In fact, you can leave now if you want. You’ll have to watch Kizzy though. Maybe you can help us torment her.”

Kizzy wanted to scream. She would choose that option in her place. Daisy wouldn’t though. Somehow Kizzy knew that.

“No. No way. Let her go and do it to me if you must.”

“I was afraid you’d say that. Watching Kizzy suffer seems to upset you more than us torturing you. Maybe we’ll make you watch for a bit.” Says the voice.

“No. You can’t. I’ll do anything. Can’t you see how scared she is?”

“Of course. She’ll be more scared than this soon though. We have barely started with her. Let’s let the two of you meet first though. Then the fun will begin.”

A few minutes later, the door opens and Daisy is thrown in. She immediately rushes over to Kizzy and hugs her. Still tied to the bed, Kizzy is unable to return the hug.

“I’m so sorry.” Says Daisy after a few moments.

“It’s not your fault.” Kizzy replies.

“No, you don’t understand. They said I had to...” Daisy begins.

“Had to what?” Kizzy asks. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

“I have to blow a balloon until it pops in here with you.”

“Please... they can’t make you. Just refuse them.” Kizzy pleads.

“I tried but... If I don’t do it, they’re going to keep popping balloons in here until I do.”

Kizzy goes quiet. One pop would be better than loads of pops. But even one was too scary.

Daisy reluctantly picks one of the balloons up off the bed.

“No, don’t!” Kizzy begs.

“I have to. Otherwise they’ll just keep popping them. They’re gonna make me watch. This is going to be hard for me too. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.”

“Help me get out of here.”

“What can I do? I’m going to try to pop this. It’ll be over then. I’ll do it quickly.” Daisy puts a breath into the balloon.

“Daisy please.” Kizzy tries desperately to escape.

“Just close your eyes. Please don’t beg. You’re making me feel worse. I hate doing this.” Daisy keeps blowing. She’s doing it as fast as she can.

Kizzy tries to cover her ears with her shoulder. It’s difficult with her bindings. Daisy takes a few steps back. She stands as far from Kizzy as she can.

Suddenly the voice is back. “You have to do it on the bed. Otherwise it doesn’t count.”

Daisy walks back to the bed. “Sorry. I’ll turn around so you can’t see it.”

“No. You’ve got to face her.” Says the voice.

“Guess I’m not allowed to do that either.” Daisy blows again. The balloon is now the size that most people inflate balloons to. Even that made Kizzy nervous. Daisy wasn’t stopping though.

Kizzy tries to keep her breathing under control. She would get through this. One quick pop and it’ll all be over. She tries not to look at the balloon.

Daisy sounds like she’s struggling. Kizzy takes a quick glance at her. Her heart almost stops. The neck was completely distended. Kizzy had seen balloons get this big on video, but it was another thing it see it in person.

“Stop it.” Kizzy whimpers.

Daisy had already stopped blowing though. “I can’t do it. How about I just pop it with my nails?”

“You can do that.” Says the voice. “But then you’ll have to blow another. You’re not getting out of it.”

Daisy tries to blow again, but suddenly lets go of the balloon. “I can’t, I’m sorry.” They sit in silence for a while before the door opens again. The woman grabs Daisy and takes her out. Kizzy is left on her own.

The wait was killing her. What would happen now. Suddenly there’s a hissing sound from behind her. A balloon is expanding above her head. Kizzy is completely helpless. She screams for them to stop, but nothing happens.

As the balloon gets tighter, the hissing slows. By the time the neck is full, the air is only trickling in. This was far worse.

“Stop! Daisy! Daisy!” Kizzy screams. The hissing suddenly stops. Kizzy stares up at the overinflated balloon in terror. It was so full, that it could pop at any second.

What was happening? Why did it stop? The anticipation was far worse than the pop would be. Suddenly there’s a burst of air. Kizzy flinches, expecting it to pop. But as quick as it started, it stops again.

They were teasing her! Kizzy thinks. “Just pop it!” She cries. Just let it be over. A little more air is added. Then another antagonising wait, before a little more.

The door bursts open again. Daisy comes running in. “They’re going to pop it now.”
She jumps on the bed and lies on top of Kizzy, protecting her from the balloon. She covers Kizzy’s ears with her hands.

A couple of seconds later, the balloon explodes. It’s loud even with Daisy covering her ears. She flinches.

“Is it over?” Kizzy asks in a quiet voice.

“No. They only let me in here because I agreed to something.” Daisy replies.

“What?” Asks Kizzy nervously.

“I have to blow up loads of balloons and tie them off. That’s it. No popping. That’s not too bad, is it?”

I suppose not. Kizzy thinks. Inflated balloons scared her, but she’d rather that than popping them.

“That’s it? They’re not going to make us pop them?” Kizzy asks, unsure. Surely there was some sort of catch.

“I think so. Let’s start, shall we? I actually kinda enjoy blowing them up. It’s the popping I don’t like.” Daisy takes a red balloon from the pile and starts blowing.

Just her doing that, makes Kizzy’s heart beat faster. She’s soon got it filled up. “That’s enough.” Says Kizzy.

“They said I’ve got to fill them properly. Best to be on the safe size.” She puts another breath in, making the slightest neck appear. “That should do it.” She says tying it off.

“Not big enough.” Says the voice.

“But it was completely full.” Daisy replied.

“No it wasn’t. The neck wasn’t full. Now you’ve got a penalty. Each balloon has to be overinflated now. You’ll blow until the neck touches your lips, then blow again until it’s so tight it might burst.”

“I’m sorry. My fault, I should’ve blown it bigger. I’ll be careful not to pop them, don’t worry.” Daisy says, taking another balloon.

“Wait. You’ve got to pop that first one. Each time you don’t blow enough, you have to pop it. Otherwise you’ll be taken away again.”

“How should I pop it, Kizzy? My nails? That’ll be quick.” Asks Daisy.

“But then you can’t cover my ears.” Says Kizzy.

“Okay, that means I’ll have to sit on it then. The bed will be too soft. Should I do it in your lap, or will that be too scary?”

“As long as it’s quick.” Kizzy braces herself for the pop. Daisy places the balloon in Kizzy’s lap and covers her ears. Then she starts bouncing, trying to pop it.
Kizzy is scared, but she also feels something else. Daisy’s movements begin to arouse her a little. The balloon squeaks and bulges in her lap as Daisy bounces harder.

Kizzy almost wants it to last longer. This is the best she’s felt all morning. But her fear keeps her from enjoying it to the full extent. Suddenly the balloon bursts with a bang. Daisy falls onto her. Kizzy gasps.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt you did I?” Daisy asks, getting up.

“No, I’m fine.” If only I wasn’t so scared. I’d get her to do it again.

Daisy takes another balloon. A light blue one this time. “I’m going to have to blow it really big. I’ll try my best not to pop it.” She starts to blow.

Kizzy feels the slightest bit of arousal again. She loved watching this online, but it was so scary in person. Kizzy tries to move away as the neck starts filling up.

“I have to keep going, or they’ll make me pop it.” Says Daisy. She keeps going, even after the neck is full.

“Stop!” Kizzy cries.

“Is this big enough?” Daisy asks. There’s no reply.
“I better add one more. Just in case.”

Kizzy cringes away, but it doesn’t pop. Daisy tries to tie it.

“It’s too big. I have to let some air out.” She says.

“No. We’ll get you some clips. Wait there.” Says the voice. A few moments later, the woman in latex comes in. She drops a bag of balloon clips, then leaves.

Daisy closes off the balloon with a clip and takes another. Kizzy stares fearfully at the tight balloon lying next to her. It could burst at any minute. It has the words “pop me” written on it. Hopefully we don’t have to do that. She thinks.

Daisy is almost finished with the next balloon. Then the voice sounds again.

“The boss doesn’t think you’re scaring her enough. From now on, you have to lie on top of her, and blow the balloon against her face.”

“She’s terrified. Don’t make me do that. What if one pops?” Says Daisy.

“Either that or I’ll do it to her. I won’t stop blowing. I’ll do it until she cries. Do you want that? You’ll be watching.”

“No, I’ll do it.” Daisy lays on Kizzy’s chest. “I’m so sorry. Is this making you uncomfortable?” She asks.

“No. Just don’t pop any.” The warmth and weight of Daisy’s body on top of her, is turning Kizzy on. At least I’m not a guy. I would surely have a boner right now. That would make it so awkward. Kizzy thinks.

“The balloon has to be touching her face.” Says the woman.

Kizzy instinctively tries to finch away as the tight latex brushes her cheek. But she can’t.

“It’s okay. It won’t pop. Just close your eyes.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy feels Daisy take a deep breath. If only she wasn’t blowing a balloon. If it was a beachball or Kizzy knew it wouldn’t pop, she could really enjoy this.

It’s such a relief when Daisy takes the balloon away and clips it shut. For a moment, Kizzy thought she was going to pop it. Daisy takes another balloon and starts blowing it right next to Kizzy’s face.

Daisy doesn’t look scared at all. In fact, she looked like she was enjoying this.

Daisy kept at it, until the bed was covered with tight balloons. She starts blowing up the last one.
Is it just me, or is she humping me a little? Kizzy thinks. Daisy was moving her hips rhythmically against Kizzy. Only slightly, but it must have been intentional.

Looks like I’m not the only one getting horny.
After Daisy had blown a lot of balloons with no accidents, Kizzy didn’t feel so scared that one would pop. Her nerves were still there, but the fear wasn’t overwhelming anymore.

Kizzy closes her eyes and concentrates on Daisy’s movements. She’s definitely humping me. It’s getting stronger now. Does she even realise she’s doing it. Should I say something? Better not, it’ll make it awkward.

Suddenly there’s an incredibly loud bang. Kizzy screams. It was so unexpected.

“Oh, sorry. I got carried away. I mean I didn’t realise how big it had got.” Daisy says, getting off of her. “It’s over now though. That was the last one.”

Kizzy was still shaking from the pop. Daisy said she got carried away. That means she must’ve been enjoying herself too much. Is she a looner too? Kizzy thinks. She hadn’t thought of that before. It would make sense.

“So what happens now?” Daisy asks. “Can we go now?”

“No.” Replies the voice. “Let’s see you sit pop a balloon on her lap.”

“But you said we wouldn’t have to pop any.” Daisy complains.

“I changed my mind. Do it now.”

Daisy picks up a tight balloon. “Sorry Kizzy.” She places it on Kizzy’s lap.

“No, wait! Cover my ears.” Kizzy begs.

“Who’s gonna cover mine?” Daisy replies.

“You’re not as scared.”

“Says who? Oh fine.” Daisy places her hands on Kizzy’s ears, but doesn’t completely cover them. She sits on the balloon, popping it immediately.

“Too fast. Do another.” Commands the voice.
Daisy grabs another balloon without hesitation. This time she supports herself with her hands, and lies on the balloon.

“No, please don’t, Daisy.”

Daisy pretends not to hear her. She humps the balloon slowly, in no rush to pop it.

“You’re not scared at all! You’re enjoying this!” Kizzy exclaims.

“Perhaps I am. Aren’t you?” Daisy replies.

Kizzy doesn’t have time to think of an answer. Daisy suddenly starts humping it hard. It squeaks a few times before popping. Kizzy whimpers. “No more, please.”

Daisy grabs another balloon.

“What’re you doing? They’re not making you pop it.” Kizzy feels betrayed. She thought Daisy was on her side.

“They’re obviously going to make us pop them all. Might as well get it over with.” Daisy starts humping the next balloon.

No matter how much Kizzy pleads, Daisy doesn’t stop. Kizzy’s crying by the time she’s finished.

“There. All gone. They’ve got nothing to threaten us with now.” Says Daisy. “Surely we can go now?” She asks.

“One more thing, then you’re free.” Says the voice.

“What is it?” Daisy asks.

“You’re both horny. Make each other come, then you can leave. Easy as that.”

“Oh, this should be fun. We finally get to enjoy ourselves. You first, Kizzy?” Asks Daisy.

“W-what?” What was going on? How did they know she was wet? She wasn’t that obvious was she?

“Come on, let’s get you undressed.” Daisy begins pulling off Kizzy’s nightwear.

“What’re you doing? Stop it, they can see us!” Kizzy feels completely exposed.

“And? Let’s give them a show.” Daisy’s head disappears between Kizzy’s legs.

Kizzy gasps and tries to move away as she feels something wet touch her. Daisy holds her still. She forces her tongue deep inside her. Kizzy squeals.

“Stop it!” This was making her uncomfortable. Some part of her was enjoying this though.

Soon she can’t stop herself sighing in pleasure. She knows she’s being watched, but she doesn’t care anymore. It felt too good. Suddenly Daisy stops.

“Why’d you stop? Do it again.” Kizzy begs.
Daisy just stares at her.

“Please! I was so close...”

Daisy slowly picks up an inflated balloon off the floor. Kizzy couldn’t see it before. She thought Daisy popped them all.

“Daisy?” Says Kizzy, fear in her voice.

Daisy slowly un-clips the balloon and brings it to her lips. She seems to wait for a reaction.

“What are you doing? Please don’t. Just do that thing again with your tongue.” Kizzy felt her fear rising again.

Daisy shuffles closer, leaning in until the balloon touches Kizzy’s cheek.

“No!” Kizzy screams. Daisy just waits, doing nothing. Then she slips a long slow breath into the balloon.

“Daisy! Please don’t...” Kizzy felt her throat tightening. Daisy puts in another slow breath. Kizzy feels tears welling up again.

“Stop...” Why was Daisy doing this to her?

Daisy hesitates, then blows again.

“Please stop, I’ll do anything.” Kizzy begs.

Daisy is about to blow again, but then lets some air out at the last moment.

Kizzy feels a wave of relief. She wasn’t going to pop it. But then Daisy lies on Kizzy’s chest, pushes the balloon roughly against Kizzy’s face, and blows hard.

“Please don’t pop it. I’ll let you blow them, just don’t let it pop.” Kizzy says.

Daisy keeps going until the neck kisses her lips.

“That’s enough!”

Daisy puts another breaths in, then lets the air out again.

“Thank you.” Says Kizzy in relief.

“I’m not stopping because you told me to. I’m just not ready yet. I’m definitely going to pop it though.” Daisy replies, filling the balloon with her breath again.

“Why?” Is all Kizzy can get out.

“Because it makes me horny. Are you going to cry again? I’m not stopping until you do.” Daisy blows hard.

Kizzy was so confused. Why was Daisy doing this? Then a horrible thought hit her. What if Daisy was one of them? Maybe she was just pretending to be scared. She obviously isn’t.

Kizzy was sure Daisy would pop it this time. She doesn’t though. Instead she reinflates it once more.

Kizzy couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. This was what Daisy was waiting for, apparently. This time she doesn’t stop blowing. Kizzy starts sobbing when it pops.
“Please stop.” She begs for the hundredth time that day.

Daisy kisses her on the lips. “Not done with you yet, sweetheart. It’s about to get even scarier. First let’s relieve you though.” Kizzy goes back between Kizzy’s legs and uses her tongue once more.

It took much longer than last time before Kizzy felt horny again. She was too worried about what would happen next. Eventually though, the pleasure overcame her fear. She was barely able to suppress a moan as she came.

“Right, what should we do to you next? What would scare you the most?” Daisy thought out loud.

“No more. I’ll get you off, then can I please go?” Kizzy pleads.

“I’ll get myself off, then we’ll continue. Don’t need your help.” Daisy replies. “I think I’ll use you as a toy.”

“You’ve got five minutes left.” Says the voice suddenly.

“What? Already? Extend the time, I’m not done yet. I’ll pay extra.” Says Daisy.

“Fine. It’ll be double the hourly rate.”

“Double? Whatever, you found me the perfect girl I suppose.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy suddenly realised what was going on. Daisy had payed to do this!

“Okay, you’re costing me a lot of money. You better be worth it.” Daisy suddenly starts humping Kizzy’s leg.
“This should do it. If I gave you a balloon, could you blow it until it pops for me?” Daisy asks.

“No, please don’t make me.” Kizzy felt completely used.

“If you do it, I’ll go easy on you.”

“I can’t...”

“You’ve made this a lot harder for yourself.” Daisy starts grinding herself against Kizzy’s leg as hard as she can.

“I’m going to make you cry so much! You’ll wish you just did that blow to pop.” Daisy gasped. “I’m going to force you to do it anyway. Just you wait. I’ll make you keep doing it until I come again.

Kizzy suddenly felt herself growing horny again. Daisy’s threats should’ve scared her, but instead they turned her on.

“Does it make you horny when you make me cry?” Kizzy asks.


“What are you going to do to me?” Kizzy asks.

“Just you wait. You’ll hate it.”

“Tell me. More blow to pops in my face? That make me cry again. Especially if you do it slowly.” Why was she saying this? Kizzy couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth.

“Worse than that. I’ll get bigger balloons as well.”

“Will it be loud?”

“Very loud. You’ll start crying.”

“Will you do it in my face?”

“Yes- Wait, is this turning you on? This isn’t supposed to make you horny. You’re supposed to be scared.”

Good. Kizzy thinks. I can ruin everything she had planned. She wasn’t expecting this.
“You’ve made me all wet. If you blow a balloon until it pops while humping me like you did earlier, I might come again.”

Daisy suddenly grabs Kizzy by the shoulders. “No you won’t! You’ll cry and beg me to stop.”

This was precisely the reaction Kizzy wanted. Perhaps she’ll get bored of me, and find easier prey. She hoped.

“I almost came last time you did all those blow to pops. I was only pretending to be scared to turn you on. I felt you humping me. I’ve got a fetish for balloons. I pop them all the time.” Kizzy lies. “I get off by blowing them until they pop.”

Daisy hesitates for a moment. “Then you’ll do a blow to pop for me now then? I’ll just sit here and watch you. You can do a whole pack of them.”

Kizzy’s eyes went wide in fear. What had she done?

“See? You are scared. You’re lying.”

“I am not. Yesterday I blew a twenty four inch balloon until it exploded in my face. I came so hard when it burst. Bet you couldn’t do that. Go find someone else who’s actually scared.”

Daisy grabs a balloon from the floor and rips the clip off. She shoves it into Kizzy’s mouth.

“Prove it then.”

Kizzy didn’t know what to do. If she failed to pop it, Daisy would know she was lying and punish her. She had to do it.

Kizzy braces herself and blows hard. She was terrified, but she couldn’t show it.

“Keep going.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy doesn’t think, she just does it.

“You’re actually going to do it? That’s so hot...”

Kizzy forces another breath in. Suddenly there’s a bang. Kizzy screams.

“Knew it! You’re terrified. Thought you could trick me? Fair play for doing it though. Bet you thought I’d leave you alone if you did it.” Says Daisy.

“I’m not scared. It just made me jump a little. I was expecting it to get bigger. They usually do when I blow them. I think I’m going to climax. Want to help?” Kizzy tries to hide how much she’s shaking. Don’t make me do it again.

“Let’s see you do it again then. A bigger balloon this time.”

“I’m too exhausted. You’ve tired me out.”

“You’re not fooling me. I would like to see you torture yourself by forcing yourself to do another, though. That would be hot. But, no. I’ve got stuff planned. Now, where was I?” Daisy goes back to humping Kizzy’s leg.

Kizzy felt like crying. She was so sure that would work. She even did a blow to pop!

Daisy had her arms wrapped around Kizzy’s leg. She looked like she was about to climax. Perhaps that’ll calm her down.

“You look like a dog.” Says Kizzy.

“Shut up!” Daisy gasps.

“You’re seriously going to get yourself off on my leg?”

“Yep.” Daisy was shaking with pleasure.

“You don’t have much dignity, do you?” Kizzy taunted.

Daisy suddenly cried out, latching on to Kizzy’s leg as hard as she can.

“Do you have any idea how stupid you look?”

Suddenly Daisy gets up and leans in close to Kizzy’s face. “In a couple of minutes, you’re going to be crying your eyes out.” Daisy says.

Kizzy spits in her face. She wasn’t going to play nice anymore. Daisy grabs her jaw and forces it open. She spits right in Kizzy’s mouth, then kisses her hard.

“Enough messing around. You’re costing me money.” Says Daisy, getting up.” She reaches into her pocket and takes out a balloon. It was twice the size of the others. “Now this one is going to be loud.”

“I’m sorry, please don’t. It’s not fair. I never agreed to this.” Kizzy begs.

“Nothing you say is going to stop me. I’ve been wanting this for so long. A normal blow to pop is too easy. I’ve got a better idea. First we need to get you dressed. You can borrow my clothes.” Daisy begins undressing. Then she unties Kizzy so she can dress her.

Kizzy thinks about making a break for it. The door is probably locked though. She’d never be able to escape. She doesn’t even know where she is.

When she’s fully dressed, Daisy starts to tie her to the bed again.

“Please don’t tie me down. I won’t run, I promise.” Says Kizzy.

“You’ll wriggle and squirm though. It’ll be easier for me if you’re still. You might even enjoy what I’m about to do. If you did it to me, I’d definitely come.”

“Then let me do it.”

“Maybe I will afterwards. Might even force you too. That’ll be fun.”

“What are you going to do?” Kizzy asks nervously.

“Blow to pop a balloon in your shirt. Or in your jeans. Or both. You’ll do it to me later. I’ll make you.”

“No. You can’t make me. I won’t do it.”

“You will. You’ll probably be crying while you do it. That’ll just turn me on even more.” Daisy stretches her balloon.

“You’re so nasty. I thought you were nice, but you’re not.”

“I had you fooled, didn’t I? Had the whole thing planned. I actually intended to fake an escape with you. Then I would betray you. Unfortunately I got too carried away. I was meant to act nice until my time ran out, then pretend to escape with you. Oh well. This works just as well. Jeans or shirt?”


“Am I going to blow to pop this in your jeans or shirt first?”

“Neither. Please don’t do it. I’ll do it to you if you want.” Kizzy begs.

“You will later, but I’m doing it to you now. Now choose!”


“I’ll choose for you then.” Daisy shoves the balloon down the neck of Kizzy’s shirt, and starts blowing. Kizzy can’t do anything about it.

It’s not too bad at first. In fact, it feels pretty good. Kizzy can’t relax though. She’s too worried about the pop.

“Will it hurt me?” She asks nervously.”

“Might do.” Daisy replies, adding another long breath.

“Do you really have to pop it? Can’t you just let the air out when it gets tight?”

“I don’t have to pop it, no. I will though.”

“Why? Please don’t do it, I’m begging you.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Shut up and let me do it. There’s nothing you can say or do that’ll stop me.” Daisy blows harder. The neck begins to show. It grows between their faces. It’s so tight, Kizzy can barely breath.

“Please, no more!” Kizzy says, tears streaming down her face.

Daisy ignores her.

“Stop her!” Kizzy screams at the camera watching her. She knows that woman is watching. “Please!” She begs.

There’s no answer. Daisy lets a little moan into the balloon. Kizzy notices that she’s touching herself. There’d be no stopping her now.

“Can you at least cover my ears?” Kizzy asks. “I’ll touch you if you want.”

Daisy stops and stares at her. “No. I want you to hear the bang. It’s going to be loud. Are you scared?”

“Yes. Please don’t do it.”

“Good. Could you cry some more? It turns me on.” Daisy asks before unloading another huge breath into the balloon.

Kizzy couldn’t believe her fear was turning Daisy on so much. How could she bare doing this to her?

Suddenly the balloon bursts. Kizzy flinches, then starts sobbing. Daisy hugs her tightly, planting a wet kiss on her lips.

“Shh, it’s over now. Don’t cry.” She comforts. She holds her for a while, until Kizzy calms down. Then she puts her mouth next to Kizzy’s ear.

“I’m going to blow another balloon until it pops in your jeans.” She whispers. “Then I’m going to make you do it.”

“No...” Kizzy begins to sob again. She thought for a moment that it was over. She was wrong.

“I’m only joking. I’m done now. I was just teasing you.” Daisy says, stroking Kizzy’s hair.

“Really?” Kizzy asks, wanting desperately to believe her.

“Really. I just wanted you to cry so I could comfort you. That’s what all of this was about. I’m sorry.” Daisy pulls her into a tight embrace.

Kizzy eventually stops crying. “Can I go now?” She asks after a while.

“Of course. Let’s untie you.” Daisy goes to undo the ropes. “Wait hold on.” She suddenly pulls a balloon out of the jeans Kizzy is wearing. “Sorry, I lied. I am going to pop this.” She shoves it into Kizzy’s jeans, and lies across her.

Kizzy tries to say something, but the words die in her throat. What could she say that would stop her? She feels the balloon begin to grow.

Kizzy tries to enjoy it this time. The pressure felt amazing, but her fear was too great. When the neck suddenly pops out of her jeans, Kizzy bursts into tears once more.

Daisy stops and starts licking the tight neck of the balloon. She seems in no rush no pop it. Every so often, she put a small breath in.

Kizzy couldn’t take it anymore. “Just pop it!” She screams.

“I was waiting for you to say that.” Daisy grabs the neck with both hands and starts forcing big breaths in. It explodes loudly.

Kizzy manages to refrain from screaming this time. She doesn’t want to give Daisy the satisfaction.

Daisy starts kissing her again. Not seeming to care about Kizzy’s lack of enthusiasm.

“Your turn.” Daisy says, breaking off. She takes another balloon from Kizzy’s pocket and holds it against Kizzy’s mouth.

“Blow!” She commands.
Kizzy refuses.
Daisy slaps her. “I said blow!”

Kizzy nervously puts a single breath in.

“Do you want me to hurt you? Blow until it pops or I will!”

Kizzy hopes she’s bluffing. She doesn’t inflate the balloon any more.

Daisy drops the balloon and puts her hands around Kizzy’s throat. “You should’ve just done it.”

Kizzy tries to struggle, but she’s completely helpless. She starts to panic. Daisy wasn’t letting go. Suddenly the door bursts open. The woman wearing latex, pulls Daisy off.
“You know the rules. No physical pain, and especially no strangling. We’ve been through this.” She says angrily.

“You make her do it then. I want to see her do it, otherwise I’m not paying you.” Daisy spits back.

“That wasn’t part of the deal. You can’t force her to do anything.” Says the woman.

“Yes I can. Bring me more balloons. I’ll break her if it’s the last thing I do.”

The woman sighs. “Fine. No more pain though. In fact, I’m banning you from touching her.”

“That’s not fair. I want to kiss her after.”

“Too bad. You’ve got ten minutes left.” The woman opens a drawer and tosses Daisy a packet of balloons. Daisy grabs them, and rips the pack open. She grabs a handful of balloons and throws them at Kizzy’s face.

“If you don’t blow to pop that balloon, all those are going bang.” She threatens.

“But I can’t.” Kizzy replies.

Daisy grabs one of the balloons, blowing it as fast as she can. She doesn’t slow down until it bursts.
“Want me to do that again? Every time, I’ll blow slower and closer to your face. Eventually it’ll be right next to your ear. I’ll only add a breath every minute or so.”

“No. I’ll try, but I don’t think I can.” Says Kizzy.

“Go on then.” Daisy holds a balloon to Kizzy’s mouth. Kizzy begins to nervously blow.

“You better not stop. That’ll make me angry.”

Kizzy begins to slow when the balloon tightens. As the neck grows, she panics. She flinches away.

“Finish it!” Daisy commands.

“I can’t...” Kizzy whimpers. Daisy grabs it from her and begins blowing. When it’s close to popping, she shoves it against Kizzy’s face, ignoring her protests. Daisy keeps blowing hard. The balloon pops after three more breaths.

Kizzy is sobbing again. “Okay, I’ll do it. Please no more.”

Daisy grabs another balloon. But instead of letting Kizzy blow, she inflates it herself.

“I said I’ll do it. Stop!”

Daisy ties it off just before the neck fills. She balances it on Kizzy’s face, and begins sitting on it hard.

Kizzy screams in fear. The balloon bursts loudly, making Kizzy’s ears ring.

“Now you’ll do it. Otherwise I’ll do that again until you do. Next time I’ll blow it bigger.” Says Daisy, shoving a balloon into Kizzy’s lips.

Kizzy starts blowing. She has no choice. Daisy wasn’t going to stop otherwise. She might not even stop if I do it though...

Kizzy closes her eyes, and just keeps on blowing, trying not to think about the inevitable pop. Her eyes immediately open when she feels something touch her lips.

The neck was completely full already. The sight of it fills Kizzy with fear.

“Keep blowing! Stop again and I’m going to hurt you!” Daisy threatens.

Kizzy knows she wouldn’t be allowed to do it. Instead, Daisy would just keep popping balloons. That was almost worse anyway.

Kizzy forces a breath in, against her will. When she hesitates again, Daisy pinches her arm, out of sight of the camera.
Kizzy gasps and puts another breath in. The balloon is so tight now. Kizzy can’t do it. She tries to back away. Daisy just keeps pressing the balloon against her lips.

“Just do it!” Daisy grabs Kizzy’s arm and starts scratching it.

Kizzy lets out a cry of pain, and blows again. Daisy scratches harder.
Kizzy closes her eyes and starts blowing fast, wanting it over with. It was getting hard to blow. Kizzy had never been so scared. She takes a deep breath and forces it into the balloon. As she blows, she feels something warm spreading in her jeans. Before she realises what she had just done, the balloon suddenly bursts.

Kizzy screams and bursts into tears. Daisy jumps on her and kisses Kizzy hard on the lips. She forces her tongue into her mouth. Daisy doesn’t seem to notice that Kizzy had wet herself.

Kizzy offers no resistance. She’s too scared. Suddenly the door bursts open. The woman in latex, pulls Daisy off roughly and drags her out.

“It’s not fair. I’m not done yet!” Daisy complains.

“Oh yes you are.” The woman replies, taking her away.

Kizzy is left alone. Still tied to the bed. She’s still sobbing. What will happen now? She thinks, fearfully. Eventually the woman comes back. She unties Kizzy’s bindings, then hugs her.

“I’m sorry about all that. I didn’t know she’d go that far. She payed a lot of money to do all of that to you. We’re offering you the chance to get her back, free of charge. You’ll be able to do what you want to her. Within reason of course.” She says.

“I just want to go home.” Kizzy replies.

“Of course. We’ll give you a card. Call us anytime. One day, Daisy will wake to find herself tied up with you looking down at her. Think of all the things you want to do to her, then let us know. Now, let’s get you home.” The woman takes out a cloth, and covers Kizzy’s mouth with it.

Kizzy opens her eyes. She’s back in her room. Did I just dream that? She wonders. Then she feels the wetness in her jeans. They weren’t even her jeans! They were Daisy’s.

Kizzy quickly undresses. She notices a packet of balloons on her bedside cabinet. There’s a note and a usb stick beside them.

The note reads: watch this. Turns out Daisy isn’t so fearless after all.

Kizzy puts the usb stick in her laptop. There’s a single video on it. She opens it.

Daisy appears on the screen. She’s tied to the same bed as Kizzy had been. The woman in latex is standing over her. She grabs a balloon and starts blowing it in Daisy’s face.
Daisy starts to protest. The woman carries on blowing until it pops. Daisy flinches. The woman grabs another balloon.

Kizzy feels herself start to grow horny. It felt so good to watch Daisy be scared for once. The woman keeps popping balloons in Daisy’s face. Kizzy starts to touch herself. Now she was safe, seeing all those balloons popped, turned her on.

She lies on her bed, stroking herself as the woman continues to blow balloons in Daisy’s face. Kizzy soon finds herself climaxing. Daisy’s scream of terror finishes her off. She closes the laptop with a smile. Payback felt good.
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Default Re: The chamber
Let me know if you like this sort of thing, or whether you prefer my more innocent stories.
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Default Re: The chamber
A bit too sadistic for my liking. Some dominatrics May like it but it’s not my thing. I recomend sticking to innocent ones.

I will say tho that this story is so strong even Sophie wouldn’t like it.

Note: just because I don’t like it dosen’t mean it’s a bad story but it’s not my cuppa tea.
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Default Re: The chamber
I like sadism and anticipation, and the rabbit hole of fear leading to worse and worse decisions that lead to worse nightmares. I don't mind the cruelty and games of chicken, etc. In my mind, though, this story is "too much stuff," to the point where the reactions are made numb. A good action movie has, maybe, 6 great intense scenes, separated by dramatic buildups and twists and situations that get increasingly crazy as we take the journey alongside the main character(s). It isn't "car chase / explosion / earthquake / gunfight / second car chase / martial arts fight / torture scene / bridge collapse / drowning rescue / second martial arts fight / bank heist / second explosion, then credits." If you build up the nightmare of the two girls with more space, rather than 30 balloon pops and 5 sexual moments, all as a larger mind game (of the two girls) within the even larger mind game of the disembodied evil voice, I think it would somehow be not only hotter but less disturbing to readers whose wavelength is not 1000% overdrive intensity for annihilating and brain-melting these two girls.

So I do like this sort of thing, but I can only enjoy it in little aggressive segments at a time, rather than as an entire story. It's 15 consecutive desserts, and I find I have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle.

There are a lot of things I do like here, though. Better than innocent stories, at least for my tastes.
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