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Default An akward situation
I got my self into a bit of an akward situation the other day. I had to walk ten kilometers nacked.
Luckelly it was night time at the last part of the walk trough my town, but I still had to hide in each time a car drove by so it took a long time to get home without getting caught.
Well, i was not entirely nacked.
I walked with an uninflated used GL1200 balloon that i held around my private parts.
Well i better explain how i ended in this situation.
I started the day diving up to a lokal shop that sells balloons and helium becauce i needed some balloons and helium for a party.
I bought a lot of balloons about 300 and the at first two helium tanks.
As I loaded the last helium tank the lady that owend the the shop med asked if i i needed more helium for the balloons.
Well you can't get too much helium i said so i bought a smaller tank in a box.
As I drove home i got to think.
The two tanks i bought had plenty of helium for the 300 balloons so why did she say that it wasn't enough.
And there was something about the way she looked at me as I paid for the last tank of helium.
Well it was probaly nothing.
Since i had plenty of helium i brought the box with the small helium tank up to my appartement on the second floor.
Since it was in the middle of the summer the appartement was hot.
So i opened both my huge kitchen window and the huge dubble door out to my balcony to get the temperture down a bit.
I took of all my clothe and sat down looking at the helium box.
I simply got too corious, i had to take a closer look at the box.
I opened it and inside there was a small tŠnk, a hose that was about one meter in lengh and some rubber plugs with a plastic pipe in difriend sizes.
Well since i really like floating on a GL1200 balloon it could not hurt to try if one of the GL1200 balloons i have i though.
I got one i i use one time before and found a plug that looked to be the right size. It fitted perfectly in the neck of the GL1200 balloon.
I then connected the hose to the plug and picked up the small helium tank.
It was now i notised that it was difriend from the other helium tanks.
It was bright pink and marked He10000 experimental.
Well it could not hurt to test it i tought.
As helium rushed into the balloon it i stepped over the middle part of it still nacked to keep it from floating off.
As more and more helium rushed into the balloon it started to lift up to my croch, but in a strange way.
The both ends of the balloon inflated more and the part between det my legs not as much.
The balloon began to feel like it was floating on water with me on it..
I could feel the balloon beginning to pull me upward.
That's not good i thought and tried to close valve on the helium tank, but it was stuck.
I was in trouble.
The balloon got more and more boyant.
Suddently i could not reach the floor with my feets any more and I started to float upward.
The helium tank ran out, but at this time i was in trouble.
I could not get off the balloon without getting hurt and the draft pushed me out of the balcony door while i was floating higher up in the air.
As I floated outside the wind caught me and the balloon and we started float off the balcony and up over the roof.
Totaly helpless i floated higher and higher up over my home town totaly nacked on the balloon.
The balloon was just as comfortable to sit on floating in the air as I was floating on water
Since i was totaly helpless and in the mercy of the balloon i began to enjoy it.
This was what i have fantasized about all the times i had been floating on the lake on a GL1200 balloon.
Since the balloon was pulling upward a lot harder than when i was floating on the lake it was really well balanced and I felt really secure on it.
And. There was something about it. I don't know if it was the special helium
It just felt more rubber like between my legs than usual.
I don't know how long i floated in the air on the balloon, but it was beginning to get dark and I could see that the balloon was slowly starting to desend.
I know where i was.
I was just over the lake i used to float on.
The balloon floated just over the tree tops and out over the lake still desending
When i was about tree meters over the water i held on to the helium tank and letted my self tumble sideway into the water.
I just managed to get the hose between my legs so i could almost walk on the water lifted by the balloon to the shore.
As I got to the shore i was near the place where there is some diving boards.
I quickly climbed up the ten meter board latter still with the hose connected to the balloon between my legs.
It made the ten meter climb really easy, almost too easy
Becauce i i had to hold on to the guard rail not to float up in the air again
I managed to pull down the balloon and hold on to it with my arms and legs.
As I got to the edge of the ten meter diving board i shifted my weight forward on the balloon and jumped.
It was amazing
Lying on the balloon it took almost five minutters to desend to the water and the rubber feeling was so intence that i got a huge orgasm.
As the balloon hid the water the plug came loose from the neck of the balloon and the helium rushed out.
Since the balloon was still carrying me, we went forward like you see in a cartoon, it was a good way to end the adventure.
The helium tank landed in the deepest part of the lake so i will not see that again since it will probaly sinke down in the mud on the lake bottom.
I landed in a meter of water tree meters from the shore as the last helium rushed of the balloon.
Well not all of it
I was able to tie the neck of the balloon with a little helium left in it.
I got the balloon between my legs and began to walk home that way still feeling a bit boyant.
It was easyer to walk and run bare footed this way since the wind had died down totaly
Each time i had to cross a street i just bounced over it.
I must say that it was the easyest ten kilometer run i have ever made, and funnyest.
Exept when i had to hide from a car ecasonaly.
But with a stroke of luck i was not seen by anyone
As I got home there was no more helium in the balloon
But what an adventure.
I guess that i have to go to the shop to see if they have any more of that helium
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Default Re: An akward situation
HA liked the story!!!!
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Default Re: An akward situation
Wouldn't it be cool if you could by that kind of lifting gas?
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Default Re: An akward situation
The winter had past and the first summer day had arrived.
The floating trip over my home town on the GL1200 balloon seemt like a distant dream.
I finaly mustered the currage to drive up to the balloon shop hear if i could by more of that special helium.
I sat in my car outside the shop for fifteen minuts before i got my self together and went into the shop.
Standing behind the desk was the same lady as last time i was there.
"How can i help you?" she asked
"Eeh i need some helium" i said
"Well that is what we sell here" she said." What kind?"
"Eeh last time i was here you sold me a pink tank. I would really like to by that kind of helium". I said
"oh that kind of helium. Did you have fun with it? She asked.
"Oh yes" i said "it was a bit scary og at first, but eventualy i got to enjoy it" i said
"What kind of balloon did you use? " she asked
"A rifco GL1200 balloon" i said "and oh boy i was in for a surprice"
"Well it sounds like that you found the right way to use that kind of helium let me see if i have more of it."she said and walked into the back room.
I waited impaitently.
" You where in luck "she said" i have these two tanks left"
I imidialy bought both tanks.
"Have fun with them" she said.
"I definitialy will" i said.
Drivning home was almost unbareble and when i got home i ran up the stairs with the helium tanks and sat them on the floor in my living room.
I opened both my kichen door and the balcony doors becauce the apartment was hot.
I went into my bed room and opened the closet where i have my balloons and latex gear.
I took a GL1200 balloon, but then my new inflatable latex fox catsuit came in my wiev
"I wonder how the helium would feel in that" i tought..
I pulled the suit on.
It was hot, but not unbareble. I did not sweat in the suit.
I took the inflatable fox mask on. Now it got really hot.
Quickly i inflated it with the helium.
It was nice and cool on my head and it felt a bit wierd. Like it was lifting my head a bit
I quikly closed the walve and started inflating the tail.
As more and more helium got into the tail it started lifting upward and pulled my ass up a bit. I could definitialy feel the upward pull.
Looking at the pressure gage i had only used 1/10 of the helium.
I closed the valve on the tail and connected the hose to the suits main valve
I was now begining to feel hot, but I took my wetsuit boots on first and opened the helium tank to full blast.
There was a strap on the helium tank so i hung it on my neck to keep the weight off my arms.
As more and more helium rushed into the suit it cooled me down nicely.
It felt soo good and it made the rubber feeling more intence like it did when i was floating on the GL1200 balloon.
I was begining to feel lighter too, but I don't know what is wrong with the valves on these tanks. It was stuck like last time
Glad that i i remembered to put my credit card into my wetsuit boot i felt lighter and lighter untill i floated out of my balcony door and up over the roof of my house
I could see my naighbor across the street look in aw so i waved back. I floated higher and higher. I was now up between the clouds.
The suit stoped rising at about two kilometers, but how will i get down again.
I could not reach the valve and I floated further and further away from home.
Well it felt so good that i did not really care.
The light breese took me north and eventualy i started slowly to desend.
By coinsedence i landed on the field just across the street where the balloon store is.
The lady who owned the store saw me land and bounce up again and she ran out on the field and grabed my feets the second time i bounced up again.
The upward pull of the suit was so strong that she was lifted five meters up in the air with me before we touched down again.
"That was scary but soo cool" she said..
She putted her arms around my shoulders and pulled her self up on my back and shouted" JUMP " and I jumped hard..
We floated twenty meters up and landed right in the yard in front of the shop.
"Thanks for the ride" she said "i better let the helium out of your suit.
She brought me to a comressor and sucked the helium out of the suit and into the tank.
" Let me take a picture of you "she said.
" You will get a life time of the helium for this "she said.
" Wow tanks "i said" can you give me a lift home? It's a bit too far to walk "
" Sure "she said
We drowe home to me in her colorfull van
" This is where i live thanks for the ride "i said.
" Remember what i said. If you need more of that special helium just come to my store" she said
"Thanks" i said and walked up to my apartment in my latex fox catsuit getting strange looks from my naighbors

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Default Re: An akward situation
Well i don't know how i keep getting in these situations.
You might find this funny and very akward.
As you know i was lucky enough to get a life time grand of the special helium and I still had one tank left at home..
I had holiday and was at home when it rang at my door.
It was the post man and he had a parcel for me..
I could not remember having ordered anything that big, but I singed for it and he left.
Looking at the adress i saw that the parcel wasn't even for me.
It was for a guy with my name and adress, but in Cobenhagen. Jeg
The invoice said that the parcel was from Catfish latex, now i got curiuos.
I could not resist opening the parcel..
I let the contents fell out on my bed, it looked like a catsuit in size xxl..
Looking closer a it i could see that it was not a catsuit, it was their inflatable love doll complete with head, hands, feet and huge Inflatable boobs.
It had two love holes too.
It was hot in the bed room so i brought the doll to my living room and layed it on the floor.
I simply could not resist inflating it so i got my electric pump, it was broke and the battery powered one was out of battery.
I looked at the pink helium tank and connected it to one of the boobs and inflated it.
As I had inflated the other boob i could see the helium inside lift the doll sligtly.
I though that it could be fun to inflate the doll while i was laying on it.
I connected the tank to dolls main valwe and opened full blast while placing my croch over the croch of the doll..
The doll started inflating under me and the arms lifted up on both sides of me.
As more helium got in the doll started lifting me, but becauce of the arms i could not get off the doll.
I was getting a boner and as the doll lifted more it slid into the dolls vagina.
Again the valwe was stuck and the doll lifted harder and harder untill we left the ground intirely and floated out of the balcony door and up over the roof.
Luckely there was no wind at all,so the doll just lifted me verticaly higher and higher up over my balcony.
The raised arms and legs on the doll kept me from falling off.
Lying on the doll this way was actualy very comfortable with my head between the huge boobs and my boner inside the vagina.
Each time i moved sligtly the vagina stimulated me and I got the result several times.
I don't know how high the doll took me but it must have been several kilometers becauce i floated for several hours.
The sun came down and the colder air made the doll desend again.
Luckely i desended directly over my balcony, but the heat radiation from the balcony made the doll stay afloat at about two meters, i was still trapped on it.
I was able to reach down and grab the top frame of the balcony door.
With a bit of a struckle i was able to pull me under the top of the balcony door and into my living room.
It was not easy becauce the doll was still very boyant and the higher temperature in the living room made it even more boyant..
The result was that the doll and me got stuck against the ceiling for the rest of the night and the whole next day.
Well if you are a guy stuck on an inflatable love doll under the ceiling you might just get the best out of the experience, so i did several times.
The next evening i had a date with the lady that sells the special helium.
She rang on the door, but of course i could not open.
Luckely i had left the door unlocked so she letted her self in.
You can imagine her surprice when she found me on top of the doll under the ceiling.
The sun had backed on the doll the whole day making it so boyant that i could not even push me down from the ceiling any more.
"How are you doing up there" she grinned.
"It's actualy very comfortable to lay on, but I think that i am ready to get down now" i said.
"Let me try to pull you down" she said and grabed my legs.
With the extra boyancy she was just able to pull me down sligtly before she was lifted up in the air
"That does not work. I saw that the janytor had left a ladder by the entrence, i go get it" she said.
She came back with the ladder and folded it out, it reached all the way up to the ceiling.
"Let me see if i can get you down" she said and climed up to me.
As she got up to me she tried to push me down, but she could not.
"I will try something else" she said.
Carefully she slided her right leg over my back and pulled her self over on top of me.
Even that did not make the doll desending, but she was able to push us down a bit making the vagina of the doll massage my dick again.
The result came instant.
"Can you reach the valwe now?" she asked.
Y y yes "i studdered becauce of the orgasm.
I finaly managed to unsrew the valwe cap and with a small hiss the helium started to come out.
Slowly we desended to the floor and for the first time in two days i was finaly able to get off the doll.
" Next time you deside to go out and float on the doll i wanna come with you" she grinned.
"Well the doll is not really mine. I got it by mistake due to a mi up. I better contact the owner." i said."I simply could not resist to try inflating it."
I contacted the rightfull owner of the doll, but when he heard that it had been used he just said "keep it"
Well i did not tell him how i used it.....
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